Wednesday, March 26, 2014

presenting more Designer Circle #76

 A little of this and a little of that, our model, Sarah from Anna Shapes, decided to mix and match.  She is wearing pants from E-Clipse,bronze, and the top JK's Imani has a texture changing hud that allows you to choose from 6 different colours.  Skin and make up are from WoW Skins Leandra in dark tan.
Shoes are from Essenz - Laguna, and the jewelry is Pure Poison - Joy in coloria Fantasy
Taken on location at Dreamlight Creations, Adventure Cove -abstract, art, artwork, beautiful, cute, fairy, fantasy, free, paintings, surreal, moon, stars, planets, mother, child, love, dream, landscape, space, modern, contemporary,3D

Monday, March 24, 2014

more Designer Circle 76

Jewelry that stands out anywhere, that is what you have here with Pure Poison's Joy earrings and necklace set.   Nail polish is from (ZOZ) model shape and skin are from .::WoW Skins::.  Leandra dark Tan, outfit is from ~FM~ Gypsy, hair is from Miss C > these suppliers are all currently in this round #76 of the Designer Circle. taxi in sidebar
Dress is floor length and mesh.  hands are Slink. Shoes worn in today which cannot be seen in these photos are from Lindy Modern and Retro  NB* hairstyle shown from Miss C, is not in the current round of Designer Circle.
more pictures on Flickr
Photo shoot location Da Vinci Gardens, Enjoy SL`s most diverse region: A mixture of romance, mysticism and adventure.  
Castles, dragons,  tropical islands, sealife, egypt, aliens, dance, friends, mermaids, cruising, charleston, swing, couples, love, cuddle, riding, fun, shop, renting

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Designer Circle's new round #76

Meet Leandra, this model from  .::WoW Skins::.  is a proper knock out.  She wearing the WoW Skins leandra bronze make up.  the shape comes on the short side for us, so she has been modified to be taller, that is the only modification made. She is a beauty,  Her outfit is from Baboom, as are her ballerina slippers.  Manicure is from ZOZ -spring 2014 gold polish for Slink nails.  Jewelry - Phoebe's Piercings and more, vintage, choker and earrings

Hairstyle is Escape from [e]   Hands are from Slink

Round 76 at Designer Circle has just begun.  Be a trend setter get down there now. taxi in sidebar

Cancer awareness in SL

The perfect day starts with a little surfing at the beach, relaxing with friends, exploring the wonderful gardens in the sky and top the perfect day with a dance or three under the stars with a spectacular view of the island from the  mountain top vista.   Gardens of Absentia,

Find out more about breast cancer, and all the other cancers thatl are currently known.    Light a candle in memory of someone you know.  This is a wonderful build.  Please make time to visit and support the cause.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Paris Metro Irish Wish

We know this dress was put out likely for March 17, however, we liked it for any occasion, the green is rich and flattering to any skin colour.  The style is classic, and will wear well for almost any shape.  Jewelry is by Shoenique, Eyes are from Redgrave, shoes by Lindy Modern and Retro
Body is from Tuty's, Sarah       > Skin/makeup > ::DS::  Dulce Secrets, Kairi Sangria,    Hair- Amacci - Emita- Sangria
Paris METRO Couture ~ La Samaritaine, Paris, France

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Designer circle round 75

One never  knows who we will bump into when we go shopping.  Here we are arriving at [kusshon] & Poetic Colors, to check out the latest in eyes. Our rmodel is wearing Mu Shi Doll outfit  in this round of the Designer Circle  75
DC is past the 1/2 way mark, if you have not made it down yet, get on down, don't miss out.
This pretty little cocktail dress, is teamed up with shoes Chloe,pumpkin - from Lindy Modern and Retro shoes, hair from Diva, skin and makeup inclluding shape - Tuty's - male in picture, was Ulf Gunnhildr, he was away at the time one should not stand unattended in public places. =^_^=
Taxis are in side bar.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Somnia - a lot going on

There is a lot going on with Somnia, lots of specials, participation in the Wash Cart Sale event. Lazy Sundays and more.  We will post the information  for you so you can check it all out.  As you know if you follow this blog, at the Wash Cart Sale, all items are 10L... 

you an find out more about what is happening with Somnia, by checking out their blog and other social media posts.
Blog -
Marketplace -

Flickr -

: Somnia :. Main Store @ Snatch City,

Somnia at the Spring Market

Somnia at The Wash Cart Sale

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Amarelo Mango @ Designer Circle 75

Nanny, (model from Anna Shapes) was so taken with the outfit being featured in round 75 of the Designer Circle that we decided to do it right away while she was still with us.  It is a great look check it out.
yes what you see is what the Designer is offering.. the sunglasses come with multiple placements, you will find them  handy to have in the coming months.
The shoes are also part of the outfit, and, wait for it.. so is the jewelry.. come on now, this is a good buy for your lindens.   Amarelo Mango at the Designer Circle.
With St. Patricks day coming up, you might want to enjoy an Irish bar.  We did our photoshoot at - The Blarney Stone Irish Bar, Dublin
See previous blog for model's specs.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Anna Shapes - Nanny @ Designer Circle #75

