Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Time - new clubs, new jewelry, new music,sale of all sales

The Cart Sales on Flawless, are not to be missed.  They are an event that we look forward to, and always attend, For the Fashionista there is nothing you can't find ..  FLAWLESS~ENTICE~STYLE BY KIRA~THE MAKEOVER ROOM

Walking around we see many of the designers that have pleased us over the years with their well crafted and thought out fashions.  Jinx is offering 75% off store prices, we just picked up a nifty bikini, with a hud for different looks for 50$L

** while there check for the treats - there is a Hunt going on too.. *** lots of goodies.

The jewelry designer that we all love and go to for those special occasions is at the sale.  She is offering not only the earrings and necklace, but a tiara.. The tiara is so in vogue right now. Beloved @ Flawless Cart Sale

Remember you can always find the main shop for Beloved Jewelry in the side bar of this blog.  Visit the Sale LM above for the specials.

Don't miss the Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes cart..!!  we never miss the chance of adding to our shoe wardrobe when she has a sale. and errr. remember the hunt =^_^=

**** WILDCAT COUNTRY - Country Music & Southern Rock Club

This is a gem.

Country Gospel every Sunday with DJ Gem    4 am SL time

Sweet Southern Weddings - provided by Wildcat Country Club Staff
                                         Owner  - Jarrod Ramer
                                         Gen Mgr. - Gem Huldschinsky
                                         Wedding Mgr.  Ivory Snowbear
To learn all about planning and having this package groomed to your likes and your special one and only event... contact one of the staff, or visit the club and touch the wedding board.  Oh and btw, they have photographers who are experienced at producing great pictures for you.

Are you hooked on a good game of Greedy, there are tables on the upper level of the club.

Music is ongoing, live entertainment, by some of the best on the grid, and DJ's who know how to play that the music sets that will keep you wanting more.

The charming vibrant DJ Yume..  We can't get enough of this Asian beauty, you will find her at her regular venues, for more,  please join her group or her FB page.

2015 Yume's July Spin Schedule
July 01, 2015 Wednesday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Tango's Cafe American
July 03, 2015 Friday - Yume on Vacation
July 06, 2015 Monday - Yume on Vacation
July 08, 2015 Wednesday - Yume on Vacation
July 10, 2015 Friday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Latin Sizzle
July 13, 2015 Monday 12PM - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues
July 15, 2015 Wednesday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Rockabilly Riot
July 17, 2015 Friday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Latin Sizzle
July 20, 2015 Monday 12PM - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues
July 22, 2015 Wednesday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Blues Bash
July 24, 2015 Friday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Latin Sizzle
July 27, 2015 Monday 12PM - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues
July 29, 2015 Wednesday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Summer In the City
July 31, 2015 Friday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Zarzuela Night


****  The Ivory Key's,

              DJ Lineup For The Ivory Key's
              Thursday - DJ Nick, 5-7 slt
                                music from 60's 70's 80's
               Friday-       DJ Pappa Bluez, 6-8 slt
                                 Soft Blue's                        
               Saturday-   DJ Mandala 4-6 slt
                                 A Mix , Disco, Salsa, Dance
                                            Motown, and Romance
               Sunday-      DJ NED - 4-6 slt

Owned by the lovely, Gin (gingerspice2) check her profile, join the club group,
this is a happening club.  It is re-opening and wants its members to help in the maturing process. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

DJ Nick who is at The Ivory Keys on Thursdays (see above) can be found @ 
Pacifique on Tuesdays, from 5 - 7 pm SL time.

DJ Sugaree, ok we could have used one of  her promo pictures, but this doll is just too sexy to categorize one way. She has shown  us her versatility in so many ways, she plays different venues and shines at them all. Did you know she brings her sultry romantic style to weddings... need a good wedding DJ, check her out.  See her picks for places and times.
Here is something for builders out there... This is a teacher with a lot of experience in SL and her classes are the best.  Toady Nakamura, look her up.

⁂★ ~ Lag Remover Spray in a Can  ~ ★⁂✯  A wearable object... merely activate & spray!! Three-prim tortured spray can with new textures and updated script.  Class is a skill builder for "select texture" and using special textures that work on more than one face of the build. When sprayed, the can animates your avatar, makes a statement in chat and particles.   All materials and supplies provided !! 

There is always something happening at Pacifque.  Please drop over, explore and meet new friends.  You won't be disappointed.
Till next time............. Blessings.