Friday, January 31, 2014

Beloved Jewelry

This is the time of year when we seem to gravitate to jewelry. Especially hearts in all shapes and sizes. Beloved Jewelry has come out with a dazzling set of earrings, necklace and bracelet.

The jewelry set is called -Sweetheart - 12 metal choices, 12 metal bead choices, and 12 gemstone choices.  There is a note card enclosed that gives full instructions on how to make changes. The set is partial mesh, you will need a compatible viewer. link to Beloved in side bar.

To see the newest jewelry:

Also on Flickr:

outfit, top and skirt - by Q
Shoes - Shoenique   - link in sidebar
model/shape/skin/makeup - Tuty's   link in sidebar

Last day of the year (Chinese yr of Snake)

Restless and on the prowl, after reading Honor's blog about Kowloon, I realized that it had been a long time since I'd visited myself. Obviously I was there at the wrong time, everyone was sleeping off the celebrations of yesterday.
Densely populated, the buildings are high, and crowded, There  doesn't appear to be any zoning by-laws, you have small restaurants, or retail outlets where you don't expect to find anything.  If you go too far into the warren to streets and lanes, you will be hard pressed to find your way out easily. I think it would be correct in saying that the area I was in was a true  labyrinth.
Time for a change, After a quick trip home to change, we headed for  the 1920 Berlin Project.  This is the beauty of life in SL. Lappen und Knochen the second hand store was open, its across from the Paul Christoph Restaurant zum Nussbaum, actually the Berliner Post Press is next door to the Second Hand shop.  What history buff doesn't want to read about more about the places they visit.
In the Second Hand shop we found this great pair of men's old underwear, with a good wash they should be a lot of fun to wear  for a girl's sleep over,
With the man undershirt it would go great with a grunge look and it was only  
31L.. the pants were 17L  
Unfortunately there are no vacancies at the moment, but it is possible to rent a room or take lodging here in the Project,  We are totally enthralled with the place.  It is so genteel.
Everything seems to be in walking distance, or you can take the tram, it has gone past several times now, so there would be no long wait for transportation. We found a bakery we couldn't resist, why not, its Chinese New Year after all.. A treat is in order.
The 1920s Berlin Project - Weimar Republic role play sim,

Clothes, shoes, hair -0==( OLD TIME PRIMS )==0 VINTAGE & RETRO FASHION, Old Time Prims


Eartha explores Elemental Jewelry

Having been in SL for along time, when someone asks us where they can find such and such, we usually have a store that pops up.  In this case Eartha was on the hunt for a pendant and immediatly Elemental by designer Contessa lacombe, came to mind. ELEMENTAL JEWELRY, The store has taken on a much bigger presence since we were there last.  There is something in the store for every budget, no matter your taste, there are wonderful tasty treats all around the rooms, the walls are crammed with gems and precious metals
We try not to use vendor pictures, however, in this case, we wanted to show you the options she got with her purchase. A texture change set, she will get a lot of wear from this one purchase.

This is our lovely Eartha wearing her new purchases.  New skirt is from Q, top is from LL inventory,  Kayla shrug is from  Alyce, boots  are Shoenique
hair - Tameless - Bonnie -browns  Eartha's shape & Makeups Amacci - Felicia

Happy New Year everyone! - Its going to be a great new year!  Wait till tomorrow to sweep your floors..  ensures Good Luck....

Thursday, January 30, 2014

HAPPY (Chinese) NEW YEAR - year of Horse 4712

Celebrations are well underway in China, here (North America) we begin today, with the first day of the new year being tomorrow. 

May good health, happiness and much prosperity fill your world in the coming year

                                     Qyhat Harbour and AloToi

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kanou @ Designer Circle #72

Are you dreaming of balmier weather doesn't this outfit make you feel like you are visiting a tropical location.  Designer Circle round 72 brings you this lovely outfit from Kanou -Cally black pink dress.  There are other color choices.  This dress is MESH - Remember to try the demo to ensure it fits before you buy.

