Saturday, January 31, 2015

Discover the TINY in you ! .

The New Mieville Tinyopolis - City of Tinies!,   Cabs Tiny Outiftters & Retro Travel

CABS Tiny Outfitters @ Raglan   main shop in Raglan Shire

There are ebil peeps everywhere, and the Tiny community has its share.  I speak of the one and only Sweecahcahche,ah, known to friends as Sweecah.
Ebil, ebil,ebil, she told us today that if you have never ever been a Tiny and this is to be your first Tiny avatar, to see her directly... She will get you hooked with a smile and a sweetness that only Sweecah can deliver.

You go through the boards, there are three, you will find it isn't easy to make a decision.  You think you've decided, only to then find another cutie you can't resist.

Star believe it or not, decided she had to be a hedgehog.  This after she told DJ Kirt (he is a Tiny Paddington Bear. from same designer) that although cute, she was not going Tiny.  We have proof here, she's off the wagon, she is Tiny.

Q's Kangaroo Fashion @ TINY OUTPOST  Star's dress came from this shop in the Tiny Outpost. Saw there were a couple of freebies there.  If you do go Tiny check out this shop.  

Next door to the Kangaroo Fashion shop are two other must visit shops.  One is for all you males out there that love your cars,trucks,planes, etc.  Small and Courageous   owned by Shakespeare Shamrock, and kitty corner to that is a store owned and operated by the one only awesome possum, Awenbunny Lisle.
Willow Creek - Tiny Outfitters - Tiny Outpost location

Tiny has been around for a long time.  The pioneer of the Tiny as we know it today was the brainchild of Wynx Whiplash, you will still find one of her shops at the Tiny Outpost.

While the Tiny Outpost has not been around SL for as long as Raglan Shire, thanks to the dedication and diligence of Sylkye Taffeta, owner,operator, and designer @ Tiny Outpost you will find a lot to discover when you explore the build, find the airport, try a plane, ride  the rails, there is a lot to do.

Winter, what better time to spend some fun time discovering  the Tiny  in you. Pass this blog along, dare your friends, to step outside the box, then attend a Tiny dance/party/event, you won't be sorry. =^_^=  

Sunday, January 11, 2015

More places to discover

rock & blues heaven club rock & blues heaven   best rock, southern rock,Classic rock, metal , blues ..the club is on an adult sim, no flying, harassment or child avatars. and... No Nudity in the area of the club.

DJ Nanook Madzuko we've posted about this Dj before, he not only draws a crowd, he keeps them up and dancing. He performs at Rock and blues on Thursdays  4pm - 6 pm  SL time

 Check out Nanook's profile for a list of his gigs, he plays almost every day, he does take Monday's off.  Better still, you know the drill, join his group for notices of where and when.

ROXY ART CLUB, a small club with a nice ambiance. They have DJs most of the week, except Wednesday's when they have a live concert. Depending on the day, the venues are different. Mixed music, Jazz, Rock, Electro

club owner sunrisedave is looking for artist for his  gallery and expereinced DJs and hosts.... look him up if you are interested.

Maybe a low prim low lag bike is what interest you. High detail, low script, high quality, low prim motorcycle.  check inworld or on marketplace  Squinci (66,205,652), creator is Giddeon Oh   taxi to ScatterBrain Customs
Looking for a softer, romantic place to journey to.  We have just the club for you, always wanting to encourage you to enjoy an evening out, whether with romantic music or easy listening jazz, there is usually something for everyone.
Djs and live performers.

!* Cafe Casablanca *

You will find the sax performer Trowzer Boa at Cafe Casablanca every other Tuesday.  5 pm SL time..... if you like sax, then Tuesdays is the day for you to visit Cafe Casablanca.  Chicagosax   4 PM       JC Farstrider       7 pm

For Joaquin Gustav fans, he is there on  every second Wednesday at 4 pm.
Check out the schedule of events -
Are you interested in Art Deco,what about an airport, and planes.  We have found, just the place for you to exploreTsurington Aerodrome - Art Deco Airport

RAF Tsurington Aerodrome. >>NO JETS <<
Home of No.112 Squadron Royal Air Force "The Shark Squadron".1930s Art Deco inspired Airfield designed for Civil light propellor aircraft and RAF Operation Base covering the Nautilus & Blake Seas Areas.
For more information, contact - Sweecahcahche Ah for details.
Star adopted an Irish Wolfhound.  Here she is at VKC Dog Park - Turing Isle - Training Agility Flyball, training with her dog.  Being on the grounds there it makes it easier to train and work with him.  If you have ever considered having a pet, this is the place to check out.  They have excellent after sales service.
Not to mention a quality product.

