Friday, September 26, 2014

discover something new to YOU

GetInShape -and 7 Deadly Skins @ sf design,

Wow, we have only known 7 Deadly s(K)ins from blogging Designer Circle, it is a nice store, located in a malll that features, not only skins, shapes but men's clothes and a nice line too. As well as Woman's ..

Outfits for all seasons, and occasions.  I'm sure readers we all know men who like to shop and look good as much as we do. for the man who wants a different look, and not see himself wherever he goes, the GetInShape male might be something for you ... 

Ladies their women's line up is just as appealing, Mesh and footwear, saw some nice boots, the cooler weather is coming, you might like to check them out.  We of course are there to see the goodies being offered in their garage sale.

Hats with hair, resizeable belts, casual clothes, upper floor, now lets see if we can find the skins on sale.

We also found a section with uniforms and them clothing.  Make time when you come, there is a lot to see.

We did not find the Garage Sale... sorry,  and the LM given by the vendor is sending us into a no enter zone.. OK OK  fuddle fuddle... we found the main shop for 7 Deadly S(K)ins 7 Deadly s{K}ins MAINSTORE, sigh even with our combined brain matter, sometimes it takes us time... (blonde,senior,retired nutcase & our darling Star)

Free skins if you put the store in your picks. 
There is a Midnight Mania Board - 3rd floor
FREE male skin and a ladies skin for Group Members, the Group Join is next  to the vendors.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reminder Official Shoenique Designs/Unique Designs (heels to die for)
moved... check out what is new at the new location.

If you have yet to discover the 10L discount area of this shop, then we suggest you shake your booty and get over to check it out, shoes and clothes 10L, there is always something happening in this shop, the owner is always current.


B! Fashion - Fashion Made in Italy: Gowns, Clothes, Shoes,  we all like something different, B! Fashion: gowns, elegant formal dresses and ballroom gowns, wedding dresses and gowns, real foot shoes and high heels sandals and shoes, lingerie, casual outfits, swimwear.
** doesn't say in their blurb, but we found skins there too.

Look for this sign and sign up, you will be kept updated on all the latest fashions that go through this location.  Owned and run by long time business woman in SL, Aisha Convair, the showcase is always kept fresh and updated with the latest fashion trends to keep you coming back.

You will find many of your favourite designers there and those you don't know you will get to know. Snowpaws *   after,spring   *  Blah   *   LG    * Lush by Coco  *    1 Hundred  are examples of the designers you will find at Designer Showcase.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gypsy Dreams

photo taken at Oubliette~Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower,

outfit - Designer Circle round 88 - model, Anna Shapes - Melina
                                                  skin - 7  Deadly s(K)ins * - Olga
                                                  jewelry ::JK:: loops
                                                  dress - ::JK::  Maddy texture changing hud
                                                  pose  IOS 2 sets check them out

* note to all you skin addicts, 7 Deadly s(K)ins is having a garage sale,  top floor all the skins are 100L.  check it out.  There will be a LM for the designer's main shop at DC at her booth there.
Tomorrow night - Wednesday September 25th. DJ Yume, will be hosting a Black and white Ball at Club Tango

DJ Yume will be spinning Classical music and Opera from composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi, Tschaikovsky and some fabulous opera like the Quartet from Rigoletto, the sextet from Lucia di Lammermoor and much, much more! There will even be some special guest spots during this once-a-year event, so put on your best black and white formal outfits and join her at Club Tango

Please remember, ALL are welcome at Tango's: Tinies, Biggies, Furrys, Gays, Straights and those who have yet to decide! 

introduction - Rux Anatra Designer owner of Ruxy Designs, co-owoner of Silent Nights and Ruxy Mesh.
You will find Ruxys work in  Old Europe You will find so much there to discover, including Full Perm items.  There is usually always something going on, a fair, a sales event, hunts, in the winter, skating.  
Like it or not, winter is coming.

Want to stand out and look different, next time there is a theme party..

Are you looking for lola appliers, she has it all, right now she has something going on in her backyard... get on over and see what she has that appeals to you.  You won't be disappointed.

There is another designer, Lindy (Delinda Abbot) who has delighted all of us who are not always wanting to wear Slink, she is offering a 30% off on selected shoes/boots, etc. in both regular footwear, and Slink .....
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes,
Men, she has included footwear for you too in this sale.

