Thursday, October 27, 2016

IWz- Hauntings

Thank you for your patience, we here at Virtual Art & Lifestyles, have been swamped with other responsibilities since the start of the new year. But here we are.  The witching month of October
found us smack dab in the middle of multiple events Inworldz... it was not easy to stay away from not participating.  What an amazing lot of creators, designers and builders.

Some things just never change.  We found ourselves at Trails End the other night. Dick and Rusty sure know how to throw a party.

Dick the sly devil pulled in markers and got the band know where... to leave the underworld and come to jam for us. They were "hot"

Last week DJ Kira was blowing us away with her usual style of kick ass blues, that left us weak at the knees.  The mood at the club these days is raunchier then ever.  If you've not been by in awhile, then maybe, just maybe, you need to drop in .. see if you can find the clues...
A little grainy, but hey, the guy doesn't stand still, this is a new jock in town, fresh from the other planet we know so well.  Somehow he has been dubbed, Rooster.. ..hey I don't know why, you'll have to ask around.  Meet DJ BlueLou McGrady, you will find him at the Loft-Blues on Mondays, and on Friday and Saturdays at Rocking the Blues.   He gets around.  check the bottom of his shoes.. Seriously, he's good, and you won't be disappointed in the entertainment and music when you check him out.
He gets stiff competition, from Little Q... don't know what has gotten into her, but she's been seen on stage at both RTB and the Loft.  Could be her pal Gaudin has something to do with it.. Gosh I have so much catching up to do.  (below Gaudin and his special lady friend)

and this ladies and gents is Kira's club.. Rocking the Blues... home of the Blues Tribe, she has a commercial area she has opened up .. where many of the Blues Tribe have  satellite shops.. ask her about it..  In fact.. ask Kira about all the new events, and venues now located on her sims.                                                        
Now put on your m- I don't scare- T shirt, and follow China and her bud, Kelp Fish on a tour they took last night of the Haunted maze.  Unless things have changed in IWz, there is no point in my putting in  urls for you to chase down, you will have to go inworld and find them. I will give you contact names.

Kelp Fish trying to get to China, hmmm looks like he was in a hurry
below, he is waiting for her, with a few rowdy friends

meanwhile, she is patiently waiting for him.. we don't get to see her
being patient that often.. wow.. China, you must have been tired

This is a fun build .. it is called the Haunted Maze and part of the Halloween themed sim builds, It was the brain child of Melonie Romao and ORB Firestone.  HAUNTED MAZE by Melonie Romano & ORB Firestone

Rockin' the Blues, Thursday
Thu, Oct 27 2016 5:34:19 PM PDT

Greetings, Mortals! Join us tonight for your Halloween Trick or Treat Boos at Rockin' The Boos beginning at 6 PM Deadworld Time! We've done away with your usual DJ Stu and I, the Grim Reaper, will be spinning. Spend your last mortal nite on this earth with us down at the Bayou, for fun, friendship and Great Boos! Muuaahh!

Halloween is fast approaching.  Do you need a costume for those Halloween parties?   We have several to choose from.  Lots of couple & single costumes.    Hugh Heifner & Playboy Bunny,  Angel & Devil,  his & her scarecrows,   peanut butter & jelly, mime, cheerleader, Crocodile Dundee, belly dancer and more.   We also have 50's sock hop outfits if you have a sock hop to go to Come check us out!  
Winter Fest Toys for Tots 2016 - Call for Build Submissions
Thu, Oct 27 2016 9:02:09 AM PDT

We are accepting submissions for builds for Winter Fest 2016. 
This year's themes will be:
1. Winter 
2. Holidays
3. Sleigh Ride Around the World ( these builds should be about different countries and the winter activities they have or the winter season celebrations they may have. Show us how your country celebrates the winter season)

Deadline for Submissions: Nov 5th, 

New outfit at Hawks Designs
Thu, Oct 27 2016 8:21:16 AM PDT

New item at Hawks, Krystal Strapped. This started as a shorts and strapped top outfit with open jacket and then I added the skirt and fishnet stockings. A goth look with the skirt and a very sexy casual outfit without the skirt. On the New Releases wall and in the vendor. Stop by and see all the new outfits.
Providing IWz with quality men and women's clothing for over 6 years. Casual, formal, role play, Western and lingerie.

yes, he is still around.... check out his new play list and venues
More then ever, this is a sim you should visit, there have been a lot of changes, Squanto Thorne, has been making changes with the help of Beck Howard, those of us who have had some time with Beck know of her passion for role play and making things happen,
Time has passed
The role play is happening.  Beck has been sending out notices, with some of the story lines, not a role player myself, from the note cards she has been sending out, there are few plots that have gotten my attention.
On the sim, they are very interested in recreating a period in the Americas where the native Indian was living off the land and sharing its wisdom and knowledge with travelers.
The politic of today, have robbed many people of a voice.
Media has played a part in the inequality.
Here in virtual, what Squanto has given us, is an opportunity to see, and learn just what life was like
prior to massive invatation and a horrific period in history.