Shoes are from Felicity Vanya stilettos -silver/black
Hair- Amacci - Tracy Natural Brown comes with or without the hat
Model,skin,makeup from Tuty's

Shot on location ZEN & SERENITY SHOP Japanese Furniture , Zen Furniture ,Asian,

Shoenique's new release

This lovely little number is a new release at Official Shoenique Designs /Unique Gowns  you'll find it in the back corner of the reception area. It is meant for Valentines, but I got it for an event I'm going to celebrating the Chinese New Year. (horse) What I love about it is the colour of the red.  It is so rich and classic, that it will be good for any special event where I want to stand out. =^_^=  The dress (Rhema) is MESH and comes packaged with 5 sizes, a heart pendant (not worm in the pictures) and red heels that are also not shown in this picture.  You'll have to take the limo and check it out for yourself.
Currently because it is a new release it is on sale for 99L

If you are a group member, you will just love the long gown that you can obtain for a mere 1L  I love that the shoulder has fallen off the shoulder giving the wearer a very sexy look indeed.The taxi is in side bar, or the link is in the first paragraph of this blog. Use it!

makeup and shape - Tuty's Xiao sunk skin makeup 14 classic
hair  A&A Kandy hair Rose, color changing bow
black shoes worn, -Shoenique linked chained leather.

Chinese New Year falls on January 31st this year.

More Designer Circle #72

Who isn't reaching for a warm hoodie these days?  We've got the perfect one for you, Tired of the juvenile ones you see that limit where you can wear them, then look no further... Blah BLAH blah has given us  the Royals Hoodie with a hud so that you get 7 colors to pick from. Now you can be warm and look fabulous at the same time.  =^_^=

The cool leggings are from E-Clipse Design the texture and detail on these will serve you well for casual and dress up.
Dont get left out in the cold, get on over to the Designer Circle and pick up your own copies, we still have over a month of winter weather ahead, plus, hoodies and leggings are perfect for the l spring too.
taxi in side bar

hair> Elegance - Borealis from Secret Hair
shoes - Shoenique - Macy -black
shape/skin/makeup  - Tuty's
Shot on location - KAERU-TAI, TSUKIJI -Japanese 

Java Fashion Designs

Welcome to the world of Java Fashion Designs, we first came to know of this designer when we started to blog.    It took awhile for the work and the designs of this designer to really "hit me" but when it did, It was love affaire that keeps growing.  Not only are the designs, fun and "bold", they are affordable.  It is a shop we are always referring friends to.

JAVA Fashion Designs, Where fashion is at its best!

Join the group, the group gifts are worthwhile, such as this dress. couldn't wait to try it on.

Q's shape,skin and makeup Tuty's
Jewelery is from Beloved Jewelry - Garnet pendant earrings
hair - Miss C
Shoes - Shoenique

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

JK Style @ Designer Circle #72

Hollie sweater dress with a nice pair of boots (Sierra), the boots come in black or chocolate, and the sweater dress has a hud that gives you multiple choices, 12 in all.  for 75L I would say that is a B A R G A I N.

The Tania top and Keri Capri is another nice combination @ 55 L this is a steal.  We have been around checking other locals, and by far this is one of the nicest and best priced combos out right now.  Top has 6 color choices
and the capri's 3 color changes.  NOTE TRY THE DEMOS, we found these items to be on the small size.
your DESIGNER CIRCLE taxi is in the side bar to the right.

Our model is Sarah from Tuty's  her makeup is also from Tuty's
hair is A&A Evie, fire
shoes- Macy in black from Shoenique

DC 72 presents Pink Cherry

Pink Cherry has gone with a traditional basic, a classic fish tail that uses simplicity to showcase your assets.  It allows you to be creative and artistic with your accessories.  Our model >Anna Shapes, Gisella< was thinking ahead to Valentines and thought to wear the red.  The red is a rich colour that leans towards a burgundy, so that it will enhance almost any skintone.  Our model is wearing makeup/skin by Tuty's, Sarah ivory skin, makeup 3 silver.

Wearing her hair [e] Interrupt, black, in a less formal style, and posing in the bedroom, it will send her "lover" a very warm invitation =^_*=   Notice she took her time to select a necklace from Elemental (cross your heart) that directs the viewers eyes to the decorative styling on the bodice of the Pink Cherry gown.

Getting your Pink Cherry gown now, will ensure you have plenty of time to plan out your seductive style.  taxi is in side bar.

Furniture in this photo shot is from Furniture at LOK'S Low Prim Furniture ~

Monday, January 27, 2014

1920 Berlin Project - part 2

On our second visit, we are exploring the street outside the train station, heading for the  MER (MittelEuropaisches Reisbeburo (appears to be a travel agent's office) to perhaps find some information on what i can expect.  A street car arrived and on impulse I jumped on,
I did get to see inside the MER office.  Everything is so true to the period.

Now to get my bearings.  Ah there is a bathing building, where free swimsuits are offered. the pool looks very inviting. At the corner  of  Mittelstr and Friedrichstr I see a Clarrington's Delikatessen, oh they serve ups some very tempting treats.. Down the street I see the Clarrington Bakery.  This could be a calorie laden visit.

