Thursday, February 26, 2015

more February news..

"Trav McCullough is passionate about music. He possesses a powerful, rich voice,and loves a song that plays with your emotions and makes you feel something. Trav started singing when he was in his teens, singing gospel music in his church. These days, while he still loves gospel, he also loves to sing pop, light rock and country. He loves the music of Josh Groban, Neil Diamond, Chris Isaak and Il Divo. If you like music that touches your heart, you’re sure to enjoy Trav’s music" (taken from his profile)

He also has a link to his schedule/calendar on his profile, best is to join his group, once you've heard him, you will want to hear more.

You have favourite artist in SL that you really enjoy and follow when they perform if you are able to get there.  The above links takes you to a  music store that sells their online albums.  for more information on this find, contact Bones Writer, who is the owner and builder of Trax live Music Resource Center.  He also makes SLCDs for the SL musicians and performers. He also rents listening booths with mp3s at the center.

Floating Fire Opal Earrings and Necklace with texture change metals (4 metal choices in each pair of earrings and necklace).
This jewelry is only available for My 60L Secret!  Transferable.
60L each  LM in side bar.


Available for a limited time in all colors .. 

If you have yet to shop at AD then now is as good a time as any to discover a hair shop that has been around for some time and offers you a good variety of styles at good prices.  There is also a sale area that has styles that are excellent choices if you role play or like to attend theme parties.

for 75L you can try the Gatcha machines, (3) one of them features the sun signs on a hair pin in the hair.  could be addictive.

There is also a Petites section for all you wee ones. =^_^=

Found this little club in one of our wanderings Bleu Katt Blues, Rock & Live Music Lounge,  Because of the times they feature artist and live DJs etc. we are guessing that they are in a different time zone.  Which is why we are offering them up to you.
So many of us work or live in SL at different times, This is a good option to have in our landmarks.
For lovers of Blues, Rock and Live Music. A very Friendly club with the emphasis on enjoying SL. Ever feel like you are just traffic to some clubs? Come to the Bleu Katt where you aren't just a number. Entertaining SL residents since 2008.


The Pier - Live Music Venue, Wild Beach -for great music and fun, join the satisfied music lovers who like to just hang out and dance to good tunes.
Now here is a place that is so big, you are faced with a map when you land so you can TP to your destination. the go to for us of course is the main stage at the Crossroads, where you are always sure to hear the best of the blues in all its forms dished out by some of the "best" DJs around.

It is hard to get a clear picture once the DJ's start. there are avatars everywhere. Bad boy DJ Rg. Papp is a regular here, as well as our one and only DJ Yume.

Wednesdays - Ropes Club * BDSM   -  6 pm - 8 pm SL  Adult Club

Saturdays -  Pacifique    5 pm - 7 pm  SL    PG all welcome

* Ropes is an adult club, it caters to an adult crowd, the club itself is formal - semi formal, and has a very welcoming and warm ambiance.  The interests of their club members is not played out in private areas, not accessed by the general public.  Come for the great music and camaraderie provided by the staff of Ropes .. they work hard to ensure you have a good time.

You all know what a pussy cat Dj Kirt is... his shows keep getting better and better, get in his group, or, if you lack space to join his group, subscribe, the joiner is on his board or you'll find one at the club.. the man is a music wizzard.


DJ Sun  the blues wonder that plays at the Crossroads.

Authentic blues at the Crossroads

Wed    1pm - 3pm SLT (9pm UK)
Thu   11am - 1pm SLT (7pm UK)
Fri      Noon - 2pm SLT (8pm UK) 
Sun    Noon - 2pm SLT (8pm UK) 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 22 in SL

Where do we begin, our personalities that we follow have been very busy pulling together wonderful venues for you. Their schedules are full, and as always we encourage you to follow them so you can know where they are appearing or what fun themes they have put together to make your nite out a fun and memorable time.

We did Mardi Gras with DJ Yume, her shows are known for the energy and rocking tunes.  She never fails to deliver..  Of note, she is now at Tango's Club
owned by DJ Tango and his charming partner Peg, on both Wednesdays and Fridays.
Mondays -  Noon til 2 PM SLT  you'll find her at The Crossroads (Blues)

Bad boy DJ Rg Papp  has been on bad ass busy man, he just put together a very popular event that featured a number of DJs in SL who had fun, competing for a nice chunk of lindens dollars.

He is the manager of the Ropes BDSM Club, and he  also plays on Fridays and Saturdays 6 -8 pm. slt.   This was the location of the Ropes' Jazz and Blues Festival that took place on the 21st. of this month.  This is an Adult Club, the only negative that we found was the limited dances offered couples.  However you can see here, that the one they do use is provocative.
Ropes BDSM Club


The one and only Sax "master" in SL that we are following on a regular basis, is the irresistible Trowzer Boa.  We are now in a new year, and Trow has changed his bots..  I loved the old bots, thus the use of this picture. Still the same great music and of course his "saxxy" humour.  You want information or to book Trow, contact Lylah Lockjaw.  Trow as nominated in the 2015 AviChoice much as we kid him, he is very talented and deserving artist.

This is a go to place for Star, who likes her Blues and Gospel, Sunday mornings at Cay's... There is something happening all the time at Cay's if you are not on their list, then hop on to it.  No space left, subscribe  DJ on Sunday for the Blues and Gospel is DJ Messalina Lavendel 


COME AND BE CAPTIVATED by the beautiful lakeside surroundings, genuine warm welcome and the BEST MUSIC on the grid at CAY'S AT WOODLAND LAKE!  At Cay's you will hear a wide variety of BLUES, SOUL, R&B, AND CLASSIC ROCK played for you by some of the best DJ's in SL.  


DJ Kirt and Star have opened up the club Solo's - for now they are happy renting it for private parties and special events.  Contact DJ Kirt for more information.  Solo's

We saw DJ Tango at the Festival yesterday, he and Peg were both there to encourage and support their friends who were participating in the event.
Tango's Club
Schedule:  DJ Tango- Schedule varies
Mondays 7-9 p, DJ Sugaree-sexy, sultry jazz. 
Mondays 9-11p, DJ Tango
Tuesdays 7-9p, DJ Tango
Wednesdays 7-9 p, DJ Yume
Wednesdays 9-11, DJ Tango
Sat, DJ Tango 7-9 
Sun, DJ Danger 7-9

 She came and went so quickly we almost missed her, the lovely DJ Sugaree, you can see she is at Tango's on Mondays.  Had a stress filled start to the work week, you know where to head for Monday evening. There is nothing like a night with DJ Sugaree to ease a work weary day.  LOL get your "Sugaree fix"
see her profile or join her group to stay in the know, she works almost every night of the week.

You gotta watch the quiet, silent ones.  DJ Kirt participated in the Sunday Ropes' Jazz and Blues Festival, and came away with the top prize. !!  He and Star asked that we let everyone know who came out to support them and to enjoy the event, be thanked.  Consider it done.. THANK YOU!

The entertainers, performers, artists, DJ's who put together events, and prepare activities to  make your leisure time in SL fun and memorable are all to be commended.  They all spend their time creating and working for YOU

Note** DJ Kirt has his group open now, if you want to follow him and see where he is going to be playing, please join his group.  If all your groups are taken, then drop over to the club and slap the subscription board.

He is usually at  Pacifique , Vicious dAlliez   on Saturdays 5 - 7 pm. Slt    

Toby's Juke Joint Blues Club - the original Blues Juke, Tobys Juke Joint

Will only be available at Solo's

If you are looking for a new shape, I saw a couple of very pretty Group Gifts. Plus she participates in Fifty 5 Thursday
Chinese year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram