Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ready for more IWz

Let's start this off with an entertainer that is in a league of his own. We caught him when he was almost done his set.  It was interesting enough that we stayed to hear it all.  Then later we did get a chance to visit.

This is what Hunter has to say...
Hunter Montgomery: I have been a Live SL performer since 2006. When Iwz started I was brought here by a friend and started playing here. InWorldz Live performer. I play Synthesizers, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass and Drums. Covering everything from Bach to Pink Floyd and beyond.  Performing in SL on my original avatar since 2006. Now bringing my wares to InWorldz. I hope to see you dancing at one of my shows soon.. 

Love and Light


You will be entertained, you can dance, you can sit and relax to the vibrating sounds that will enfold you.. for sure you will enjoy.


This next entertainer, we've heard a few times now, and each time, we would like to be able to ask for more.. cuz he delivers in several languages, and there is nothing more romantic then a Brazilian love song.  We caught him at  Club Mirror   Don't be shy, ask him for songs in Spanish, & Portuguese, he will do mostly English unless encouraged to share his versatility.

Meet Mitch Triellis..

Please note, the entertainers that we introduce you to, have their schedules on or in their profiles.  So far the clubs we have attended have all been extremely friendly and welcoming. We hope you will do a lot of bar/club hopping. Eventually you will find one you will want to call home, that doesn't prevent you from roaming, from time to  time to explore.

Hawk's Designs Men & Women's Clothing  with over 800 items in the shop there has to be something there for you.  Hawk carries a wide variety of items for both men and women, from casual to role play and formal.

Ladies there are some really special outfits, you know how men hate to shop.. if you see something you like, you can IM Hawk Eyre, owner of the store and he will send it to your favourtie  guy with a notecard saying who it is from.

We are going to spend some time today featuring Shllelz Designs @ Stormborn

We have been doing virtual blogs for years now and covered a lot about individuality, shapes and skins. From new comers to Virtual Worlds to old timers, we all arrive at a stage where we are wanting something new.  A look that brings out the personality and character that we have developed.

This is just a portion of the wall that displays designer Lush Meme's wares. Her slogan says, Beautiful  skins for beautiful people.  She means it, she carefully crafts each of her skins and shapes. Each skin, has it own kind of bosom.  When you go, please try a demo, they are all shown on the wall, you can't miss them.

**note** to look like the picture, you must wear the shape that the designer used when doing the promo picture.  IF you have a favourite shape, try it with the demo, you will discover a different look, it will be YOUR look.

Lush also makes a line of lip colour, check them out, some of the skins when you buy have a coupe of makeup options in them.  AND if that is not enough, the designer also has private hair.. not  everyone wants to be bald.  So not only do you have nipples that look like a nipple, you have the option of pubic hair.

If you have not yet discovered this shop, then it is in your best interest to get on over to one of her shops and check things out.  Bonus for you is that this is a designer that is inworld and gets back to you if you  have questions or issues.

All hairstyles from  EMO-tions Hair


Till next time, shop,enjoy, and most of all, be happy.

PS, there is a 3 pm live performance today, Wed. 22. 2015  by Ceci Dover @

taxi to Hi Hat Club   Formal attire please

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More from IW

What is a Harley?  We automatically think of the Harley Davidson Motor bikes, well in this case, no... Harley is a DJ. DJ Harley Alcove.  He managed to get me going, when i didn't wanna.  Ho hum, another DJ... I know bad attitude, but were we in for a treat, the man makes the place rock.  He does a mix of country, oldies, and pop/rock.. the music seamlessly wraps around you till you can't sit still.

Where do you find this DJ Harley....  Tuesday nites he is the regular DJ at 
Club Mirror  his time slot is from 4 pm - 6 pm  iwZ time.   .  ps. ladies, he rides a Harley...

Club Mirror is a big club, with lots of room to dance. The crowds there are varied, sometimes Formal, other times casual, the whole idea is to come and join in.  Owner is Kitten Mirror another transplant from SL, (we are just everywhere)  Kitten will be more than happy to give you a group invite.  There is always something going on.
Are you in IW and looking for the 1920's.  Its here, the The 1920's HI HAT club is back!! and silly me missed the re-opening... but I am now in the group and will hopefully not miss the next evening of fun.  Tad reported a good showing, everyone had a great time.   xxxx put out some great dance moves for the evening... (Tadhg Muirin)(Ladyheart Muirin)

THE HI HAT CLUB is a 1920s formal wear  "Speakeasy" where you can dance to the BEST live performers and DJs on the grid, and listen to them sing and play Jazz, Big Band Swing and Blues etc - the kind of music that really gets right into your soul.
We also have a vintage clothing shop at the rear of the Club where you can buy lovely gowns and suits all at VERY reasonable prices, so you never get caught out not having something dressy to wear.

If you prefer a more laid back atmosphere, we also have "THE CELLAR" downstairs where you can relax in casual clothes, but still enjoy dancing to quality artistes who perform a more modern style of music.
We definitely aim to please, and want you to have THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE at our Club, so please come on over and see for yourself.


A Canadian from the east coast, this man is a busy DJ.  His schedule is full, if he is not @ Rocking the Blues, you'll find him doing a stint at The Loft Blues Club  we've had the pleasure of hearing him often, =^_^= he doesn't disappoint.