Its called the Autumn Cart Sale, please get over to her sale and "fill your boots" as the old saying goes.
There is one more sale you have to know  about and it is the semi annual sale at The Wash.... at the moment we cannot give you a limo, the sim has been full for hours.. if you have it already... use it.. or look it up in search, The Wash.  Good luck in getting in.. keep trying. .. it is worth it.


Wednesday's 8 - 10 pm Oceana Ballroom - DJ Sugaree
Thursday   6 - 8 pm     Em's golden Harp Irish Bar   - DJ  Sugaree
Friday -    8 - 10 pm     Serenity Park     DJ Sugaree 

            The one and only - sexy and seductive - DJ Sugaree
 You all need to join her group so you know when and where she is booked...
Till next time... cya... be happy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

News Bulletin - Jewelry Fair and .... DJ updates

Beloved Jewelry will be at the Jewelry Fair.

This is the layout for the fair.  Hope to see you there.

Look at all the merchants and designers who will be there.  Beloved Jewelry is against the far wall, see 3rd from the left in the above layout.

All the Beloved Jewelry pieces are so versatile with the texture change hud...Grab it while you can.
DJ Kirt is riding back to DJ on Saturdays.  You'll find him at Pacifique at 6 
pm SL time. Group members will get notice on theme and location  closer to the day.  Sorry guys, the Pacifique is a club that does not have a defined landing point.  Is he worth tracking down, yes!  He loves what he is doing and has fun doing it.  The grapevine has it that he and Star are working  on some kind of "lounge" ..maybe in time for the holidays"
The lovely DJ Sugaree, is branching out, she has been appearing at several new venues lately, please join her group, keep up with her adventures as she delights new audiences,  at Tango's on Saturday, she and DJ Tango, are doing something different with oldies


The beautiful and effervescent DJ Yume continues to dream up  wonderful theme parties to entertain and please your funny bone.  You gotta see and hear hear her to believe the little fortune cookie is real... check her out..

DJ Yume, lets you know well in advance what she has cooking in that little Raman noodle of hers.  Join her group, find her on Facebook, don't miss out on a night of fun.

Cooler weather have you wanting to bring out your woolies, and fall clothes, check out the sale at Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes... The designer has put out shoes for both Regular feet  (YAY..jumps up and down)  and Slink
Have a good day everyone -lots going on this week-end.. check out the clubs, and all the sales..  there is a lot to do.  Visit the many locations listed in our sidebar.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Doing Catch Up

New @ Tango's club -Thursday evenings 8pm - 9 pm SLT
New DJ -  we did catch his show last night and despite the SL glitches that occurred  he manged to rock on and not loose his beat.  There is still some adjustments to be made, he still will need to get to know his audience, but the dude knows how to DJ, his patter is tight, his music is 80's and 90's rock? Check him out for yourself

Don't forget, that DJ Tango is now pretty much a regular, he is spinning in his own rocking style usually his sets start  vary, save this blog, pass it on. Here is DJ Tango's time slots.  Monday - 9 - 10 pm SLT..........Tuesday 7 -10 pm SLT    .............Wednesday  7 - 10 pm SLT   ............. Saturday  7 - 8 SLT

Tango's is a small club, the owners, Peg and Tango go out of their way to make you feel welcome.  If you have a concern, or have an idea to make it more your own.. talk to them, this is one couple who really care and want your input.. 

People go on holidays, I'm sure Tango will be much relieved to get some of his DJ's back who are currently away, look at his schedule he is not only managing the club and doing what he can to make it a fun place for you, he is pulling shifts to make sure you always have music to enjoy.  He and Peg want you to be "at home"
Two of your favourite DJ's are regulars at Tango's.. DJ Sugaree starts off the week on Mondays 7 - 9 pm,........ and  ........DJ Yume is there mid week on Wednesday's 7 - 9 pm to keep your adrenaline on high octane.  Recently DJ Sugaree has started to do Saturdays with Tango she is on 9 - 10

Susie's Little Darlings.... where are they? We found your answer, she has been on holidays.  Meanwhile we have found her shop with the groovy clothes she has designed.  At her shop right inside the door to the left when you enter is a box, you touch it and you will get her online schedule.
Susie Darling @ Alafia Country Escape

Susie and her Little Darlings, are a lot of fun, you are going to enjoy the experience...  Susie is back on stage September 7th. Sunday at Sundown Beach.  Sundown Beach, Riverside County

Sundown Beach
WhenSun, September 7, 5pm – 6pm
WhereSundown Beach - (map)
DescriptionPlease join Susie at Sundown Beach for a rock-filled hour of all your favorites from several eras! Susie also like to get groovy with some pop, and kick up her heels with some country! If you like a wide range of hits, then we'd love to see you there! Jump on the Party Wagon! Moderate - Casual Dress

