Sunday, September 13, 2015

Great Canadian Grid Sept.13

Welcome to another morning on the GCG.  

There is simply too much going on, this post is only about GCG, yes we are totally smitten. We visited the new welcome area, and WOW, talk about something to be proud of. The team did a wonderful creative welcome area, it is so bright and welcoming.  The area is so typical of a Canadian fall,  after having arrived in other grids, this one is A W E S O M E    Taxi to GCG

There is a landmark bill board at the end of the pathway.  New visitors to the grid can easily find locations of interest, they need only click on the topic/places of interest and they will have a note card filled with possibilities.  If you are a merchant or have a commercial enterprise here on the grid, you might want to get down and put your taxi in the lineup.

When you see this sign, click it.. join her Hot Rods Diner Group... keep in the know on what is happening, Hot Rods 50s Diner and Mall,


Are you into planes, and exploring places that "once were".. check in with Maximus Lear.... he posted not too long ago that he had freebies on one of his builds.. we went.. and ended up touring the grounds... for a writer's mind, this was a gold mine for ideas on story lines and plot.

UrbianZ -   Collaboration effort  group  to build and create a large land mass  to a post environment  disaster and diseased planet theme. This group is  used as well for a  in-world hub info center and shops for the creators and further development news.  contact max for landing details


China found this car, you all know how she loves her vintage cars.. she found the picture for us.. but doesn't remember where she saw it.. anyone know?


Fab shoes, great fit,1 price, a lot of options,and if you join Snik's Merci group, you can get yourself free sandals, in fun colours.

Enchanted Isle (Kamira Sirnah)  A romantic peaceful park for exploration and relaxation.    
beach, dance, explore, meditate, secluded, romance, cave, garden, tranquil, romantic, park, cuddles, adult menu, garden, nature

Kami is a romantic, she has created secluded romantic areas for you to find and enjoy.  She has programmed special music for you, you can enjoy a dance in the coliseum or a private moment in the cave.

She is working on a Moroccan sim, when that is finished we will tell you all about it..  meanwhile, here is your taxi to Kamis Haven 4, Enchanted Isle
From: SeanPatrick Carroll

Visit Puerto Los Mochis a small Mexican ocean town. Bring your blankets and picnic stuff...all I ask is that you clean up when done. While you are there get your free cowboy hat and free particle generator machine near the crate at the landing zone. Visit the cantina and get yourself a refreshing glass of Guinness or Mexican Pulque. Just touch the barrels on the tables. Pick up your beach towels by touching the out door bar by the beach. Enjoy!

Puerto Los Mochis, Sonora, Mexico

New Shop **  SSskinZ   & we mean brand new.. come check it out.

SSskinZ @ D D S mini mall

both male and female skins, shapes, good variety, older mature  Avs, one even has a hairy chest, begging for some exploring =^_^=
Jettis is "gently" talking to China about her spending... awww China, he'll get over it..

China and Jettis are both on the prowl for ideas for the fun in October.  If you have themes worked out.. and in place.. Let them know.

China put a freebie in the welcome area.  You'll find it and another of her China Designs, at L'ile de chine

Till next time....
visit, shop,explore
or better still, make your home on the GCG

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

finding your way in a new world

We are starting again on GCG, this is so totally different from other grids that we want to make sure you understand that coming to Canada is not the same as when you land on other virtual soil.
Come to the Great Canadian Grid   Taxi to Welcome area

Where else can you go and be made to feel so welcome on arrival.  There is a welcome area, that allows you to pick out what avatar you would like to look like while you settle in.  A folder is provided on where to go for FREE items, new shape, new hair, new skin, AND if you like it what you see, till you really know what you want to do here at GCG you can have a small parcel of land FREE to put down a small house, trailer or stand under a tree.. whatever you want.

The Canadian spirit is alive and well on the GCG.  Join the group when you arrive, if you need anything and can't find it..  you go into the group and in chat, ask... how  simple is that.  There are two groups actually, one is the general grid group, and the other is called GCG Flyer... join it too, cuz that is the group that sends out notices you will want to know about.  

