Wednesday, July 30, 2014

LaLa Moon - and....

LALA Moon Hair Store,
Vain fashionistas that we are, we are totally enamored with this shop.  Add to that fact that they design way cool hairdos, they have 3 gotcha machines where for a 100L a pop you get to try your luck for one of 12 different styles.
No, the hair shown here is not from the Gotcha machines,  This style is called Destiny.
The outfit worn is from the store, Piece of Mind, it is their  Secret Wednesday offering for this week.   B L A C K H A U S ~ W H I T E M A R K E T ~ Piece of Mind, Scott  the outfit comes with its own set of tall black lace up boots.

It is thunder and lightening here, with a lot of wet pouring rain, hey don't know about you, but this is shopping weather.
Our favourite little bundle of Asian fireworks DJ Yume Yoshikawa has got some themed parties planned for you.  Grab our daytimer or bookmark this blog, cuz we are going to give you some of her upcoming events.

These are planned for Tango's club 7 pm  -9 pm slt. in August 

Wednesday, August 6th – Wednesday Night Fever (DISCO)
Wednesday, August 13th – Trailer Trash Night (Rock, R&B)
Wednesday, August 20th – Slow Grooves & Midnight Moves (Love Music, R&B, Jazz)

Wednesday, August 27th – Last Days of Summer Beach Party (60s, 70s Rock)

Every Friday - 7 - 9 pm it is Latin Sizzle at Sweet Magnolia's Outdoor venue.  Both of these clubs are on our roster,  taxi/limo in side bar
Hostess with the mostest - Sweet Baby Blue
Let us introduce you to a very talented young man who has designed and brought to SL a beautiful sim that represents Sydney Australia.  There is also a wonderful underwater wonderland for you to explore.  If you are a surfer, you will want to try out the waves.

Some of the wonderful prizes offered by Paris Metro Couture are dreamed up and created by Alex. We had asked for a list of the entertainment this week-end, but at the time of this writing, we have not received it.

This week-end Saturday and Sunday, at this location, Sydney City, Australia , Blue Wing  you will be entertained, with 4 different shows each day. Showtime begins at 1pm slt.  there will be a new entertainer each hour last one being at 4 pm.  Alex will be singing we've heard him sing, now its up to you to enjoy time with  Alex too.
This is Wednesday, and yes Yume is at Tango's tonight...

Sugaree is at the Firehouse 59 tonight at

Tomorrow Thursday at 9 a.m. you'll find DJ Rg Papp at The Crossroads

if you like these DJs join their groups so you don't miss out on their play dates!
Till next time... goedenavond... tot ziens

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mid Summer tid bits

Fashionista news

Here is a place we had not visited for awhile, we have been by, but it wasn't open, today it was.  

 - The Deck, VR Foundry,Idiosyncrasy,W.Winx,Essentia,Flair,SySy's,  there are a lot of your favourites that participate here, this is a sampling from the list we got on their info window.       BOOM    Body Language     Bushu      Cynful
DCNY             EMO-Tions              Essentia          Frou Frou         Fishy Strawberry                               Girl Thursday       House of London       Indyra Originals         Koy                     Lacuna         L'APH        LeLutka             Leri Miles               Maitreya             Miel             Mina Hair                          My Attic   Nantra          PLOOM                Slink           Somnia            sYs                         Tutti Frutti                                 ZimberLab

Obviously there are a lot of interesting items here, and all will be at a discounted price for you and your budget.  

EMO-Tions always one of our favourite hair designers, has a style that was perfect for our model today, what we especially like is that the demo includes a hud so that you can try all the different shades before you buy.    We settled on the Naturals  8 choices in the hud 95L  come on, we are talking a style from EMO-Tions !!!

Ok in the age of selfies, there are two sets of poses for readers who like to be at the beach.  one is called Sun Lovin, the other is the Age of Aquarius, available from {NANTRA} 95L per set.

We've given you the link (see above) check it out, its hot out, you really need something to freshen you up, Visit The Deck. till July 31st 

The Open Closet Event,  The Open Closet is a biweekly discount event where dozens of designers come together to bring you high quality designs at rock bottom prices. Sale prices range from L$35 - L$75!!! A new round begins every other Tuesday of each month.

WE have blogged this event before, our models go back after to stock up for themselves. bookmark this blog so you can visit the Open Closet when they are restocked. It was quiet during our visit today.
In chasing down a new makeup /skin source, we came across what looks like a remake or new packaging for [Buzzeri] , MONS  Young faces with delightful mettalic lipsticks.  The advert says, Mouth appliers and tattoo layers.


 FLAWLESS ~ SKINS & SHAPES ~ FASHION - STYLE BY KIRA,  STYLE BY KIRA - Bringing the best, original, realistic & fantasy skins & shapes to SL since 2007. Find everything you need for your avatar all in one place.

This is a designer that has been around since 2007 she has and always will be a designer who keeps up with the latest without losing sight of what her customers need and want.

Sophie (model) from [sYs] top model
Skin - Style by Kira   Zoey 03B v2
Jewelry- Bonita jewelry  necklace           earrings    Eluzion
Outfit - Designer Circle  - Nya's Under sea top and capris
Shoes - Felicity Shoes  Zoie
Hair - EMO-Tions  MyDay


TONIGHT -  7-9 pm SLT      DJ TANGO      @ Tango's club

THURSDAY -  9am - 11 a.m + covers   DJ  Rg Papp


WEDNESDAY  6 -8 pm the seductive siren DJ Sugaree is at Firehouse 59

TONIGHT - TUESDAY -  5 - 6  PM  The saxiest Trow Boa shares his special brand of music for you.  at Cafe CasaBlanca


Monday, July 28, 2014

The Crossroads - get your mojo working......

Deep blues for the virtual world at the Crossroads, the premier blues club in SL. Dance to DJs & live music on the front porch, visit the Blues Museum, ride your motorcycle.  bike bikes hipster hippie hippies boho bohemian rockabilly juke joint  gonzo 99%   The Crossroads ~ Get Your Mojo Working & Your Motor Running,

We arrived early for DJ Yume's noon set, and found a dj who is new to us  DJ Rg. Papp. Wow this fellow follow through on his PR.  His blues is funky and sexy. If you read his profile he tells you you'll need to shower after one of his sets.. ladies, come with your partners or come alone, you'll not sit still.Forget the blues eyes, this is a BAD BAD jock DJ.

He plays the Crossroads Monday - 10 - 12 pm   SLT
                                  Tuesdays  11 - 1 pm    SLT
                                  Thursday   9am - 11 a.m. + covers

The Crossroads is the place for the Blues, check out the Blues museum while you are there.  You'll find the taxi or limo in the side bar.
The outfits, model,hair, skins and makeup are from Designer Circle, list of designers highlighted will follow at the end of the blog.  Pictures were taken on location at the Crossroads.

To hear Yume's  join Yume's Yummies, that way you will always know where she is playing. OR
Paste this url in your browser and listen to her online

Off Tuesdays, you will find her @ Tango's Club- Wednesday 7pm - 9 pm
OR if you are on FB (Facebook) she has a FB page, Yume Yoshikawa

Pink Dress is from Icewerk @ Designer Circle in this round 84
heels worn in earlier pictures, Glow Designs (slink)
Rompers from [Inflictions] @ Designer Circle
Hair is from LALA Moon   as seen at the Hair Fair
Skin - 7 Deadly s[K]ins @ Designer Circle
do you all want one more look at the Bad Bad dj. Rg Papp, LOL, do we know our readers..

Sydney,Australia and.....

We are so lucky in SL to be able to experience other cities and places with just click of a key on our keyboards.  Visit Sydney City, Australia, get a taste of what the sights and sounds are all about.  You have creators like KTZ Ktzitz Bravitz and Alex Philo who blend their skills and talents and produce a build that gives an opportunity like no other.  The liner is by Mid Aeon.

Out of the city on July 26 we missed the Grand Opening of Sydney City Motor Club, it was sponsored by Paris METRO, you know what that means, not only good sounds, but a wonderful gift if you are in the Sydney City group.

if you are still interested in this chopper, you will have to join the group and contact either Alex himself  or the group admin, to find out when and if it will be offered again.  Many of the wonderful creations that Alex comes up with are limited time offers.  It is called Chopper Motorcycle.

This is the latest promo item we got from Paris METRO Couture, re. Sydney City Australia. Sydney City, Australia ,

Paris METRO Couture is proud of our newest stores in Sydney City, an all new mesh designed sim that includes some of the famous city's most exciting iconic buildings and venues. Enjoy concerts at the famous Sydney Opera House, surf Bondi Beach, be in awe at Centerpoint Tower and more! Designed by Alex Philo a native of Sydney, and built by Ktzitz Bravitz in astounding details. This is a must see, must explore destination.

Hair - LaLa Moon - mesh - Brianna
Outfit - Pink Cherry - Little Princess now at Designer Circle  link>>
Skin - WoW skins  Najma  dark tan cl   Designer Circle
Shape,model - Anna Shapes -Sarah  Anna Shapes store
TODAY  - Monday - check out..

Wharf Rat Blues   5 - 7 pm SLT - Nothing but the Blues

The Crossroads - noon - 2 pm SLT  Electric blues - 

Tango's Club -  7 - 9 pm   SLT

Nat's on Mondays!   the man with SAX you'll never want to stop listening to... TROW BOA           7 - 8 pm SLT

Saturday, July 26, 2014

People to meet, places to go

DJ Tango & Partner Peg performed at a special Sci Fi party last night, put on by DJ Sugaree and her partner Vinnie, what a time, what a fantastic build. Pictures follow in this blog.
This was our first time to experience the energy and personality of this DJ. the music is non stop, the place was jumping, you will find her at Pacifique every Friday nite.
 Unlike other clubs, there is not one landing for the different venues, so it helps to be in the group so you get the notices giving you the landing for each event.  I know not practical for those who like to plan ahead, but  this is what happens at this venue.  Is it worth the bother, well I leave that to you, I think once you've attended the rocking events, and meet the regulars, you'll want to come back for more.
 Another first, we attended the grand opening of The Pier , Ruby Island  we heard of this event through Star and DJ Kirt.  DJ. Xavia is a friend of Kirts, we were invited to tag along. The Theme was Retro, Big Bands and the DJ, didn't let us down, we were able to boogie woogie and strut the whole time we were there.

You will want to make time to explore while you are there, the owners of the venue, Emelia Sinatra and Bryan Jonstone are old hands at bringing interesting builds to SL, among them is the Elvis Presley museum.

The decor and planning for the Sci Fiction event was "out of this world" tasteful and truly enjoyable to look around to discover the fantastic finds that were pulled together to give guest the feeling of entering another dimension.
Kudos Sugaree and Vinnie.

This of course is the happy couple DJ Kirt and Star,

Reminder - tomorrow Sunday 11 SL time, DJ SKY will bring you his popular Southern Gospel Hour @ Sweet Magnolia's..  taxi in  side bar.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Science Fiction

Shu Mesh Cyber Mainstore Mesh Accesories,  Cyber Sci-fi sci fi armor clothes Mesh science fiction combat armor france francais Male Female Mesh are of high quality shop mainstore mainstor cyberpunk Cybernetics Gun Weapons cyborg borg sci-fi city liquid fitted mesh
outfit clothe clotes cyberware

Redwood Rhiadra Scifi Collection,  Shop for  women's science-fiction costumes at a space station high in the sky! **  We found a oounge, restaurant and bar at this location.

StarBase 248 & Club TekWar,  Great place to come space out to the tunes and watch our lovely dancers. This club is inside a Space Station that you have to see!! So come down and hang out with us! ALL LIFE FORMS WELCOME HERE!! Mama Allpa

Deep Space 10 -DSX Space Station: Decimo, Jeogeot Gulf rez zone, DSX is a sim wide Sci-Fi space station for public use: Lounge, space port with ships to borrow,  sailing, motorboats, ATVs, a Oblivian skytower sloping view of hills of grass above a beach and marina.  Scuba&mermaid  Public Changing room & Rezz zone

The week-end is here, what are you going to do?  If you don't have specific plans, you might want to explore outer space and some of the wonderful creativity of the artists who have made it their domain... and all of them send out a very warm welcome.

Model is wearing WoW skins from Designer Circle, on sale now...
hair - is from Allie and Ali   A&A
outfit as you see it, except head piece - from Shu Mesh Cyber
Jewelry -Beloved jewelry
poses -Designer Circle  - ED Alea we used both sets being offered.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Replay of yesterday and more

Beautiful Lylah, Manager at Firehouse 59, wearing a gown from Utopia, the Sun Queen.  Not sure if this is a yoga exercise she is doing, she is always very relaxed. =^_^=

Star is wearing Beloved Jewelry    Background - RFL - Sweet Magnolia's *note on your calendars, that DJ Yume will be at Sweet Magnolia's on Friday night for Latin Sizzle  7 - 9 pm SLT

Trow played originals last night, it was a nice easy listening  set.
He plays at the Firehouse most Wednesdays at 5 PM  see below for where you will find him this coming Friday **Trow will be found at the Charleston Ballroom Friday 25th. 11- noon.

DJ Sugaree was put together with her usual style, tops are from Rebel Hope, hair, is from Diva, make up LAQ, those big haunting eyes, are Redgrave. Boots are from Bax, the funky leggings are Purple Moon

line dancing in a slow rhythmic tempo. brave Vinnie (Sugaree's partner) got up with the ladies at the front of the stage.  Sierra on the left is wearing a gown that is casual yet flattering for an evening out, from ColdLogic
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------DATES= - Thursday 24th.   DJ Sugaree will be at   Emi's Golden Harp
6 -8 pm  an Irish pub that is like a neighbourhood bar.

Friday 25th  8- 10 pm   DJ Peachie
will be at Pacifique, this is an event that takes place very Friday.

Meet Dj Tango, we   told you about him earlier this week, he will be spinning tunes for you on Tuesdays at Tango's  7 - 9 pm


Thursday July 25th  3  - 5 pm at the Wharf Rat Blues
Saturday  July 26th  4 - 5 pm at Poonanny's Juke Joint (Southern soul blues)
Sunday    July 27 th  11 - noon Gospel Hour at Sweet Magnolia's
** these are his regular scheduled dates..  Join his group!

-Saturdays - 5 - 6 pm, DJ Dick is on the Poonanny's stage, right after DJ Sky the two compliment each other, you'll get two full hours of dancing in.
-Sundays -  4 - 6 pm  Sweet Magnolias  * off during the summer**
If you spend time inWorldZ, check his profile for places he DJs there.
Another DJ on our radar is Nick Vrtis, when we get more information on his dates and locations, we will bring that information to you.

The next DJ we have had rave reviews on is DJ Fiery, again, we are waiting for contact information and her schedule, watch this blog for more information.
When you step out on the beach, do you want all eyes on you?  Then you need to visit Designer Circle to check out the latest fashions and beach wear from known designers at discount prices.

WoW skins  Najma  dark tan
Vixen Wild bodysuit in Teal
Baubles by Phe - bangles
hair LaLaMoon  mesh Samantha - blonde   Hair fair

Shoes -