Contact either Squanto or Beck for a tour of the site, if nothing else, get on their group list, and            keep in touch with what is happening there.
China helps with the blog, Q is the narrator, together, we will try to drop in more often.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Virtual tid bit for January 2016

2016 Yume Yoshikawa’s January Spin Schedule

Tues. Jan. 4th, 10PM – Midnight SLT: Fogbound Blues – Electric Blues

Wed. Jan. 6th, 7pm – 9pm SLT: Tango’s – Latin Sizzle

Fri. Jan. 8th, 7pm – 9pm SLT: Tango’s: - Tadwyn’s Birthday Party

Tues. Jan. 12th, 10PM – Midnight SLT: Fogbound Blues – Electric Blues

Wed. Jan. 13th, 7pm – 9pm SLT: Tango’s – The Name Game

Fri. Jan. 15th, 7pm – 9pm SLT: Latin Sizzle

Tues. Jan. 19th, 10PM – Midnight SLT: Fogbound Blues – Electric Blues

Wed. Jan. 20th, 7pm – 9pm SLT: Tango’s – Purkle Party

Fri. Jan. 22nd, 7pm – 9pm SLT: Tango’s – Latin Sizzle

Sun. Jan. 24th, 6pm - 8pm SLT: Essence - Formal Ball

Tues. Jan. 26th, 10PM – Midnight SLT: Fogbound Blues – Electric Blues

Wed. Jan. 27th, 7pm – 9pm SLT: Tango’s – Funk Party

Fri. Jan. 29th, 7pm – 9pm SLT: Tango’s – Latin Sizzle

The soft delightful sounds of romance and heart felt music fills the night air when DJ Sugaree take to the stage.  DJ Sugaree has a very loyal following, she has her own style, she is genuine, and that is what brings her fans back for more. She moves venue, they find her.  The best way to stay on top of what she is doing, and where she is, is to join her group.

WEDNESDAY: Bouvier's Romantic Ballroom 6-8PM SLT
THURSDAY: The Golden Harp 6PM SLT
FRIDAY:  Black Diamonds Club  5PM SLT
SATURDAY: Bouvier's Romantic Ballroom 8-10pm SLT
SUNDAY: Jazz In The Park @ BlackDiamond After 6PM SLT

EMO-tions is a honey of a stop for hair.  There is a sale going on right now, there are renovations, going on, and owner Mirja Mills has put out item at 50% and other ones at a decent sales price, AND there is more.. so make our way down to her stores and take advantage of these tempting sales.

OMG the prices are amazing.. Please please please, we are hoping she will come to other grids.  SHE IS INWORLDZ but not with her complete line.

Men, the sale applies to male styles as well.

We caught up with Zen who has been holidaying abroad, to find out what she thought would be the look for the woman on the go.  She still likes the comfort and style of the Lindy Modern & Retro shoes, ( Delinda Abbott) boots worn in photo from Lindy. 
For a different look she wears the classic Felicity Shoes (Felicity Overlord)

Her dress is from the ever popular Lordiva (Java Fashion Designs) (Simone Udimo.  The owner Simone Udimo has been in business for some time, her followers are many.  Not only does she have a look that spans a multitude of fashionistas from all over the world, she keeps her line affordable.  There is a fee to join her group, but... you will recover that  many times over with the gifts she puts out for her "ladies"

Hair worn today, is from EMO-tions ... Zen was a very happy camper when we were at the site. Dedicated to her craft of looking good, she says a gal can never have enough  hairstyles.

FogBound Blues, Blue Moon Bay   guaranteed 100% Blues, good blues.  It is usually crowded, keep your scripts down


China and Q have  gotten together, Q will put out a Dinky line of clothing for China on SL at the Tiny Outpost.   this was Zen's first visit to the tiny kingdom of Sylkye Taffeta an adorable Dinky who owns and manages the Tiny Outpost.

link to Q's shop Kangaroo Fashions @ Tiny Outpost  The China Q Dinky line will be in the Kangaroo Shop.  Please take time to look around at all the wonderful and delightful shops.. If you already have a Tiny or Dinky AV, pull it out of the closet and wear it.  Remember the freedom and whimsical fun of being a Tiny, Dinky or wee one.  There is a lot to see and do.  Join the group, keep informed on the activities that a plane, ride the train. Enjoy.

You need help, you need only shout out for Sylkye or drop her an IM or note card.


Big, small everyone is welcome at Rocking the Blues the above event was also a celebration of Hawks birthday.  Hawk is the owner and designer of 


Wednesday night, is country night and you will usually find either China or Q there, since both have a strong liking for that rocking country that is played there by the one and only dj Dick Pinelli.