Along the wall you will see the faces and names of GCG officials who are available to assist you if you need help.  Roddie Macchi the owner who is very approachable when he is not on the run.  Bastien Falconvale mentor, Daniella MacTire staff,  Anna Wright  staff, Hairy Thor Forums Admin.  As mentioned in previous paragraph, the group always has people on who are very willing to help if they can and do.. If they don't know they try to help you find out.. 

We welcome everyone, when you are here, you are a Canadian =^_^=
Ok you land and find you are one orange ball of flames, hot stuff.. don't panic on the wall over the stone railing, you will find the instructions on what to do..
and if you still have a problem .. remember.. go into chat.. someone will help you.
If you are not new to OpenSim, visit the welcome area... it is just down the road,  or click on the board, along that same wall, et voila, you are at the Welcome area.. we do our best to make your life a happy one =^_^=

** see the Tim Horton's off to the right of the building, just walk around behind there for your cup of java. "C'est le Best gout, ever! Eh bien, c'est comme ons dit.. da best, eh!

Moonlight Shops, this is a shop we found today, one of their departments features full perm mesh objects, if you are a budding entrepreneur wanting to start your own shop or business.. this is a good place to start if you want to try your hand at mesh.  Owned and operated by Shelby Moonlight.. She has a special on now with a lot of items FREE.  Taxi to Moonlight Shops

There are places to visit,like Dragon Ronin's Pandora Floating Mountains, Dragon is always work and making changes you will want to visit many times.

 Enchanted , on Nameless Isle  (mesh hair)(shapes,skins)  Owner Key Rayne is still moving in, but she has put up enough for you to have a nice wander and maybe find yourself a hairstyle that will hook you.  Some you out there know how you want to look and are willing to walk the mile for tat "special" hair do. The shop even has two prize chairs for those who like to stand while sorting overloaded inventories waiting for the lucky letter.

Before we leave the Great Canadian Grid for today, we'd like to tell you about a contest that is going on at *** Power Angels ***Shop, Fun, Dance, Money, Houses,  when you land.. go straight and then go right towards the big picture boards.  You'll see the big sign, Photo contest.  Many of you are avid
photographers, Bob and Kylie Garzo  have got this contest going, take a silly wacky, picture, the rules are in a note card there, and put it on the board, every 7th of the month, they will pick a winner based on the number of votes.. it is fun, and a great way to get your friends in here to play and vote... While there look around in the shops, check out all there is to be had.

>>>>> Travelling over to INWORLDZ
Jettis and China make their home in both GCG and InworldZ, these two jet setters are making friends and enjoying themselves, it is hard to pin them down on where they spend the most time.  Friends InworldZ own clubs that are always providing a whole lot of entertainment, we've covered three of them here in previous posts.

  Trail End Saloon   owned by Dick Pinelli and Rusty Larimore where you get to dance to the meanest country rocking sounds, ever.

  ! The Loft Blues Club,  also owned by  Dick and Rusty. this club is where you will get all the down and dirty blues you can handle.  As well as guest entertainers that you are familiar with from other grids, like SL (second life)

Rockin' the Blues, Wyldwood Bayou NE - this popular hangout is owned and operated by the lovely Kira Wyldfire.  Not only does she have some of the best DJs around, she performs herself.. with her own brand of blues..  psst a little secret, she is a great builder... you didn't hear that here.
Before we leave this neck of the woods.. let us take you to 1-Rusty's Rags - Main Store @ Elektra - 

here is a shop owned by a lady with a lot of talent and determination.  If you are cruising for new outfits, check out her style of clothing. If you don't see something, ask her.. She is no stranger to virtual retail, she has shops in Second Life too.

How about something tropical... I hear ink Germany it is already getting much cooler.  Temperatures here are always balmy, there is lots to do, including shopping and a ballroom to show of your  new ball gowns.
East Coast 80's NightClub & Photo Studio owner Sonny Darkrose  ** he is a Canadian.

cough... we do believe that we heard China muttering about the where abouts of Jettis.. the item featured for today, will be in the next blog.. cough cough  meanwhile, we are presenting you with Larry Black Pinstripe from Hawks Designs, owner Hawk Eyre, has a naughty shirt if anyone can coax him to show it.
We believe this is Hawk himself modeling this outfit.  LOL   run Jettis, hide.