There is a dog clinic, a training area, a fly ball court, you will have a lot of places to explore with your new friend.
Whatever you do today make it a good one.  till next time.... 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Brand New Year 2015

Club Tango has become "the" place to be when you want to celebrate any event with style, last night it was "Leave your Hat on" night, featuring DJ Yume, the vibrant effervescent lovely featured Joe Cocker, the whole evening rocked from beginning to end.

Seen in the picture above is DJ Kirt who is almost ready open the doors to his new club on the water. Both he and Star were at Club Tango's for last night's shindig.  The winner for best female hat last night went to the fashionista, Covadonga Writer. When there is a theme, Cova excels at coming up with an outfit that delights.

Hanover Fiske was at the party too, he generously donated two great bikes for the party.  Hanover is a bear with character, he is a Private Eye, circus performer and picnic basket raconteur. =^_^=..  Hanover is on a quest, he is looking for a special bike that he spied years ago.. maybe you can help him out?
Meanwhile if you like riding .. he is the owner of Hanover's Bicycle and Fixit Shop. Hanover's taxi


 This is the rocking diva DJ Yume.  Be sure to join her group if you haven't already done so, so that you don't miss any of her events this year. Start your year off right and do it now before you forget.


This is the jewelry worn by Fashionista, Diva and any and all avatars in the know.  Taxi is in side bar.  

Felicity Shoes is another group you should belong to if you love shoes.  This is a group gift she had out in 2014, she is always putting out a group gift, check the shop out, it is not far from Beloved Jewelry.. see side bar for Taxi.

We told you about Jeffah last fall, this performer is all over the place in SL, you really do need to be in his group or follow his schedule from the web to keep up with him. (Jeffah24)
Jeffah and his partner Katia (Katiaportugal.genesis) are not only performers but they work at helping other performers wanting to get into the SL "show Biz" market. Ask them about their Open Mic Karaoke Party, it is every Sunday from 3pm - 5 pm  taxi to the J & K Theatre

What is new at Pacifique, a lot the creative hostess with the mostest, Eclair (eclair.martinek) has moved and rebuilt giving us more of her stage settings to enjoy.  This picture was taken on her wonderful platform where we can skate and enjoy winter activities and not worry about frost bite.
There are many different venues that take place at Pacifique, and the folks who gather and get together have been coming for a long time.  The atmosphere is one of community.    In joining the Pacifique group, you become part of the community and get to know the artists and DJ's who perform here.

The Brick - open 24 hours - The Brick  70s, 80s, dance, SOUL, R&B, funk,  live music, Ganjo Mokeev, ,  Mariposa Rayna, , couple dances, nightclub, see group info for detailed information
There is always something to do in SL, have you been to the GSPOT yet?  They have different venues, this is the line up on the to the Pier GSPOT

The performer that led us to these new venues is a long time performer in SL, I first saw him in RaglanShire, the very talented  Ganjo Mokeev.  Ganjo is a musician in all worlds, his sets consist of a variety of blues, funk and R&B.  He uses backing tracks when he plays, and these tracks are all done by him.  On stage he performs live with guitar.
You can read more about him at   we do not have any pictures of him at this time, but hey. this is a virtual world, you gotta know he'll be tall dark and handsome.  (ladies he is taken)

For bookings or information on Ganjo his long time friend Teal Freenote can be contacted
DJ Kirt and Star are not ready for us to publish a picture yet of their new club, but we know they bought an old warehouse and are fixing it up.  Rumor has it that DJ Possum played a set there the other day to test out the acoustics.  This is another DJ that has been around for some time.. have you checked her out? We will get more information for you, for next time.
Our sultry vixen DJ Sugaree is back at the NY NY club.  check her picks for where she is right now.  This lady is in demand, she knows how to tickle the sensuous muscles in your music box.
For bookings check with his manager, Lylah Lockjaw

Friday's at Pacifique ... catch her starting at 8 sl 

A singer not to be missed, if you hear or see that she is playing somewhere, get your buns on over ... you'll be glad you did.  for bookings, best to send her a note card.

DJ Kirt is back at Pacifique on Saturday evenings.. 5 pm -7 pm  SL, 

he plays on Friday at Jim's Place  you will have to check his profile for where .. time will be from 5 pm - 7 pm  SL

namaste  - oyashikiri