Friday, May 29, 2015

Hot - Coming on Monday... Start June of properly..

The Ivory Key's,   did you miss the grand re-opening.. if you did, you are getting a second chance, this Monday, June 1. @ 6 PM SL time, the delicious, delightful sexy DJ Sugaree will be on stage to help you groove into a new week.

You'll find the link at the start of this blog, this club is a must see if for the build alone.  It is inside a piano, and the inside is a class act that will take you back to the days of the big bands and the singers that crooned and had you dancing close and tight with your squeeze.

Thursday evening we were treated to DJ Nick and his lovely wife Mel, with two hours of  dreamy music.  You missed  DJ Nick, don't miss DJ Sugaree

The Ivory Key's  is owned and operated by the lovely Gingerspice2 known to her friends as Gin.  This club is Gin's dream, you have any questions, give her a nudge, she will be more than happy to talk you about the club.

The club is formal, so you get to wear your fancy gowns, and fellas you get to show us your handsome and debonair side.

Come experience another era where elegance, charm and an evening out meant
cozy momets, anticipating the mood of the night and all it will bring.

There are single and couple dances..  There are times when each and everyone of us enjoys - along time - where else to explore a relaxing down time but in a club with the ambience of a private club, and the music of DJ's who are experienced and knkow how to deliver.

Monday the Dynamic DJ Yume is at  The Crossroads ~ Get Your Mojo Working & Your Motor Running,  -  totally different sounds, she is there from  noon till 2 pm SL time..

Blackhearts Blues Cafe...A Blues Original,     8 - 10 a.m. SL time
your favourite DJ Chris will be playing his brand of blues.  Check his schedule for the other times he is on at Blackhearts
This is DJ Chris showing you his naughty side   =^_^=

This is a club that has a Blues atmosphere that you are going to enjoy!
Braham Design, Alabama Sunshine  One of favourite shopping boutiques. Ladies they do the 55 Thursdays!  Yes they do!!  - this dress for instance -

Jewelry - earrings, necklace by Beloved Jewelry  taxi in side bar

Hair - EMO-tions Hair  Celie


Happy Week-end everyone..

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Get Ready for June


Sunday with DJ Bo Swansong -

DJ Bo plays some mean tunes, nice tempo, easy blending of different energy, a nice way to start your day.  If you already get Voodoo Bayou's notices, you'll find his times there, otherwise check his group out.
He has a good variety in his library, great for parties, and special bookings, you can find him by looking up  bogenherz.swansong.  limo to the club is above.

Be prepared ladies, DJ Bo,  will surprise you with his voice, the voice and look are a tease. check it out for yourself. No worries guys, DJ Bo, is very taken.

FogBound Blues, Blue Moon Bay

This club is a 24/7 blues club.  Whatever time of day we drop in there are people groovin to the sounds.  You are lucky to find a place on the dance floor. Mostly I go, park my AV and listen.

DJ on deck when we dropped over was the popular larai.arai, known as 
DJ Larai Dreamcatcher, her full schedule is in her picks.

Blue Moon Bay (221,50,27)
MON 8-10 AM
WEDS 8-10 AM
SAT 8-10 AM
SUN 8-10 AM

Tobys Juke Joint (219,240,21)
TUES 8-10 AM

~~ RoxSanity ~~
GoldenBusiness Area4 (133,226,3502)
TUES 11-1 AM



The one and only, the Asian shining star of in the SL Glaxay, DJ Yume

2015 June Spin Schedule

June 1st, Monday, Noon - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues

June 3rd, Wednesday, 7pm - 9pm SLT: Tango's - Looney Tunes

June 5th, Friday, 7pm - 9pm SLT: Tango's - Latin Sizzle

June 8th, Monday, Noon - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues

June 10th, Wednesday, 7pm - 9pm SLT: Tango's - Viva Las Vegas

June 12th, Friday, 7pm - 9pm SLT: Tango's - Latin Sizzle

June 15th, Monday, Noon - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues

June 17th, Wednesday, 7pm - 9pm SLT: Tango's - Circus Circus

June 19th, Friday, 7pm - 9pm SLT: Tango's - Latin Sizzle

June 21st, Sunday Noon - 2PM SLT Chigadee London/Mareea Fashion Show

June 22nd, Monday, Noon - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues

June 24th, Wednesday, 7pm - 9pm SLT: Tango's - Electro Swing

June 26th, Friday, 7pm - 9pm SLT: Tango's - Latin Sizzle

June 29th, Monday, Noon - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues

This popular DJ has made a change to her weekly schedule, make sure you keep up with this diva's  schedule, join her group!!..  DJ Sugaree ...  search under groups DJ Sugaree

Our favourite is her Sunday gig at American Graffiti~50s 60s Music, this is where our DJ Sugaree shows another side of her diamond personality, and gives us good old rock and roll.  Sunday's 6 - 8 PM, SL time

She is organized, she lists her clubs and times in her picks. check it out.
Have you ever wanted to be a mermaid and swim under the sea? You can, come on over to  Pacifique , Vicious dAlliez  where the awesome landscape artist Eclair Martinek  has created an underwater fantasy land for you to explore and enjoy.

To keep up with all the happenings at Pacifique join the group, be part of the fun.  Parties, dances,games,caring friendships, and always, fun places to explore and discover while listening to great music.

WE bumped into MissWildfire the other day, and confirmed the news that her partner  DJ Kirt will be playing Tango's on Mondays 5 - 7 pm Sl Time

Speaking of Tango's Club a lot has been going on there, DJ Tango has been doing a sock hop and hosting other theme parties that will keep you rocking.

Tango and Peggy go out of their way to make you feel at home, limo in side bar, they have a variety of music, theme builds are welcoming,get over and party.  Meet the DJ's find the fit that meets your "happy".
Remember for the best in footwear, and jewelry accessories, drop in on Felicity shoes, and Beloved Jewelry, get in on their specials, don't miss out on the weekly deals.  see limo service in sidebar.  sign up for their newsletter, read their blogs.


A flash from the past... 

One of our favourite back up bands - the Robots - backing the Sax Rascal Trowzer Boa