Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Designer Circle Dec. 31st

MD Mesh leaf Jade necklace - Gold  (Mu-Shi-Doll)   70L

Shine by (ZD) Nikki mesh jacket c/w striped shirt  special price 99L

It is new year's eve, I really was not planning to blog, but a last minute decision to go out,had me throw together what appealed to me for a casual night with friends, and liked the results.  Since both items were from the current round at DC.  I thought I'd share. It too bad the lighting just wouldn't allow for the detail on the necklace.  Drop over to the shop for a really close up look.
Poses were from Icon of Style  Clara poses  yes from DC =^_^=
Shape is Anna Shapes, also featured in this round @ DC  Anahi
The skin/makeup is NOT ON SALE, and NO LONGER AVAILABLE 
 .::Beauty Code::. skin Fabienne Tan - shiny lips F  The lesson here is if you like something,and can afford it, buy it when you find it.
Remember - Designer Circle is open 24/7 !

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU.... enjoy the celebrations... see you in 2014

Monday, December 30, 2013

Asia discovers Designer Circle

After reading the two earlier blogs on Designer Circle, Asia decided to check the place out for herself.  She couldn't resist, her promise to not spend flew away in the wind.
A cat lover, she fell for this wonderful  offering by Aushika&CO, it is a loose turtle neck sweater that comes with a colour changing hud.  You have two choices, a darker group, or a lighter one, Asia preferred the lighter shades. She is wearing two of them here.  Mesh, size M, there is a selection of sizes, her friend who shopped with her, tried the demo, but would have needed a larger size. Be sure to try the demo that is offered.

The other must have was this delightful top by Graffitwear, there are choices of three colours, Asia picked the gold velvet and black lace, look at the detail on the back of the tank.  In the package you have your choice of a black lace tank or a white lace.  I do believe she told me there are appliers in the pkg as well for those of you who wear lolas.  Graffitiwear  is by designer Chalice Piers.
Limo for Designer Circle is provided for you in the sidebar to the right.
24 hour shopping shop is open 24/7 except on the days they do the change over.  On that day the store opens at 2 pm SL time.

more Designer Circle

It is a beautiful day as I sit outside the DC shop watching the many shoppers come and go.  The cat is forever yeowling, I do wish someone would feed him.
He is cute thought.  
Today's model is also from WOW skins,  They are offering you two choices this round, her name is Rayne, her makeup is Tan with CL (cleavage).. we've used different hair colours with the skin so you can see it's versatility
The stunning little number Rayne is wearing is from Blah.BLAH,blah, the boots are from PURE, both are mesh. The Blah,BLAH.blah dress comes with a colour changing hud. (5 choices)
PURE boot is called Dream Boots, they truly are gems, good fit, in basic black you have a wear almost anytime pair of black boots.

You will find a permanent link to Designer Circle ::. - THE DISCOUNT STORE,
side bar.   Happy Shopping!

photo shoot was done on location at DC

Sunday, December 29, 2013

DC70 more hot looks

model - WOW skins - Megan
skin and makeup - WOW skins
Dress, mesh from VIVID ... Vivacity 
Ankle boot - Holly mesh black Malita  by HollyHooD
Jewelry -- Baubles by Phe Exotica

What is nice about the dress is that the designer allowed for a fuller body and has given us the XL size.  Not all designers do this.  The dress also comes with a dress and texture hud.

The jewelry is wearable 4 seasons, it can be worn in many ways. I love the earrings 

The boots have a zipper up the back. That added detail gives it a touch of elegance. The boot at first appears bulky but it actually gives a slimming look to the foot.  The brass studs dresses it up, it is perfect for jeans or slacks.

I saw lots of people in the shop this evening, don't miss out!  Your limo awaits you..  Designer Circle - THE DISCOUNT STORE,

Anna Shapes @ Designer Circle

Are you looking for a new look?
Want that new shape that will give you that elegant look you want?
Anna Shapes is a reliable source for a shape that will be a plus in your inventory.  Good shapes are always pricey, you get what you pay for.  In this case, Anna Shapes is offering you a special price on Anahi shape, it will be in the Designer Circle December 29 through till January 11th.  Both taxis will be at the end of this post.

If you are not yet familiar with the Designer Circle, then what better time for you to do so.  Quality products at discounted prices ** for limited time*** they are consistent about this, their venue changes regularly and they strive for  not only quality in what they offer, but in customer service should you have any problems.

Remember and this is important, if you like the look the designer used in her marketing picture, then you need to read the information she provides with the shape.  She will give you the name of the skin used and the hairstyle and eyes.  She also provides you with the information on how to get the products should you want them.  the designer for Anna Shapes is Analy Amat.

