Monday, August 24, 2015

Great Canadian Grid

Now what...........
This is what .............

A Tim Horton's - fellow Canadians will know what Tim Horton's is.. and some New Yorkers.

A new land that is vast, open, and very friendly.  The Great Canadian Grid... owned and operated by a Canadian, Roddie Macchi. To read more about the GCG, what it is all about, and  who the founder is, please visit,   If you are not already in the community "hey" you are more than welcome to join in on the fun.

When you arrive, there is detailed information on how to go about getting started, there is so much offered that is free, and shared by other builders and designers in the community, initially you will be able to start out with a nice starter house, on your own small plot of land.  Sit down, hold on to your hats, you can find a small place with 1000 available prims. !!! Hey! No kidding.

If you are already a virtual traveller, then you can own your own sim/island for $10 Canadian, (I think its $9. US) a month.  Bring your business, club, market to GCG.  Some malls offer free rent.

There are two groups to join when you come in... and they are right there when you land.  Clear instructions are provided on how to join the groups., One is the
Great Canadian Grid, where you will become known to others in the community, and where if you need anything, you simply holler for help and someone will come to your rescue.
The other group is the Great Canadian Flyer, this is where if you are a merchant you can post specials, grand openyu can find that is free to run around in... this is a mature environment, if you want to run around half dressed, that is up to you. The good news is we have some great talent coming in every day.. and by using the GCG Flyer and chatting in the GCG group  you will soon be the belle of your world.  whatever your "style" you'll find it here.

Men the same applies to you.  You want or need it, GCG has got it.  If you have questions of a personal nature, the male half of this duo will be happy to share his new found knowledge. (Jettis Sphere) (China Dream)
Jettis has picked up a small house that he will make into a home, and China is working on the island.

Both China and Jettis are checking out the scene and will report on their findings, China has been hanging out at Jen Smith's, Po Monkey Lounge.
Po Monkey, Dreamland   If you have trouble getting there, holler 

The music here, is out of this world, Whatever you groove to, it will be on the grid.. AND... for you aspiring to open your own club, or host your own venue, this is the place to get started.

Lonetree Store & Public Sim, River Run    store & open sim.  l high-quality shapes & skins; other items are in the works.  I also have some freebie clothes & AO's available.  Skins, freebies, free, peaceful, quiet, relax, nature, animals, beach, explore, romance, hang-out.  (owner River Lonetree)


*ROUND UP COUNTRY*, Clearwater Creek  Country music club open Sunday's @ noon.   Owners, Alaria Ferraris and Jimbo Qinan.  They have 4 venues on the grid, so check with them for what all is happening.

Whatever you think you'd like, you'll find it in Canada's GCG (Great Canadian Grid) This Coffee Bar is in the stylish D'elegant Ballroom.  You'll be able to dance in your favourite ball gown, with your handsome dream to the most romantic sounds...  After all we can't spend all our time building. (owner Lil Adder)

  Lil's Place, D elegant

 Here they are on the Great Canadian Grid.... and below, Inworldz  note China is a hair nut.. so ...ladies we know you understand  ... hairstyles will vary.  She is looking for flexi hair on the GCG?

Jettis and China will be in and out on both grids.  China is building a place for active and passive meditations, perfect ambiance for quiet and serene moments.. (both grids)   and the irresistible Jettis..  is likely trying to stay out of trouble.. winks.  

Seriously please contact them if you have something that you think our readers will be interested in.

Till next time... happy exploring...

**China's top is from Hawk Designs,   INworldZ


** The club they are in, is  Kira's  Rocking the Blues    INworldZ


Sunday, August 2, 2015

August - SL (Second Life) and now InWorldZ

Only recently have we found out that many members of SL are also busy bees over in InworldZ. such as the one and only DJ and club owner, Dick Pinelli.

Dick and his partner Rusty  (Rusty owns Rustys Rags, a very 'IN' place to shop for the woman with discerning tastes ) own two very popular clubs inWorldZ, one plays the blues, and the other a very today rocking County 

Warning.. in InWorldZ Dick has a new look.. =^_^=   aren't you all curious?

In SECOND LIFE   we have been trying to keep up with the many summer activities at Tango's a total hang out place run by DJ Tango and his partner PeggySue 

New DJ's new themes, there is always something happening at Tango's.  Tango or Peggy are always willing to share good times.. the welcome door is always open.  Grab the limo... hop over and have a look.  Check out the club schedule on the wall where you land.


