Saturday, May 31, 2014

Convertible weather....

Fantastic look.  Hair from LeLutka  Sunglasses - Tres Blah, 6 colour options, and when you buy, you get the clear glass, and the sun glasses.  How cool is that.
Where are we.. Today we are at COLLABOR88 WWW.COLLABOR88.COM,

**  note on the hair, it comes in all the colour options you would want ... what we feel made the hair such a special offer is the scarf ... its just a perfect look for driving around, going shopping,, its stand out fabulous!

There are a lot of Designers that are new to us, we will be returning for a better look around ... meanwhile nothing is stopping you from checking it all out.

Friday, May 30, 2014

OMG its Friday

Want to be trampled.  Want to feel crushed.  Want a good buy!  Then I guess you dress down to few prims and scripts and had over to fi*Friday Fashion House  It was our first time, we were not prepared for the crowd, or lag. Was it worth the visit.. YES!

Discover deals from designers such as -  IN Sight   - Nineteen Ninety Two  -Color Block   - XODOHTRONU - In the Body Shop, there are nails for your Slink hands, shapes, poses  - (Vivian Pack - 6 poses) and more for both males and female pose addicts.  See the Vestige booth.  *** Tattoo lovers, there is a lovely tat that goes down the spine from Hiatus
Ok.  really now, Miss C is offering 2 hairstyles, HollyHood with Slink appliers for finger and toe nails... and Face Paint has four items on sale for you.  PInk Acid has a displaya there too, summer is just a heart beat away, checkout their lipsticks, for shoppers into the mesh head appliers, Pink Acid has layers for you.
The Body Factory has put out 6 shapes if you are in the market for a new look!  3 Male shapes, and 3 ladies.  This was only one section, The place is big, and you will need time to get around and check everything out,
If you are a cat lover you'll want to explore the display by Storax Tree .. we went with limited time, and ended up staying longer then intended.    We will be passing along the LM to our friends.  Check out these cuties from Bomshie
You asked for new leads, new sources, well here you go.  Many of these designers were new to us, Fill your boots, check them out.  Let's hear from you.  Items are on sale 55 Linden -Shop til you drop readers, there is a lot of bang  for your lindens here.  Check it out.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Belly Dancing at Tango's

Led by the enthusiastic Jen Noel, we had a blast of an evening at Tango's Club belly dancing.  I know, who would have thought...  Jen is a DJ who is a regular at a club called Parvana, you can see her schedule on her profile.
Tango and Peg shaking and swaying.  LOL, it was a good crowd, so not to miss out, join the group, come party.  You never know what Peg and Tango have up their sleeves

Whether we party on the beach or in the club, you'll have a good time.
Tango's Club,

Monday, May 19, 2014

Panorama Art Gallery

Trowzer Boa  (Trow) will be playing this evening between 5- 6  SL time at the PANORAMA ART GALLERY, come early look around, there is a lot to see. Once  Trow starts to play you will want to be outside where the stage is to listen to his cool saxophone tunes.
The show starts of 5, you have plenty of time to get here. Trow will entertain you with his playing and his bots will do their best to keep up with him.  We are already here, cya soon.

Model is Kerry2  from Body by Coco, dress is included when you purchase the shape.  Both are on sale now at Designer Circle.  Earrings and bracelet are from Shoenique Designs.  Hair is from [e] Details - Red 08 -Makeup is from Beauty Code, skin Fabienne, Tan

You appreciate good music, and art, make the Panorama Art Gallery your evening stop !  You won't be disappointed.

Designer Circle - round 80 - new look!

Impressive new build.
Designer Circle - has given the place a brand new face lift. Still the same great sale prices inside,  same quality designs, and friendly service, come down and check it out.
Our model today is wearing Amarelo O Manga  - Pamela suit, blazer and pants, c/w shoes and sunglasses.
Skin is from :: WoW Skins::  the bold collar is from BEPPIN!  where to find these items.. Designer Circle of courses.
Inside is also brand new... the billboard you see here is for Shape Kerry, Body by Coco  -  (right) Jewelry by Modern Couture, Sunflower to see it at its best you'll have to come down...
Photo buffs, posers out there, Icons of Stylel   offers up a group of  poses each round, and each one is worth having in your inventory.  Summer is coming, you'll be looking for fun poses for the beach and various parties. NOw is the time to come and pick up this pack of Lira poses.  55L

A gentle reminder.  When buying a mesh product, TRY THE DEMO.
AND. when purchasing shoes and nail adornments, make sure you are buying what you require .  If the nails are for Slink hands and you don't have slink hands...... same applies to shoes... more and more designers are supplying a shoe   for the Slink foot.  it should always say on the marketing vendor.
See small icon/logo  in upper left corner of this vendor board. Not everyone wears a Slink appendage. Buyer be aware!