Designer Circle   the above sale starts Dec.29th. - Jan. 11th. don't miss out.
Anna Shapes @ [AMARELO MANGA],  this is her shop location where her shapes sell at their full retail value.

btw.. same shape, different makeup and hair..
hair - Elikapeka [e]  looking - black 02
makeup and skin - Amacci  Felicia (Goth) 17 midnight 
*Amacci * Eyes, Hair, Skin, Shapes & Makeup, Poses & Animation,
cashmere scarf - Pixelites Inc.
blk jacket - Degged - (taken from my inventory I have no  idea if designer is still operational)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dulce Secrets

Now that Long Dash Studio is no longer going to Press, and we are doing this blog about Virtual Art and Lifestyles, Lady Jan has been leading the way, while AloToi had gone into retirement. Finding it difficult to just disappear, she has decided to come back into SL to enjoy just being a member of the community.

As a long time "player" we long ago decided on our main look, and we've settled in with either our jobs, or lifestyle and shop to "add to" our wardrobe and "look"  Our personalities have been established. Alo had to start over.

As a "fashionista" Alo was never lost for a new look.  But now without the income of her post, she has to search out the sales, and promotional items just like the rest of us.  This has been a very good experience for all of us, she is finding some wonderful designers, that till now have not escaped our notice,but have not been in our immediate field of vision.

An example of this is Dulce Secrets.  DS has been around for years, we've seen DS at cart sales, and other events, we've used her products that were being marketed in the discounted sales, BUT we never went to the main shop.

Today we did, the store has a wonderful layout, it is easy to find what you are looking for, and more.  In fact, in the store you get to see the many different skins, and not just the one this being promoted in a sale.  The skin you pick with be very  unique to you, especially how it will fit over the contours of your shape and facial features.  Always try the demos that are offered. Did you know DS has a freebie room? There is also a Midnight Mania board for those of you who chase the boards.
For newcomers (Newbies) DS offers skins if you are 30 days or younger. There is a fantasy skin for the Neko in you, and an assortment of other makeups for you to discover, including a lovely green velvet gown.  Freebies and discounted skins are fun, but if you are planning on being in SL for awhile, it would be nice ot have your "own look".  Someone once told me that all the faces were the same, and that is not true.

So many young ladies and men want to be models.  To stand out and become a model, you need to find your identity.  There are schools in SL that will help you do that.  Not everyone wants to go to school, but you can take advantage of shops like Dulce Secrets.  Take the time to visit and explore what is being offered there.  Its not mass market, its a boutique that specializes in bringing the consumer a quality product.  Have a question, ask.
Female Skins and Cosmetics by Dulce Secrets Mainstore

In today's market, you can purchase a base skin, and then pick out the makeups that appeal to you, this is possible in Dulce's Secret.  DS offers the buyer the option.  It is a matter of preference.  **Under the Xmas tree are a sampling of DS goodies.  Check it out.  Be quick I have no idea how long the Xmas tree will stay up.

NB** DO NOT EXPECT TO LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE ON THE VENDOR unless you have the same shape and facial features!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday wishes to each and everyone - now and always

No matter where you are in the world, we wish you all the very best of the season.  Maintain a good balance between mind and body. If you are traveling, be safe.  Remember in SL (Second Life) the weather is grand all the time =^_^=   Take advantage of all the wonderful seasonal sales that are happening. 

If you belong to the Super Sales Group, 55 Thursdays, Steals and Deals, 60L Secret, and the list goes on, the sales are well documented, and the note cards include the urls to the merchants.  that is how we came to know the wonderful shops, Exclusively Yours!  Shoenique Designs! Dench Designs, and of course one of our long time favourites, Style by Kira,  and speaking of Kira, her popular cart sale is still happening, if you haven't been yet you still have time to take advantage of the wonderful deals that are happening there.

Since it is the festive season, we'll let you in a well known secret, TuTy's
do you know it?  Well if you have missed out exploring this little gem, spoil yourself with a visit today. Hair, Apparel, Skins, Animations, Still Poses and Freebies.  Asia was beside herself with pleasure at the skin and shape she found there, she had been searching and looking for a long time, it took one visit to TuTy's to find what she wanted and more.

With the festivities and parties happening we may or may not see you again till the new year.  So till then, we can't tell you enough how much we appreciate you and sincerely wish you all that your hearts' desire now and in the coming year.

Exclusively Yours                           
Dench Designs
Official Shoenique Designs /Unique Gowns 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Exclusively Yours

Exclusively Yours, a shop that is a true find.  Lady Jan as you know is a roving reporter new to SL, Q, AloToi and Xsa all have been in SL for years and have their likes and favourites, Lady Jan came in brand new with the experience and knowledge of her "sisters" but, her account is brand new.  That means starting over, searching out merchants and designs that will work for her lifestyle.  It is a new perspective when you see SL through a new avatar's eyes.  So much is being offered, there are all kinds of groups you can join to take advantage of items at a lesser price.

What LJ discovered was that often you get what you pay for.  If you are brand new to SL you really don't know the difference.  But since LJ is new but has the eyes and experience of a long time player, it has been hit and miss. Then her trail took her to Exclusively Yours.  The building itself isn't spectacular, but what was being offered caught her eye, where in other shops, she could be in and out in a few minutes, she found that there was more than one item of interest.  The sale items looked good, and there was a good selection at the discounted price. ( ** paying a low price is one thing but if the quality of  your purchase lacks, you just wasted your money.)

