Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Festive December

With December just a few days away, here are a few items of interest to you. December is the month of parties, theme dances, and for those of us who love to shop, Designer Specials, all our favourites, and those we have yet to discover will have something for you you to delight in.
For you bargain hunters, see the sign.. 1 free gift in each store. !!
For the party goers... there is an affiliate Costume Creations located here.

Lost coins of gold with lindens are waiting to be found around the city!
In store specials....... btw, the free gifts will be during the grand opening.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Let's start with Tango's... this club is developing into a real "must" on your list of places to go and be seen.  The hostess with the most est  Peggysue.Short is constantly looking at ways to make your evening at Tango's the best ever

 DJ Tango, (above)  and DJ Sugaree you know will be there to put the jolly into the festivities.
You'll find DJ Allen Jeffries and DJ  Rob Carousel at Franks Elite Ballroom

Our one and only Susie Darling is all over the map, join her fan club and find her at all her haunts.  She is high energy and always wanting you to get up and hustle.. You can't resist her charm... and the band really rocks it.


Our lovely DJ Yume needs no introductions, she is the queen of showbiz!  You want it she'll give it to you..

Mon. - 12 Noon - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads (Blues)
Tues. - OFF
Wed. - 7PM - 9PM SLT: Tango's (Various)
Thurs. - OFF
Fri. - 7PM - 9PM SLT Sweet Magnolia's (Various)
Saturdays - OFF
Sundays - OFF


This entertainer is on stage to entertain you, his range of songs will astound you and keep you coming back for more.

what gal does not want more jewelry, this is the place to shop, always always she has specials, at this time of year, a visit to Beloved is a must.

Potlatch -A singer and songwriter who is enjoying what SL has to offer, and in return we get to enjoy him. WOW, what a showman.
click for his Performance calender, join his group, don't miss out
 Pacifique is moving...talked to Eclair today, and she is making changes to better serve her community.    You will find Pacifique @Vicious dAlliez she hopes to be open on the new platform  2nd week of December.  There is always a party or celebration going on at Pacifique!  5th anniversary soon!!!


DJ Sky is still putting out the Blues, you can find him at his regular hang outs, check his schedule for where and when. urls to his gigs in sidebar.
If you are looking for the marketplace link for the best costumes in SL, check no further, here it is for you.
Costume Creations
You want to be sure to make merry, then you best check out  the sax man himself, Trow Boa  Trowzer Boa's schedule page

join DJ Kirt Solo's group
for updates

Monday, November 3, 2014

November - news

 A semi-retired DJ. Regular gigs; Sunday 7-8 Frank's Elite, Thursday 6-8 Frank's Place.  Become 'Funalicious' join the DJ Allan Fun Club
This gentleman is a bit of a mystery, very professional delivery, very smooth and practiced at the microphone, and if you are paying attention, he slips in songs that  he himself has sung and recorded.  To know more about this delightful performer, join his club and attend his shows.  You won't be disappointed.
  Frank's Place Jazz Club - Second Life Premier Formal Venue
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stumbled by sheer accident to this performer's show last week.  We were expecting another entertainer, and when we found she was not on were going to leave... however, this singer, Jeffah  stopped us in our tracks.  What a range of songs he sings and might we add, very competently.  He not only sings but he knows how to capture your attention with his easy back and forth with the audience.

The young man is a professional singer in and out of sl, he is with a band when not in SL. From the sample demos of his work (that you will find on his profile) You can't help but be impressed.
In joining his group you will be notified of where his next show will be.

Jeffah's song list runs from Broadway music, Movies, Pop & Adult Contemporary, to Jazz and Swing. We stayed for all of his set, and had we the time we would have followed him to his next gig.
Go to search and type in jeffah24, find out where he is playing and get down there, see for yourself. what a gem he is.

You all remember Susie and her Little Darlings... She was off for a bit, but is now back and ready to rock.... there will be a special celebration for her group members, November 13th 7 pm slt. at Purelife Lodge, theme will be Autumn Harvest... contests, prizes, free swag and lots of rock and roll.  Joining her group means you will always know where to find her. =^_^=

check out her clothing line while you are looking around....  find store locations on her profile.


DJ Yume gave us her schedule for November as it stands now.  This is a  copy of her agenda. for two of her locations.
* EVERY MONDAY: Crossroads Noon - 2PM SLT [Electric Blues]

see side panel for LM (taxi)

*EVERY WEDNESDAY: Tango's, 7PM - 9PM SLT [Mixed Genres]

November Events:

Wednesday, November 5th – Wild, Wild West Party 
Wednesday, November 12th – DJ Soft (filling in for Yume) 80s & 90s Party
Wednesday, November 19th – Mob Music 
Wednesday, November 26th – OFF (Prepping for Thanksgiving Dinner)
Potlatch Foggarty - Singer, songwriter, Feel free to visit his youtube channel and sample some of his music & videos @ url below:
Performance calander url below:

Va Va Boom.... what a show! he played Sundown Beach, Riverside County we were treated to the Big Bands..  Potlatch has been performing in SL for over 5 years, we can tell you how wonderful he is, however, he is a performer that you have to see and hear for yourself. His schedule url is listed above.. check it out.  He is at Sundown very Sunday. 6 -7 pm SL
Her schedule for Tango's is above, remember she is at Sweet Magnolia's on Fridays.  -  see side bar for taxi.
Our own Diva DJ, DJ Sugaree, is melting hearts at different venues, please join her group so you don't miss out on her steamy performances.

Mondays, Saturday @ Tango's
Thursday  @ Em's Golden Harp Irish Bar
Fridays - Serenity Park
DJ Kirt is back in town, we have yet to track him down for his schedule.. word is that he  is building??? What surprise does he have in store for us??  Again this is why performers have groups.. join to keep in the loop.
 Pot caught  in the moment
 DJ Silent -have you checked her out lately

The # 1 soul man of blues. has been busy in RL but he does get in to give us the pick me up we need  from time to time... check his group info. or get in touch with Butterflyrose

 She looks so angelic in this picture we thought to add it, so you can see she has many sides.. =^_^=

Christopher Quan is a long time entertainer in SL, when he is performing, make time to catch his show. ... really 

 Colt can be found at various clubs around, you will always enjoy his sets, have him on your list of people to check out.
Mr. Sax himself, Trowser Boa, I'd run out of words if I was to try and tell you about this entertainer.  =^_^= suffice to say, he is a favourite.