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday's news

Designer Circle, round 87, is on with a lot of interesting items to pick from. Our model today is Clair -shape 2014  from Coco Sands Shapes. When we started the blog we asked Clair to work with us on the items from another suppliers - >Asset<  Skin and Hair are from Asset (Marion)   
Port Kar Market - Asset Hair - Underscore - Tribal Soul Designs,        
...Shoes are from Storm Crow Designs, available at DC87...           
The darling outfit is from B-Dazzled, one of the designers at DC87

Do you have the new LM for  Official Shoenique Designs/Unique Designs (heels to die for),
Same great deals, new location, be sure to visit and checkout what is being offered.  You know that Ellie is always offering up something delicious and tempting.

Bull God Choppers  - time to get over there to hit the M & M board.

This is your last night to see her at Firehouse 59, the lovely DJ Sugaree is changing venues... Don't miss her last evening at Firehoue 59, her set starts at 6 PM... come celebrate Change.... url in side bar

PS - join her group to know where she is playing - did you know that she is at Crystal Rock, every 2nd Sunday, and every 3rd Sunday at Mystic Gate?  Every 1st Sunday of the month she is at EnVogue
DJ Yume  - tonight at Tango's 7 PM _ 9 PM SL
                Friday you will find her at Sweet Magnolia's  7 - 9 pm SL

New hair is available for group members at Alli&Ali Designs Classic - Hair, Scripts, Gimp tutorials,

Till next time, be happy!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Designer Circle #87 and more

Even on holidays, we shop, there is always something going on, and a need for a new outfit, or pair of shoes, new makeup, whatever.... shopping is what we do.  Designer Circle just started with their 87th round.  If you are a cat lover, then you know that the black cat is always there to greet you when you enter the shop.
Essenez is offering the Manhattan shoe, (slink).. we are showing you their vendor poster so you can see the variety available. There is a Demo offered, please try it before you buy.
Ladies it will soon be boot weather, there is no getting away from it if you live in a country where there are 4 seasons. MU-SHI DOLL is offering boots that are very chic @ a discounted price while they are at the Designer Circle

The Designer ZOZ is offering up a very nice set of nail polishes for the Slink hands and feet.
*NB * if you are not wearing the Slink attachments, the items that are identified with the Slink icon, are NOT FOR YOU.  If you are frustrated with not finding products for your needs, Send the Design Shop a note card explaining that you would like that item for prim nails, they MIGHT be able to help you.
We saw that there are new designers in this round, if they were there before, our apologies we missed them...  Check out their offerings and take a landmark to their shops.  In particular we liked what we saw from Ashmoot
Here is a Designer that we have blogged over the years, she is very "today" and always gives you something that will give you a special look to turn heads.  blah BLAH blah

** The designers spend a lot of time not only making their products, but in getting them ready for sale.  This means in the presentation. These days it can be a bit tricky, READ what they put on the vendor box.  Try the demo that is being offered.  If you see the shoes are included, look carefully on the box, make sure if the shoes are for the Slink foot that you know that prior to the purchase. If you don't have the Slink feet (and know what Slink foot attachment  you will need) then know that you will get the outfit and the shoes but the shoes will not work for your regular feet.
DJ YUME  what is our rocking Asian DJ up to ... she  tells me that this Wednesday, she will be at Tango's between 7 pm -9 pm and the theme is
Blues Bash....  You know she has the sounds, she knows her music, and she won't let up until you are ready to drop.

Let us introduce you to an artist we met some time ago, who does some funky artwork.  He calls it visual Jazz.. you really need to look this artist up and check out his work.  Bonafide-Aries (bonafidenutts.aries).  He is affiliated with Nat's Jazz Club, Detroit City   this LM takes you to his art gallery.  BOna's Visual Jazz

For a list or schedule of what goes on at Nat's Jazz Club, check out their web page..  ..  This is the link to the NEW entrance... make note of it.. Nat's Jazz Club, Detroit City

Look at the line up for this evening.. The one and only Trowzer Boa will be on stage at 7 pm - 8 pm SL time, you won't want to miss that.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rumor has it that DJ Kirt could be back sooner then expected, we have been unable to locate either DJ Kirt or Star to confirm this, we will keep you posted, last post card we got they were flying somewhere over some body of water, headed for heaven knows where.


Till next time... keep shopping and having fun! SL is yours to discover...