In several conversations of late with readers, we have heard of the dissatisfaction with some of the mesh products, especially clothes, where the alpha is longer than the skirt or outfit, where there is a gap between the bodice and the arm of the  top, it seems that the complaints run long and plenty.  The difficulty in matching skin tone to the avatar skin when buying shoes with skin huds. The list goes on and on.

We can only reiterate time and time over, be aware of what you are purchasing. The designer is not going to go out of his/her way to sell you an inferior product.  Be nice, sit down and write a note card to the designer, or their store manager and explain your dissatisfaction. 9 times out of 10 they will be more than happy to replace the product or explain to you what steps need to be taken for the fit to work.  Always try the demo, never assume it will be the same as the last item you bought from the designer.  Each item has its own template, or unique design, unless the product is exactly the same item just a different texture.

We decided to try the new mesh avatar... it was a very short lived experiment.  Within a couple of hours, we gave up and returned to the shapes and skins we know and love.  Our model looked like a female dracula in drag. Even for ghoulish events, we would have hesitated in sending her out. Is it new technology to have to put yourself together like Frankenstein.  Mesh head, add on hands, add on feet, this is called improvement..oh and lets not forget, the nails, eyelashes, cheek huds, etc, etc.

Somewhere, the idea of having an avatar has gotten twisted and distorted. We members of the SL community who live and work in SL are not wanting to become robots. or pieces of this and that.  Our avatars are who we are.  Last time I looked, all my extremities belonged to me.

Products shown in this blog are available at the new Designer Circle. The dependable down to earth, designer discount shopping store.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fashion smarts

Q is known for her classic and retro look. She is seen here wearing Java Jeanette spring dress from Java Fashion Designs.  Shoes are Enkythings, true classics,  (Sulaco)we don't even know if you can still find them on the grid.  Hair is from A&A - Jeanelle #11  Skin and Make up - Style by Kira, Elena Skin 021 opt. 2
Alo's outfit is the Cecilia dress from Entice - shoes - Felicity (Zoie)
earrings - Eluzion - Jazzlyn,  Hair is Looking from [e]  Make up and skin is from Amacci (Emma)   Eyes- Amacci (Zenith)

Shop ladies, always make time to shop.. keeps the smile happening!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Blues Alternatives @ Hotlanta Blues

Hotlanta Blues - Come Live The Blues, North

Hotlanta Blues Club is the perfect venue for blues lovers! It's a place rich with a past where hope peeks out of the shadows of urban decay. Come LIVE the blues! Blues Bar, Blues Venue, Clubs, Live Music,  R&B, funk, soul, deejays, dancing, dance, hangout

Star Fashions - Country Princess
- Felicity shoes - Zoie
Earrings- Star Fashions
Amacci, skin, Emma - eyes - Zenith - hair - malia - necklace
Shape -Designer Circle - Anna Shapes Luly

Hotlanata Blues is an established club.... come hang out, meet the regulars.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More DC 79 & Bogarts

Gotcha! Meet DJ, @ Bogarts Walter White, he is not for sale at a discounted price, but he is worth a visit to Bogarts to hear his tunes.  He has a number of interests, for a look at his schedule, you likely will have to contact Mr.White. His music style had everyone in the place dancing close the enjoying themselves at 7: something AM  SL time.