SECOND LIFE       DJ. Yume  
Her schedule follows, but you all know by now, to keep up to date with any new events, you need to join her group.  see her profile for stream and group info.
Yumi Yoshikawa

2015 Yume's August Spin Schedule

August 03, 2015 Monday 12PM - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues

August 05, 2015 Wednesday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Toga Party (50s/60s)

August 07, 2015 Friday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Latin Sizzle

August 10, 2015 Monday 12PM - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues

August 12, 2015 Wednesday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Summer Magic Jazz

August 14, 2015 Friday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Latin Sizzle

August 17, 2015 Monday 12PM - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues

August 19, 2015 Wednesday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Off for Son's Birthday

August 21, 2015 Friday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Latin Sizzle

August 24, 2015 Monday 12PM - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues

August 26, 2015 Wednesday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - RAIN DANCE

August 28, 2015 Friday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Latin Sizzle

August 31, 2015 Monday 12PM - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues

􀀇SECOND LIFE     -  irresistible Dj   Sugaree

􀀈Dj Sugaree  is not your average DJ, so don't go looking for her, if you want the same old "stuff".. She is constantly changing her music and presentations for her "fans" and she has a lot of those.  What doesn't change is her warmth and personality, her appreciation and loyalty to her fans. Her profile picks and taxis, are kept current on her profile, but joining her group is the best you can do for YOU.  You'll find her in the clubs that care about their customers, and want only to deliver the best.   

On Thursday 6 - 8PM  this is where you will find her... Emi's Golden Harp


SECOND LIFE   -  Sunday  Windows Of The World - Romantic music, dancing, live singers, Moonwind   live entertainment at its best....
Windows on the World was a venue on the top floor of the World Trade Center. When destroyed in the attacks of 9/11, the staff was serving breakfast. All 72 staff members  perished. This venue pays tribute to these individuals and all the others who died.

Jeff has performed all over the world since he was 12 years old. You will hear unbelievable recreations of show-stoppers from Broadway, movies, jazz clubs and dance halls, often infused with striking vocal impressions. Songs by Elton John, Billy Joel, David Bowie, Michael Bublé, Harry Connick Jr., Les Miz, Miss Saigon, Disney... People of all ages have been left speechless!   Sunday's @ 11 a.m. @ Windows of the World
"JEFFAH" or "Jeffah"
(RL Name: Jeff Blake)
Second Life Username = Jeffah24 􀀇
SoundCloud Demos =
YouTube Demo (Disney) =
YouTube Demo (Elton John) =


Sundays @ 10 a.m @ Windows of the World,   

This is a crooner you will enjoy, he is wonderful performer.
InWorldZ          InWorldZ                   InWorldZ                           InWorldZ

Rockin' the Blues, Wyldwood Bayou

Two DJ's the rock the place at Rocking the Blues,  DJ Kira, not only owns the place she DJ's and she is a no holds barred lady, the music can get down and dirty..  =^_^=
DJ Larai, you may know from her SL gigs, this woman is mellow, thus her title, Mistress of Mellow...  has a style all her own, but your hips, we guarantee will swivel and move to the groove.

At first I thought this was a clothing shop, and it IS... but it also has a department or section that is for role play clothing.  Look what we found there this week while searching out clothes for a project we were working on.

Like how super cool is this!  Great pricing too.

Oh no.. what is Jettis up to.. can you see the look on his face, China isn't sure either ... oh oh, he's gone into cave man mode.. where is he taking her..


LAZY DAYZ Furniture, Lakeside   That hammock they are on, is from Lazy Dayz furniture, and that fun pose is in that hammock along with another funny one we won't tell you about.  You'll have to go see for yourself.  Designer Suzi Rosca, likes to have fun.... =^_^=    If you are looking for something and can't find it.. ask.
Personal changes, we have been inviting friends over from SL to look around, why not, many of us have settled down here... and communte to and from "work" etc.
Can't bring your SL AV over, and you need new makeup etc. what to do?  We have a solution or two, one is you hook up with Designer Lush Meme who can help you find your look with her many skins and shapes.  She does have some clothes too.


Stay Tuned