Friday, February 28, 2014

*The Museum of Surrealism* Surreal Art*Dada*Dali*, Enchantment Island

Museum of Surrealism - Surreal Art and Artists,  Art, Surreal, Magic, Freebies, 3D Art, Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, Joan Miro, Surreal Artists, Art Gallery, Art Gifts

ǝƃɐd ɹnoʎ oʇuo sIɥʇ ǝʇsɐd puɐ ʎdoɔ 'sʎɐs siɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ ʇno ǝɹnƃIɟ oʇ ɥƃnouǝ ʇɹɐɯs ǝɹɐ noʎ ɟI
I know that we are not alone in wanting to explore and find new and wonderful places ..The builder BambiTwice Nitely has really gone all out to give you some amazing builds to go ooohhh and aaaahhhh over.
This is your taxi Gadgets, Gimmicks, Gizmos & Invisibility Cloaks, Enchantment Island  you will delight in all you will see.  She does the miniature water features, little tropical swimming in a light bulb.  =^_^= a cute little clam with a pearl opens up to tease you with a wink.

I'm not going to give it all away, you have to go and explore on your own.  By yourself or take a friend.  Whatever you do, don't miss it.. Go.  Look for t his sign, it has all the Landmarks on it, it will show you all the places you can go on the island to explore.  Have fun!.

Share this post with your friends, there is a lot to be seen here.  Enjoy!

Exploring SL

WE traveled by reed boat and landed in Egypt.  Magic of SL, we left on water but traveled through space and time to arrive at our destination.  To find your way into the tomb, you will need to unravel a mystery first.  Once inside the tomb you will discover riches and "the unexplained".. Its great fun, outside the pyramid are camels which you can ride or buy, telling you in advance, one of the camels has attitude.. REAL attitude. Many of the articles in the pyramid are for sale.  This is a great opportunity to pick up some antiques for your living area or grounds.
There are a few burial chambers, some with free treasures, and some for sale, Don't worry about getting lost the tunnels are marked for you  I took away the ruby to remind me of my visit =^_^=  I love bling, so the blue flower came too, LOL once a shopper,, bling is just like shoes, never enough.  

model is wearing Karma pants from blah,BLAH,blah
One piece retro swimsuit from  FIN
hair  - Tameless
* male model is not currently for sale or available.
Location - Bambi's Enchantment Island  Once there if you check the creator's profile, you will find all of her other wonderful builds.  Lots to see and do.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Las Islas - Casa del Mar

Well developed, planned out and built for your pleasure.  A place to relax and chill out in an environment that is beckoning for those of us with a passion for the sea. The builder claims to be the Original inventor of the most realistic waves ever created n SL, when you visit this build you will see why he makes this claim. Las Islas - Casa del Mar - Waves, Las Lagunas (219, 240, 21)

Xsa's outfit is from Liv Glam,(Winter 13-Pretty Girl) you can never go wrong when you were a LG design, the quality of the mesh, the fit, the detail is first class.  That said always try the demos offered. You will find LG designs in their  mains shop and they participate in most of the sale venues so you can experience their clothes at a limited time discounted price.
Shoes are from Lindy Retro and Modern 
Hair is  Eudora - Tameless

We can only bring you a snippet of the beauty that is in this build to really truly appreciate all that can be had here, you have to visit. There are teleport boards situated all around the various islands. You read right, plural, there is a  lot to see.  Don't short change yourself, allow time to really explore and enjoy.

It is a dreamer's paradise, a lover' dream,a romantic hide-away, it can be anything you want it to be. It is a shop, the waves are for sale, the place is one idea after another.  Let your creativity go wild, follow your dreams.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DC 74 visits Ireland and Blarney Castle

Who has not heard of Blarney Castle in Ireland.  The famous Castle with the Blarney stone. The castle, and here we quote "Scale replica of the real Blarney Castle main tower in Ireland, with Blarney Stone kissing animation certificate outside the castle entryway Irish village, Malones Irish Pub, Blarney Castle, Blarney Stone faerie wishing well"  Can you resist a visit =^_^-=
Blarney Castle - O'Hare's Gap,
The animation for kissing the stone is very realistic, who can't do with a little Irish luck in our day.
Ever been to a real Irish pub, I'm told on good authority that Malone's Pub  in O'Hare's is a very good replica.  Ambiance music is certainly Irish.  Play a little darts, enjoy the cosy fireplace, simply  enjoy the visit.  The place is very welcoming.
We are still using the same model from Vivid (Bailey)  - skin/makeup  7 Deadly s(K)ins -DC Star B4a + Peachy DEF  @ Designer Circle 74
Shoes - Lindy Retro Shoes -  Sandye
Dress- Wertina - Teresa mesh -  Designer Circle 74
Jewelry - bracelets - Baubles! by Phe   - Designer Circle 74
Necklace, earrings - Ear Candy Geo
Hair - [e]  looking, black

Designer Circle taxi/limo in sidebar 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bliss Garden Park

Trees, Tropical plants, flowers, & shrubs for all your gardening needs. Waterfalls, ponds, Instant Gardens, and amazing nature sky box environments..