Have you been to La Vie before...its time.. we are offering you the  >limo to La Vie owned by Jeanny Loorden   bring your main squeeze and check out the standing cuddle poses, 10 in all.  There is a demo box there for you to try them out before you purchase.
High Realistic Human Skin Female,Male,Teen,Model Shape, Man Shape,Women Hair,Man Hair,Elegant, Formal,Wedding Gown,Clothes,Shoes,Make up,Lipsticks, Roleplay,Fantasy,Skins,Shape,Hair, Mesh,Eyes, Fashion,free Gift,Jewelry,Breast,Nipples,Beard,Clothes,oh
a quick visit to SECOND LIFE                                                                    

We hadn't heard from Zen in awhile, finally tracked her down at a club Trow was playing at..  The Bedlam Club, Saint LaCrouix
Always a supporter of live music, and a huge fan of the one and only Trow (Trow zer.boa)  she was catching his set.. This is a musician who has been playing in SL a long time.. since 2008 maybe... look him up.  His schedule is on his profile. or contact his long time friend and manager, Lylah Lockjaw.

Zen's hair - is EMO-tion  Legends, swedish blonde
skin - Tuty's Jing, creamy makeup
outfit - Sintimacy  c/w boots and bracelets


The beautiful and alluring DJ Sugaree, is always  on stage, and ready to entertain you with her mixed genre of music.  She has acquired a huge fan following,  those who are her fans, will follow her anywhere.  And why, because she always delivers.  If you have not yet joined her group, do so, that is the best way to follow her as she spins her web across SL.  You will find her show times in her picks - do a search under Groups.. DJ Sugaree  

ohh looks like China caught up with Jettis.. he's being nice.. wonder what she has up her sleeve..    somehow Jettis.. you might want to do her feet too... Knowing Jettis, he'll have her warmed up in no time.. =^_^=
Till next time... please, find China or Jettis if you have news you want posted, send us a notecard.. if you are in SL, our contact there is Zen (13two7)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Virtual chit chat

Checking in with Jettis and China it seems they are discovering that living on a grid that allows for inter grid travel is not only interesting but has its own challenges.  For the shoppers out there, we will cover inter grid shopping more when they are better able to explain it to us.

The Great Canadian Grid, Welcome Landing - The Great Canadian Grid, Welcome   click to get to welcome area.  We found this on Roddie's profile and want to share it with you.

We are NOT IW or SL...We are GCG...which means
Do Not have Izzies or SL price tags here, they are MC$ (Maple Currency)
Do Not rely on the fact that what works there will work here...we are a different script and physics here.
Do Not bring your drama here...we are good people.
Do Not be lazy here...we all work hard to keep it simple for you, but we are not your babysitters.
Do Not compare us with other grids...We are a
CANADIAN GRID through and through...with good people who just want to live in harmony...:)
This was a week-end of partying...  The gang in GCG know how to throw a party, it started at the start of the week-end and just kept going. Roddie was there much of the time, along with his crew.. it was a fun time. The talent in GCG donated their time. it was one rocking time...

Speaking of.. discovered a DJ called Moto Sapa, he is in SL and other grids, under the same name, if you can find him.. check him out..

DJ Moto has been DJing for over 20 years, and in the virtual worlds for over 7 years,  he plays all kinds of genres, including Reggaie, Rock Country, Southern Rock, Cribbean etc.  we mean it.. he mixes his tunes and he does it well.   You will love it.   Look him up.
Sunday he was at Po Monkey, Dreamland  Jen Smith the owner seems to have compiled a really eclectic group of entertainers for her venue.

taxi to Po Monkey, Dreamland   please let us know if you have a problem with this link.