Recently a good friend decided to drop over to IWz to check it out.  The trick how to find a suitable AV while you travel around, check out the sights, and not spend a bundle.  After all, while IW is a lot like SL, it s not SL.  You are stranger in a brand new world.
Shllelz Designs (land of three Moons)  shapes and skins, a variety to look at, and prices are good.. so is the quality.

The July gift is a free shape,skin and eyes.  How can you go wrong. Nice detail on the boobs ladies.
The newcomer to IWz is singer Songbird Troubador, she can be shy, or she can be naughty, sometimes she manages both at the same time, her songs are sultry  and melodic. She recently told me she wants to try her hand at story telling.... hmmmm wonder, fact or fiction..=^_^=. chat her up, maybe she'll stay.

Club Lazer , The Picturesque Forest  For the more electric crowd, we were able to catch a set by DJ Charles Vane.  A proclaimed pirate, ship builder, with a love of music.  One thing we can tell you .. he doesn't stop dancing..The man is pure energy.

A Community in Inworldz Centered around a Beautiful Forest. Music and Fun for everyone  Home of some of the Best Entertainment. Beautifil Designed SIMS. 5 Water SIMS. Water Access, Huge Prims,Own Parcel. Parcels of All Sizes. Contact Mike Burleigh 
Finally for this blog I'd like you to meet two performers who were at  The Loft Blues Club,  performing with the well known and loved entertainer, Ganjo.

This is by way of introducing you to another community InworldZ - that of the Wee folk.There will be more of the Wee community, which includes Tinies, Elves, Fairies.Dragons, to name but a few. Tess and Tad are wearing Dinkie avatars.
The Dinkie avatar is the brain child of Etheria Parrott a long time creator in Second Life and now InWorldZ too.  Etheria has a store for Tiny Avatars as well, it is called Tiny Inc.  In this shop, she carries clothing for the Wynx Tiny and the CABs Tinies.  Please see her picks for all locations of her shops.
update... my island l'ile de chine is progressing, if you are interested in old China, Taoist philosophy, Japan's PL Church (Perfect Liberty), then please come and visit, Zen Gardens on l'ile de chine  The focus is healing energy, Nature, and a place to explore and just BE.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Amusement Parks and new Places to explore

Hobo Amusement Park - Inworldz

There is a lot going on here. Not only is it an amusement park but it is the place to purchase all of the equipment you see and would want for your own personal endeavours.  The owner Judy Muircastle is a creative lady that not only has ideas, she has artistic talents to make your dreams come true.

JM Club Equipment Store   Taxi direct to the store
Main shop at hobo amusement park ...sell amusement park rides ... vehicles lights equipment ... dance poles floors ball ...musical instruments , security orb. speakers. Dj Stands, tip jars.  fantastic dance poles with menu scripts with a cycle option.  Main Store



Join Hawks group and enjoy getting a new gift every time one is put out.  He has a wide array of wardrobe possibilities.  Men's fashion and Women's.


ROCKIN' the BLUES ~ In the heart of Wyldewood Bayou. Casual hangout for friends, fun and love of blues. You'll hear blues rock, electric, old school and contemporary -- "All Blues, All The Time."  Curl up in a comfy chair or dance til' you drop, you are always welcome here!
~Owner, Kira Wyldfire~


The Loft is a club where the djs spin a wide variety of the genre, but be assured that you'll hear blues, blues and nothing but the blues! 

This is DJ Dick Pinelli's home club.  This is where you will find him playing his   own brand of Blues.  If you haven't joined his group yet, you might want to do so, cuz when he is not playing at The Loft, you'll find him @ his Rocking Country venue, The Trails End Saloon.  How versatile is that. AND he's darn good at both.


We speak from experience, we bought the feet, and they rock. They come flat, medium height, and high... check them out, good after sales support as well.
We bought Oddidty. be sure to try the demos that are there for you to try before you purchase.

Keeba Tammas - from her press kit..

A talented singer with a wide range of songs to entertain you with.

NAME:  Keeba Tammas  (from press kit)

STYLE:  Jazz or rock, depending  on venue. I will always try to arrange a set that works for you.

BACKGROUND:  Professional singer and voice artist for over 30 years. Works include theatre, radio & television work, live bands, commercial and studio recording.

PERFORMANCES:  To maximize the impact of my shows, I limit myself to only two shows a day, Tuesday through Saturday. I do not book back to back shows and I only perform Sundays or Mondays on rare occasion.

VIP GROUP NAME:  Tammasity!

STREAM INFORMATION On Demand or I can use the house stream providing details are sent well in advance

We have been fortunate to catch a couple of her performances now,   this is a lady not to miss.   She shares the stage with her tiny back up band, and they ladies and gents, are a show all on their own.  Shows are fun, laid back, and worth 100% of your time.  You will not be disappointed.


Are you new to Inworldz.. then let us take some of the worry or stress you might have at visiting a new grid.  When you land they have a really effective and efficient support team of mentors.  They will walk you thought, how to get yourself organized and set up.. and they will introduce you to the group chat, and the places and contacts you need to make your stay enjoyable.

What one doesn't know will be referred to someone else who can help, they are amazing.  two right off the bat, Benski and Quio .. don't be shy, they are there to help and want to help.  Inworldz is very community oriented.
Pandora by Willow Rose,  

OK yes we did save this exotic wonderland till last.. You HAVE to visit this playground.  If you saw the movie Avatar and wanted to find yourself right there with and in the action.   THIS is where you want to visit.


till next time... enjoy