Enjoy a tour of this fantasy build spanning 2 sims.  Take a landmark when you land, it will be easy to get lost.  This is only one of the many splendors that designer Luna Bliss has for created for your enjoyment.
We retained our model from yesterday, we found her so beautiful. You can find her shape and skin in this round of the Designer Circle.  specifics are in the previous blog.  Vivid shape -Bailey and DC STar from 7 Deadly s(K)ins.
The playful romper (sunsuit) is from Graffitiwear designer Chalice Piers.
All of these items you will find at DC 74 -  your limo is in sidebar.
Shoes - Felicity     
hair [e]   

Monday, February 24, 2014

DC 74 visits North Star Park

North Star Park - Welcome to SL`s most romantic place,  Are you looking for a new place to charm your partner, wanting a place that isn't filled with other lovers looking for a place to snuggle. This might fit the bill, lot of places to explore, and not over populated. 
During our visit the skies were alive with colour and the sounds of water and crackling fires.  Our model Bailey from Vivid certainly took in the ambience with joy.  Bailey's make up is from  7 Deadly s(K)ins DC STAR B4a Peachy
Her snappy outfit, is mesh Ayleen Red Love by Mu Shi Doll - There three products are available from this round of Designer Circle - a trip over to the store is a must. your transportation is in the side bar.
Here is a close up of the jewelry and the face of our lovely Bailey.  Jewelry is from Beloved Jewelry.  (taxi in sidebar)  The shoes are from Felicity, you will see a close up in the previous blog, only they will be in Teal.
Check out the ring that goes with this set. Set is called Medallion

We rather like the combination of the shape and the skin in today's blog, makes for a very sophisticated look.   =^_^=

Your link to the park is at the very start of the blog.  Happy shopping and exploring.
North Star Park.North Star Park
Welcome everyone. Love, romantic seawiev, sex cave, loveboat, freebies, furry,human, dating, love, erotic, mystic, pirate. We support good taste Finland, europe, no child avis
 /*Windlight Sky: "Night"*/ 

DC 74 @ Botanical Gardens

Already we are hearing questions on where to either go for a wedding party or where can hair be found that would be suitable for a wedding.  These are not always questions for the bride but for guests who will be attending the various functions. Designer Circle has a lovely two piece outfit that would be perfect for some of the less formal functions, comfortable too.
The outfit shown here would be fun to wear for one of the many showers, or the girls night out, Pink Cherry is offering it to you in a variety of colours, so you can be the belle of the evening and look lovely wherever you go.
The stand out ring is also in this round of DC 74 its from Babules by Phe. 

Felicity shoes  in teal are complimenting the top of this outfit.  week-end sale Steals and Deals
Hair is from A&A  note Alli and Ali have several styles that are ready to wear for special events.  Check them out. Style shown is Yahira

Who is are young model, you will find her at Designer Circle this round #74. she is Greta from WoW Skins 

The SL Botanical Gardens,  if you have yet to visit the gardens, take time to do so, you won't be disappointed .. lets of insipiration =^_^=

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Exciting new round Designer circle 74

Beloved Jewelry - Panache - texture and gem changing hud included
Beloved Jewelry - heart necklace and earrings bottom pic.
Hair in both pictures is from A & A
Body and skin/makeups from Tuty's
Sunglasses, tights, and boots -Eluzion
Designer Circle round 74 will open its doors today at 2 pm sl time, and what a showcase they have for you this round.  We were in early today to look around, lots of fun.  for those of you always looking for a new group of poses, 
Icons of Style have put out another great set of poses for your collection.
The outfits shown today can be worn dressed up or down, you will get good value for your lindens, but of course that will always be the case when you shop Designer Circle. 
Virtual Holland Village,  photos taken in a little Dutch village =^_^=

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rock and roll Heaven

Rock 'N' Roll Heaven,
Live music venue dedicated as a tribute to rock 'n' roll (and country music) greats who have died before their time, but have made a lasting impression on the art form they loved most -- music.
Group gift from Java - comes in three colours, Q is wearing the blue. Dress comes with its own earrings. (not shown)  Shoes are from Shoenique, jewelry is from Beloved Jewelry.
The jewelry is a set that we like to wear, it is gold, green glass, but seems to fit in with a variety of outfit and styles.  Hair is from Diva -Naomi - onyx
Shape,skin, Tuty's Megan pale skin m. up 4

If you are not doing anything special this evening, come down and join in on the fun and dancing, at Rock and Roll Heaven.  Bubble C John is on stage now with the Bubbettes .. This set will run till 6pm SL time... only show  tonight, so hop on the taxi provided above and come on down.

Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom~Jazz, Romance, and Dancing,

Romantic setting, good music, friendly hosts, The Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom is well known for its Southern hospitality. >Home of Southern charm and gracious Southern hospitality. Cobblestone streets and antebellum shops, flank the Grand Ballroom. Located in the historical Battery! Charleston's Private members only formal ballroom. Nominated best Formal Venue AviChoice 2013 <
There is a cover charge, however it is a one time fee, once paid and you have your tag, all the various areas are open to you. The ballroom is beyond the gates.  Tag is required to access the ballroom.
Well known and loved saxophone player & photographer, Trow Boa played there on Friday, He played - noon SL time, I'm waiting for confirmation, but I think this is the time slot he will be playing most weeks.  It was his venue that brought us to the Charleston.
Whether inside or outside on one of the expansive and inviting decks You are sure to find a quiet place for reflection or romancing that special someone in your life. Entertainment  is Thursday evenings, and from 11 a.m Friday till Midnight.  If I understood the manager Sagia Monroe, Saturday and Sundays is hosted by staff.  They are open 24/7 so the ballroom and grounds are always available to members.  They provide a constant music stream. 

Stroll the broad walkways and shop, you will find a delightful selection of merchants, many you will already be familiar with.  Charleston Couture > Styles by Danielle >Bizarre Hair  > Cleo Couture to name a few.

What are you doing today?  This would be a wonderful place to explore, alone or with a friend.  Check it out.... Charleston Lace Premier Shopping, Charleston Belle

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Today 2.19.14

gown Liv Glam Boutique  @ Designer Showcase
jewelry- Beloved Jewelry - Victorian Cross
hair - A&A Abbey

 Jewelry - Beloved Jewelry
Shape/Makeup - Tuty's
Hair - A&A Brian - Cinnamon
shoes- Felicity - Whitney -teal - Steals & Deals'
Skin/shape - Tuty's
Dress- Baboom mesh - Paris  now at Designer Circle round 73

Monday, February 17, 2014

Designer Circle shares spotlight with

Designer Circle presents > Wertina top (Florish Fire) and skirt (Mery skirt Fire) both of these items can easily become staples in your wardrobe.
 Felicity - Whitney shoe in one of the colors that will be on sales this coming week-end in Steals & Deals sale - gold suede
Jewelry - earrings are from Aurora Borealis - Deco the Halls
             pendant - Beloved Jewelry - Garnet pendant necklace
skin/makeup - Beauty Code - Fabienne - brown  sorry n/a
hair - Tukinowaguma  Maria

Shot on location Anchor & Compass Public House, Pointe LaRue Isle

Tuty's Hair department

Interesting that having done a lot of shopping and exploring at Tuty's that we somehow didn't go to the Hair division, or check out their Freebie section.All that changed yesterday. Wanting a signature hairstyle and having gone to many known places, we remembered that on landing we saw the Hair division at Tuty's, but we had always been intent on skins, shapes or animations.
This last picture is the hairstyle that won my heart. We could not resist the other  purchases too. LOL how many hairstyles can one woman have? NEVER enough. wicked smiles...

mini dress and bolero > Shoenique Main Store >now being promoted Kelcie red outfit comes complete with shoes that are not shown.

Both taxi/limos are in sidebar.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

- February Blue

Designer Circle presents -  Graffitiwear -by Chalice Piers -Blue laced up sweater dress with belt - available in other colors too. >> limo in sidebar
Whitney shoe is from Felicity - royal blue leather
Beloved Jewelry - Heart necklace and earrings -silver
hair - Amacci - Malia - blue
Eyes - Amacci
Skin,shape,Tuty's Sarah

Retro- Vintage

Come and stroll back to 50's and 60's when Rock and Roll was a big part of everyones lives. With the King himself 'Elvis' and many others. Lets party and bop like it's supposed to be done. 
50's 60's 70s music, hangout, diner, DJs, Hosts, club, London
It was closed when we visited, but you can see it is a good size for dancing the dances of the period.  Definitely a place to check out.
Q's put together her look from the following shops.
FIN *RELIVE THE FIFTIES* MAINSTORE, - Retro wear for Him - Buddy jacket
*1-800-Bettie's* Vintage Clothing  cashmere sweater under the jacket
Artilleri mainstore! :) retro and rockabilly fashions., black high waist jeans,and the campy dice earrings and necklace.
Hair is from A&A - taxi in side bar.. Lucille #1 black
Shoes are from Shiny Things:: shoes, jewelry and more, ** just saw there is a discount outlet =^_^=
Q wears Tuty's  shapes/skins  limo in side bar
Come dance!

Shake and Twist - live it up!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines 2/14

blah.BLAH.blah has outdone themselves with this little number, Daliah flowered mesh dress comes in 5 different colour choices.  We had a great time doing this shot. The bold jewelry is by   Baubles by Phe Day dream set. This is a set you will get a lot of use of in the months to come. don't miss out on these two great buys from the Designer Circle 
hair and hat are from Amacci - Tracey, copper
shoes - Shoenqiue, these are to die for, we loved the heart detail on the shoes.  The price 10L on the 10L deal room at the official main store.
model is our wonderful Amanda from Anna shapes @ Designer Circle
skin/makeup  al Vulo Mimi        eyes - Amacci

To each and every one of you... Happy Valentines Day!