This was DJ Dick Pinelli at Xmas.... getting in a taste of sweet.  As if he isn't sweet enough!
Since due to technical difficuties, we are so late getting this blog out, we are going to show you some of our favourite pics from 2015.

Mr Mike String an entertainer we have yet to get over to see, he is one our to do list.  Should be on yours too. This was his lovely Xmas card this year.

The dragon from Inferno, done by the very talented Andy it is too bad that Inferno is now closed.. this dragon was a true work of art.

This lush piece of paradise is the build of Gaudin Himmel, there is so much to see, his underground fantasy world, the gardens, Victorian buildings, another must for 2016 if you have not been there yet.

 China who was going to open several shops, has decided to stay open at Spirit Nation, where she finds the ambiance more suited to her China-T line. where East meets West.

owned and operated by Squanto Thorne
􀀋China Dream and Qyhat Harbour, have opened a line of East Meets West clothing for the Dinky community.  The line  will be called China-Q and is currently in test mode. The shop will be on the wharf in Dinkyville.

The collaboration should be interesting indeed.  We attended their first initial meeting to discuss their ideas for the line.

Front and back of a pending, sport theme. that Q wants to do.  We guess only time will tell how the two personalities will work out.

Meanwhile  there are shops and homes for rent in the Dinkyville area.  For more information please contact the owner of this community Pinky Cyberstar
In closing, in the pictures of China, you were unable to see the special necklace she is always wearing now.. (gift from her one and only Jettis of course, so we will get it in here.

WE wish you all a very happy, success filled new year.  May the new year be healthy and fulfilling.

Till next time
be safe

Virtual Arts and Entertainment (lifestyles)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Brand new year 2016 -Great Canadian Grid

Happy New year everyone!

You are not seeing things.  Potlatch Foggarty opened in GCG at Hot Rods Diner n Mall,  Saturday January 2.2016 at 6 pm. grid time  Potlatch is very well known in SL, he has been a known and respected entertainer there since 2008. Now, you'll find him on the GCG. He  has a new group called Potlatch People.. you can join his group and know what and where he will be.  He will be at Jen's Hot Rod Diner on Saturdays.

Potlatch is here in GCG to build Personal, Artistic, Business and Network relationships, he believes strongly that the future lies in OS Grids.  He and his partner provide streams in SL and now bring their service to GCG.
There were some great venues and parties on the GCG in December, here are some of the pictures from the events..  There are more on Flickr. visit the following link

Some of us.. just kicked back and enjoyed a quiet time, watching our friends, 
Jettis put together a swing for China to sit under the fragrant cherry blossoms..
where she could enjoy the sea air and the sound of the water cascading from a nearby water fall.

This is the start of a brand new year, and we (Great Canadian Grid) are still growing, it is a constant growth, and one that keeps the owner and his crew working at keeping we (residents) happy in our homesteads.

To this we would like to issue a gentle reminder, that many of us migrated here due to the discontent encountered living on a big over populated virtual world where "community" was not the norm.  We came and we stayed in GCG because of what we found here.

If you have been reading then notices sent out by Roddie Macchi (owner) we seem to be multiplying quickly.  With this comes certain reminders that rules are made for a reason.

The question in any growing society is how do we maintain our lifestyles, our community with the infiltration of all these unknowns, and with that influx comes the need to make room for them and what can come with "some" of the new members.

This morning there was a message about "griefing"   honestly it was a bit of a shock... Roddie explained what it is, and steps you can take to ensure it doesn't happen to you.  Please read the notices that are sent out by Roddie, there is a reason for these notices, should you not understand, or want more information, GCG has staff members who would be more then happy to help you.

Who is a staff member.. just take yourself off to the welcome area, there is a wall with staff members, their pictures and their names.

GCG is not SL and we want to keep it that way.
For us to achieve this, we all must work together, and keep the lines of communication open.  Many steps are different here, how tier is paid, how roll backs should be done, how high we can go in the sky and much more... we can not tell newcomers often enough... GCG is the greatest place, those who live here, love it.. but if you are coming to GCG, know..... we do things differently, our currency is different, how we market our products.. our preference to share when we can .i.e. put out free merchandise...  Please read the bulletins, note cards, and join our GCG groups.

DJ Nox Darkness Looks after notices and events on GCG.  Friend him, keep in touch, read his notices to find out what is happening on the grid.  Events are plenty and well advertised on the GCG, you have places to go, entertainment and music of all genres.

GCG celebrated two years, and we intend to celebrate many more.  We (residents)give/ show appreciation, and thanks, not only to the owner, Roddie, but to each other, as often as we can.  Having been in several virtual worlds, this is where we live and our home.  


Jettis Sphere    China Dream