I got lost, here I am in the police station waiting for someone to tell me where I am, and how to find a hotel for the night, I think I'll stay to explore some more.  I had no idea that the side streets were like a maze of smaller streets with homes and lodgings.  Maybe I can meet someone who will take me around,  This is exciting  .. till next time.. Q

clothes, dress- Mae in creme de Menthe 
shoes - Clara - shoes
Hair - Helen - Platinum .. all from Old Time Prims <OTP>

skin/makeup - Tuty's megan pale skin M.up 13 glossy

This is your taxi to The 1920s Berlin Project - Weimar Republic role play sim
Remember to enter the sim, you MUST be in proper dress for the period.  See previous blog, you will find free outfits near where you will land.

More Designer Circle round 72

With the offerings from this round, we thought to have some fun and pull together a look to go with some of the more youthful hair styles we see around these days. (Amacci - Masie - cherry)

This is a close up look that fab jewelry from Baubles by Phe, the earrings are also from this designer, and at the DC72 there is a set of earrings with different designs in the centers.  You can also see the stitching and design features of the leather jacket.
.:: Designer Circle ::. - THE DISCOUNT STORE,

The pose pack is available in this round of DC 72.  check this builder out, they often offer pose packs, its a good buy for the lindens

Lost Eden *Adult Romantic* the Friendliest lifestyle island ,

Sunday, January 26, 2014

DC #72 more from this current round

The next outfit we are going to show you, had us thinking of the jungles and wild animals.  We went looking for a suitable background, we finally found a location Nyuki Jungle Village, Silent Waters  please note... this is a serious role play location, if you are unfamiliar with the rules of Gor, and role play, it is suggested you read up or talk to someone before attempting to "just drop in"   .Located in the Schendi Jungle, the village of Nyuki was known best for it's excellent honey. BTB, Gorean, Master, slave, kajira, Free Woman, roleplay, G&S Market, caste, forced capture, Adult RP, No OOC, meter and correct gorean dress code required. 

Jewelry  Baubles! by Phe, now this set had me drooling, it is so beautiful! I will get a lot of wear from this set, especially come the warmer months. This is the Leopard set.

Hair - is the group gift at Miss C called Kate.   Remember Miss C has four hairstyles in the 72 round of Designer Circle

Backless dress - Mu-Shi Doll  decisions  the one shown is Snake, there is also a black and a Grey.

Model, as promised, is the shape provided by WoW Skins, she is wearing the WoW Skins found in this round of the Designer Circle

This round is just underway, you have lots of time to wander and explore. As always, there is a lot to peruse.  Enjoy!
taxi is in the sidebar...

New @ Designer Circle 72

Anticipation mounts as we wait for the opening of the doors to the new DC round of goodies.  We did sneak a peak, and there is a whole lot in there that we want to get our hands on.  Designer Circle is consistent with the quality of merchandise offered.

Vivid [PBS] is offering a new shape, Katrina comes with four different options, -curvy -  5'.ft. 0 inches tall, then there is less curvy, again only 5 ft. tall.  There is a taller version, and a taller less curvy - 5 ft. 2 inches tall,  This is short to model clothes in for our purposes we have added inches. (6 ft. 2o inches)  Personally we like the shorter version for every day.  Vivd shapes are well proportioned in the shorter versions, 

WOW skins - offers us Cecilla Ta, with our without cleavage, and there is also provided the Cecilia Shape which we will show you in another blog.  Note that the designer also provides you with the necessary appliers for those of you who need them.  Yes, the Lolas .. tango are also included.

[AMARELO MANGA] gave us a dress, bag, and the pumps to match. We can never have enough black dresses, this little shift has a sequined design down the front the eyes to the bodice, nice touch,  The bag has the AO to go with it that allows you to hold the bag.  

Baubles! by Phe elegant funky earrings, this is  must purchase for anyone out there who is into earrings.  model today is wearing the Zebra Tunage set. Ladies you will go so much wear out of these earrings, summer winter fall.. they are so flattering to the face.. yummy..

Mr. & Miss C. & Style Shop ,  this is a design shop that we first discovered at the Designer Circle, until that time they were unknown to us.  The hair style shown today is from their discount room  They have four new styles being shown in the Designer Circle - round 72

Moondancer Boutique - two fabulous sets of nails, complete with a hud for the mesh nails.  No more having different hands in inventory to wear your nails.  There is a note card in the  box explaining the hud, and the mesh nails. This designer is also very customer service friendly, if you have hesitated before to try the wonderful nails that  are offered, this is the merchant to try it with. Where else, but at the Designer Circle round #72

:: Designer Circle ::. - THE DISCOUNT STORE,

V o o d o o B a y o u Keeping the Family and Blues Alive,
Louisiana Bayou Juke Joint~ LIVE BLUES MUSICIANS Rock-ing Blues DJ's from Europe Aussie Kiwi Canada USA  *BLUES MUSIC  VENUE*  Join the Bayou family Glenda, Mellow, Marty...True Traffic. No Nudity. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rose Tattoo

Here is a picture of the rose tattoo that was found .. I'm still looking for the other one.  Eventually =^_^=.  The sweater is from Cold Logic.

Skin is from Amacci,  Emma pale rose > taxi in side bar
Hair - Amacci   Clara - black coal

Visiting the Past

We've had fun doing retro.  The 50-60's is a lot of fun, now we are sending our model down to the 1920-s Berlin Project.  We've touched on the sim before, but really never spent that much time there.  With the cold winter, and the storms brewing what seems to be all over the North American continent, we are off to explore Berlin in the 20,30 and 40s.
It is important to note that this is a role play sim, and there is a dress code. To make it easier for you to explore the first time you arrive, there is a booth in the reception area, where participating designers have put out a couple of freebies. Before boarding the train, you must be dressed properly.  Everything is very clearly outlined for you.
Our model Chicas read the map to see if there is one place in particular she would like to start. She has already boarded the train, and has dismounted in Berlin.

This is the second dress offered by Mila Edelman of OTP (Old Time Prims) for a full selection of the merchandise carried by OTP, you can catch the taxi at the end of this blog.  Because we want to stay as authentic as possible, our model is going to go across the street to have her hair done @ the LOLA LOLA DAMEN UND HERREN FRISEUR

Where will we go from here, stay tuned.. Part 2 to follow in a few days

The 1920s Berlin Project - Weimar Republic role play sim,


shoes are from Shiny Things::
make up- Style by Kira FLAWLESS ~ SKINS & SHAPES
model - Chicas  Chicas Complete Avatars, Oriental shape

Lost in the 50's

/artiller > hiar, cheery necklace, earrings,high waist jeans, 
Fin -Relive the Fifties mainstore - Rockabilly cherry button down shirt
shoes are the 50L member special @ Shoenique

Lost in the 50's tonight with Ronnie Milsap


Artilleri mainstore! :) retro and rockabilly

Friday, January 24, 2014

the colour Purple

In our wanderings we came across two outfits at Pure Class that were rather fun, this first one, is part of a gown, we liked the corset part, with Valentine's day coming, it has a lot of potential =^_^=
Found a great location for the pictures The Prohibition Club - 18+ , Imagine...1920-1933 PROHIBITION time in the USA,  illegal alhohol production and consumption in Speakeasies and Taxi Dance Halls, Al Capone where GIRLS are paid for dance (couple/pole/lap) and ROOMS TO RENT! Ideal for live music & DJ's

This is the purple mesh gown that is available, it was the Special Wednesday deal.  It a simple gown that can be dressed up with  your favourite necklace and earrings, bangles and rings. That was its greatest appeal, it is a wonderful backdrop for your fur and other accessories that we have and don't often get to wear.
It has been a devil of a time today, with SL, then camera whoas, but when there is a will, there is a way.. and Today, we wanted to bring these specials before they are gone. Pure Class Affordable Gowns Main Store

** your help please*

What at time I've had trying to find a rose tattoo.  The kind of tattoo that was around in the 50, 60's. worn on the arm over the wrist. You know of a merchant, please, let me know.

model/skin- Tuty's - Sarah
hair Tukinowaguma
Shoes - Slink

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

last few days of round 71 Designer Circle

This sexy little number from Kanou is called Nicandra,  its mesh and our model (Karina-Anna shapes) is wearing medium.  The Nicandra comes in 6 colors, Aqua,blue,brown,pink,purple and you see it here in pistachio.

Accessories in this picture, earrings -Eluzion, leather jacket worn under the dress is JohnnyD, the ripped leggins BeReckless.  boots, Shoenique, make up, Beauty Code, hair Maria Tukinowaguma

Taxi - to Designer  Circle is in sidebar... check it out!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

UTSA Roadrunner III

This island provides opportunities for students, staff, faculty, and visitors to engage in administrative types of interactions. It is part of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).
UTSA Administrative Island, UTSA Roadrunner III

Allow yourself some time to explore, there is a lot to see and enjoy.Good place for photographs..

Rebecca Bashly has her Ice Gallery UTSA artspace there..

Also the works of Igor Ballyhoo - Metamorphhosis