Are you ready for a new look?  Sure you are. We have a model figure for you this round she is Nanny, from Anna Shapes.  Nanny is wearing, the fresh looking  WoW Skins, Bronze Saida,CL.  The capri outfit -Tiffany- from PInk Cherry, comes with seductive top  and very low cut capri's with a snazzy belt.
These items will be found in this round of the Designer Circle >taxi in sidebar
Hair -A&A - Apollo -#8
shoes -boots - shoenique   Diamond Jubilee heels -black boot
Jewelry - Beloved Jewelry - heart set in Silver

more Designer Circle #75

Now in this round of Designer Circle you will find this darling little number that will have you dreaming of tropical skies and sandy beaches, B!ASTA has given you this Krishna Pirate outfit in a couple of options.  Come down and check it out.   Outfit used for this blog is Lime.  Our model is wearing WoW Skins, Saida Tan CL.   Her shape is Anna  Shapes > taxi to DC is in sidebar

Earrings are from Beloved Jewelry - they are earring cuffs
Shoes - Lindy Retro-Modern - style  Wynne, White
Hair - A&A   Brian, strawberry blonde
Photo location > Love's Island Paradise, WideWorld Istambul 
In the middle of a deep blue ocean bordered by beautiful golden sandy beaches, rows of coconut trees sway on the coastline, swinging gently to the rhythm of refreshing breezes!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

new round - #75 Designer Circle

One would think that we have pretty much seen it all, yet every  couple of weeks, the Designer Circle brings us new and darling fashion for peruse and enjoy at discounted prices.  Today we pulled the little black dress Valeria from Pure Poison  The designer is offering the dress to you in black or red, for under 100L.  Rigged mesh it comes in the 5 standard sizes.  this is the first day of the new round #75 at Designer Circle  come on down!  Anna shapes, WoW skins, your favourites are all there
LOL our model found a store bot and had some fun.  The bot must have once been a tree, tall or what?  We were heading for the BLACKHEARTS CAFE, THE ORIGINAL, EST 2007,  we found the building, but not the cafe/club?  Well we did find our way in, the place is open 24/7 

The Valeria has a retro feel to it, we paired it with retro hair and shoes.  Hair is from Lindy Shoes,Retro,Modern,  hair is from A&A >Ramona 

Try this LM, I took it from inside the club.  BLACKHEARTS CAFE, dance floor

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Feeb's Rascals - Sales Room

Feeb's Rascals St. Shopping District & Sales Room,

What do do.. we'll tell you, visit the new display of products being offered @ Feeb's.  Our main interest was to check out how much the Xiomara shoe is being sold for during the sale.  We have a pair and find them so comfortable and AND when you wear them with a gown they look like a shoe, but when you wear them with a mini or a dress that shows your legs.. Va VA va boom.Sexy.   Wow 175 L choice of silver, sand and pink. 

Don't miss out.. the pink (not shown) will be really handy to have come the spring months when you are wearing shorter dresses, even shorts. The shoe comes in many more colours, Check them out by tripping on down to the Felicity main store.. taxi in sidebar.  Link to Feeb's is above.  

Meanwhile since we are here we will check out the other specials.. it is always fun to have new items in our wardrobes.... cheers.....

Monday, March 3, 2014

Paris Metro is out of this world

This is the latest release from Paris Metro.  It is a stunner!  We took it to an out of this world location, because dear readers, Paris Metro  has come out with just the right colour combination and design to make this a knock out dress for this month's outings.
The gown, Annastazia comes in a green,yellow and purple, we are showing you the yellow gown, complete with mask and gloves..
Hairstyle is Ammaci - Sione streaked, black pack.  The incredible earrings are Beloved Jewelry -Romana, remember them for the last blog, see the potential they have,  The shoes -Felicity because you can't see them in the pictures, I've used the Designer's own advert.  When you are wearing them, you see them under the dress when there is movement.    However, to show them at their best.. a shorter outfit obviously works best.

Make up/skin- Style by Kira Alexxis Skin 02M v2
Avatar - Anna Shapes - Kendrah on sale now at Designer Circle 74

Shot on location Out of this World,an extraterrestrial adventure,alien lifeforms, Enchantment Island

Saturday, March 1, 2014

new from Beloved Jewelry

New release for the Room 69 venue, from March 1 - March 20
The Romania jewelry set has hud allowing you to change not only the textures of the metal, but of the gemstones.
Shown here is the etched bronze with rubies.   copper is shown below

Our young model Kendrah is from Anna Shapes and is now available at the Designer Circle round 74.. which has been underway now for awhile, so don't delay on getting over to pick Kendrah up before the change over.
outfit - Nattie, includes the boots as well as the pencil dress - is from Shoenique
Skin and Makeup is from the Lucine Gothic line, Tuty's (it is a freebie)
Hair- [e] again in black
*The House on Haunted Hill, a superb ghostly haunt*, Enchantment Island 
Yes we are still on the Enchantment Island !!!! you have to visit, make time, it will be worth your while and  you'll have fun.. lots of freebies, and interesting landscaping ideas.  1 prim plants, low prim furniture.. =^_^=