Designer Circle is well into their round 79.  Have you been down to check out the goodies they have for you this round.  We found this lovely evening gown that had us wanting to show it off.  What better place then Bogarts where the night life seems to go 24/7
Bogart's Jazz Club and Shops - Entertainment,  for those of you who are unfamiliar with Bogarts it is a  Jazz Club that feature a romantic, elegant place for meeting and dancing in an upscale classic nightclub. It is an arm of Frank's.  Both are formal attire required, but where Frank's requires membership, Bogarts does not.  Also in our experience, this is where the more "mature" " elites " gather...
Our model today is wearing the lovely gown being offered by [[Masoom]]
Glam-mood is a mesh dress that has a very nice fall to it, the off the shoulder warp gives a very sophisticated look to the otherwise simple classic lines of the gown. the model's shape and her makeup are also from this round of the Designer Circle.    ::Wow Skins::  and Anna shapes     > taxi in side bar

Jewelry is Beloved Jewelry -Estate - with colour changing hud for texture
Hair - Amacci - clara blueberry

Shop - then celebrate visit Bogarts.  Great way to spend a day, shopping and good music!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

goodies to check out

New round of Designer Circle is open, this leather jacket from Pink Cherry, is a must for the leather diva.  We've paired it up with a pair floral capri's from Baboom, they come with a wide leather belt.  Jewelry is from Baubles by Phe
Please refer to earlier blog for the info on Skin from Wow Skins, and the shape from Anna Shapes, all in this current round. - see link >>> in side bar for taxi

Hair is from Amacci - an older style from Amacci but a favourtie, and with the shorter hair styles this spring, its a great go anywhere look. Leon - vanilla blond.  Yes it was released as a man's style but you can see it looks tres chic on a woman.
Shoes will be on sale at Feeb's this week-end.  Felicity Shoes.  Zoie

These designer sales are for YOU.  Take advantage of the great savings, show your support get out there and shop!  Taxi's and Limos are provided for you in the sidebar.

Monday, May 5, 2014

DC #79 visits Sweet Magnolia's

Looking for a place to hang your hat.  A gathering place where you will find a variety of venues to keep you coming back, time after time. We took our model to SWEET MAGNOLIA'S - Outdoor Venue for the Arts,  for today's photo shoot. The fragrance of sweet blossoms, and lush vegetation, made us feel like we were home.
The club offers not only an ambiance that is very special, the hosts, and owner are very welcoming.  This is a small club, with a lot of personality.You are immediately drawn in to the fun and encouraged to join in.
Sweet Magnolia's is a southern outdoor venue featuring Jazz, Blues, R and B, Motown,Gospel, DJ's, Live Music, Art,  Sweet Pickle's Jazz Cafe, Romance, Cuddling, Dance ,Intan, Magnolia Center for the Arts, Vintage, victorian, Southern.

Come to Sweet Magnolia's prepared to spend time not only enjoying the entertainment and music, leave enough time to explore the grounds.

The Virtual Art and Lifestyles model is from the Designer Circle, Round #79.  she is Luly from Anna Shapes, skin/makeup is from WoW Skins, Rea Tan CL, outfit is Hilary  by ::JK:: designs. Jewelry is Beach Breeze -Baubles! by Phe  - taxi is in sidebar.

Shoes - Felicity Shoes -Farah
hair - Amacci - Sarek, streaked, mahogany

Friday, May 2, 2014

Nashville Music Row

The Stage on Nashville's Music Row,   nashville, music row, tennessee, country music, grand ole opry, ryman auditorium, tootsies, the stage, the bluebird, country, music, live music, live performers

It is a big club, lots of room to move and dance without trampling on the dancer next to you.  Plus an area to the back of the club for those who like to dance close and slow no matter what anyone else is doing.  Lots of live entertainment, plenty of good music and people to enjoy the sounds with.

Our model was having a grand time flirting with Music row's Hank Williams Sr. Mr Williams seems to be on 24/7. We actually had to come back at a time where there was no performance happening. We were there when Eliz Watanabe was on, the place was jumping there was no way we could get pictures.   Eliz is one act you don't want to miss, come early when she is on if you want to dance where you can see her. You can check her profile for her schedule, if you enjoy her as much as we did, join her fan group.
For more pictures of the club, see flickr - taxi in side bar.

Outfit the model is wearing including shoes, Colorful romper - Stars Fashion. earrings are also part of the deal  Hair - Truth Carli

The place was empty but the music playing was toe tapping and hard to resists =^_^=... Come on down!  don't miss out on the fun.

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