The heart throb is back.   Dj SKY, can be found on Monday's at one of the meanest Blues club in SECOND LIFE. WHARF RAT BLUES- Where the Blues live 24 hours 7 Days a week,



Yume's September 2015 Spin Schedule  (see side bar for limo)

Sept. 2 Wednesday - Tango's Ragtime Revel

Sept. 4 Friday - Tango's Latin Sizzle

Sept. 7  Monday - Crossroads􀀌

Sept. 9 Wednesday - Tango's Casablanca Night

Sept. 11 Friday - Tango's Latin Sizzle

Sept. 14  Monday - Crossroads

Sept. 16  Wednesday - OFF **

Sept. 18 Friday - Tango's Latin Sizzle

Sept. 19 Saturday - Renew Stream Rental

Sept. 21 Monday - Crossroads

Sept. 23 Wednesday - Tango's Hearty Party

Sept. 25 Friday - Tango's Latin Sizzle

Sept. 27 Sunday - Essence Formal Ball

Sept. 28 Monday - Crossroads

Sept. 30 Wednesday - Tango's Wild, Wild West Night 


 taxi - Rockin' the Blues, Wyldwood Bayou

4 sims landscaped as Lousiana Bayou country. The grounds are open to the public, there are some fun little nooks and crannies to explore, but the owner does ask folks to beware of the man eating alligator and the bootleggers in the backwoods.

Like so many of us, Kira Wyldfire came to InWorldz from Second Life and found it immediately to her liking. Within her first week she'd purchased a region and started digging holes. She laughs remembering that she didn't have a plan but she was listening to a blues radio station while she worked and before she knew it the sim had taken on the feel of a Louisiana bayou land.  The next thing she knew she was building a riverboat, which she christened The Bayou Belle.  The lower deck houses a gentleman's lounge and game table. A sign on the party deck warns visitors to watch out for loose women and pickpockets. 

The Bayou Belle is docked in front of the club, Rockin' the Blues and serves as a secondary venue for special events, and Sunday morning blues sets during the summer.  

Rockin' the Blues opened on Sept. 4, 2014. The one year anniversary will be celebrated with the regular Thursday events on Sept. 3.  Kira says that her goal when she started this venture was to hire the best blues djs on the grid, play the best blues no matter what, and have fun! "My mantra through slow times, and hard times, and good times is simply "we just keep playin the blues."

By those standards, it's safe to say the club has had a successful first year and is looking ahead to many more!

Kira attributes her club's success to her DJs and an awesome InWorldz Blues community, which she calls her "Blues  Tribe".

China's skin comes from this designer.  We have nothing but good reviews come back to us from avatars who have taken the opportunity to try the variety of skins, makeups and accessories provided by designer Lush Meme.  Recently she has opened new shop. please check with her for locations, or on her profile.

We are giving you this reminder, that for every day outfitting, Hawks Design is a good starting point.  BUT.. he also does costumes and period clothes.  Don't miss seeing what he will be putting out... especially, October is just around the corner...

taxi to ! The Loft Blues Club,

We can't say enough about Dick Pinelli and his partner Rusty Larimore, what a dynamic and friendly couple.  visit one of their clubs and you will instantly feel at home.  They are active, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.  Please join their group or check their profiles for times..
err. we do get asked about sex toys... and we have found someone who is  willing and able to help you out, or direct you to where you might find what you are looking for.

AND after you have visited her play shop.. you might want to take a spin on one of her boats... the lady is multi talented !  =^_^=
For taxi, or landings, please check her  profile Lizzy Borden... the one shop is on an Adult sim....  

WE are big Avatar fans..   Meet Willow Rose =Please visit  her recently built  Pandora by Willow Rose..  It is based on the Movie Avatar.  She is an interior & Landscape
 Designer.  IM her if you would be interested in her  assistance, She has many completed projects and offers  Design as a service.  Please check out her Picks;))

To those wondering if Jettis is behaving........ China tells me "not always" at the beach the other day..  in front of everyone... he pulled what only Jettis can get away with... His macho. style exit...

oh oh, we seeing some attitude here.... let's duck out here....   till next time... remember if you see them around, and want us to report on your event, let them know.