The items purchased were so stunning and were so well designed she went back for more. This time taking the time to walk/camera the full selection being offered.  The two items shown here, were both on the special wall, ie.
Steals and Deals weekly sale  -  Super Sales Week-end.   The 1st dress shown was the first purchase, the detail, and design of the outfit, was so flattering on, Lady Jan was loath to change.  BTW the outfits come complete as shown, in other words if you see jewelry and shoes, they came with the outfit. The blue after 5 dress came with a clutch.
This was the Fifty 5  Thursday, the attention to detail, front, back, sideways, anyway you look at the outfits they look good.  Look at the necklace that came with this outfit.
The store offers not only casual but formal wear. Lady Jan did get long evening gowns too, I will insert on at the end of the blog.  Taxi will be provided, check this shop out, you will not be disappointed, there is something for almost everyone who has a serious taste for good quality and a more sophisticated look.

Lady Jan herself is Amacci shape, skin,makeup and eyes, hair is from Exile

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Candy Cane Hunt @ Flawless

More than 12 days of gifts and sales.
Many of your favourite designers each offering a brand new exclusive item for 50 Linden!
The sign reads, "come back daily for new FREE and SALE items.
This is a sale that I have always found worth visiting, one it does have good designers that participate, and two, the items being offered to you for 50 Linden are a good quality and inline with the regular items sold by the designer, not just a knock off for the cart sale.
12 Days of Christmas Cart Sale on Flawless

While on the sim, checkout the shops that are there, and don't forget to do the Candy Cane Hunt.  Because the sim is owned and hosted by Style by Kira, you will likely find some of her great skins in the hunt and at her cart.

I was there early today, 11.12 a.m. SL time  (Pacific time) and not all the booths were set up yet.. so you may want to wait till a little later, or check out what is there and then return later.  There is a lot to see. 

The moment I saw the outfit being offered by Snowpaws, the 50L special I know I was getting it.  Perfect for the festive season ahead.
 Since I doubt we'll be at the same parties, I'll share the photo with you, she has another version of it at regular price on the other side of the booth.
Snowpaws booth is right outside the Style by Kira main store, check out what is happening inside the store.  I note that Kira is participating in the Peace on Earth Hunt too. =^_^= bonus for you.

If you don't want to walk all over the sim, hire a bicycle!
This is a sim owner who works very  hard at attracting and keeping her customers ... she draws good designers to her events.  Don't miss this opportunity to shop. save money and have fun!

Blah has a mesh holiday top with a hud for 12 different colors, can you resist that?

Betties Vintage Clothing will be here, I'll have to come back, I like her stuff.

NOW- nice chatting but I must do get some shopping in before the crowds. Grab the taxi and come on down.

Didn't leave fast enough, just bought the 50L special from Tresor va va va boom, what a nice gown!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Free membership or Premium

Second Life is free.  You can play in SL forever with a free membership, I know many who do.  I however, have found that when I am not premium i am constantly on the lookout for a place to just roost while I do my clean up of inventory, or looking for a dressing room to open boxes and change in. For me being Premium is peace of mind.  I automatically have a place to call home, I can come and go with just a click on the home icon, when I'm tired, I can sit at home and just do what I want, listen to music while tidying up my inventory, have a friend over, redecorate, all kinds of things that without a home base isn't as easy to do.
Pickings are slim right now.  I remember a time when the variety of homes and locations were many.  Now that is not the case.  A friend joined earlier in the week and she had the option of 1 type of house in one community.  I'd not seen the inside of that house before, liked it to the extend I was prepared to join up to get one.  Too late, when I tried last night, there were no more, all gone.
I am now mistress of my own home (see above) nestled deep  in a forest somewhere on the mainland.  I have had a wonderful time shopping for my new home, You get the home of your choice (from what there is available at the time you become premium) and 117 prims which you can use to decorate your home anyway you want. (there are obviously more benefits, but you will find that on the Second Life Premium upgrade page)
By clicking on your "search" tool, and inserting the search words, low prim furniture, you will have access to a number of designers who focus on giving you rooms full of furniture to pick from all at low prim count. For myself, I found Dench Designs,( taxi will be at end of this piece) met almost all my needs. 

I did try renting, but to rent you have to have an income in SL to pay the rent with ..=^_^=   For me, it is easier to be a premium member, which by the way is now 50% off for the quarterly membership plan, this way, I also get a 300L a week stipend from LL for being a premium member. The cost btw is $11.25 US dollars for the premium that i've just  mentioned.  Figure it out, that works out to less than a dollar a week for the next twelve weeks, and you earn 300L a week to play with.
While the winter winds blow, and the snow squalls blind the view, I'll be tucked into my little nest, reading or dressing for the club. There are wonderful live venues on these days.  In SL the directories are full of places to see and do. The merchants are in good Xmas cheer, offering sales, hunts and free gifts to entice shoppers.

Speaking of hunts, can't do so without reminding you that the Peace On Earth hunt is on, this was founded by Sequoia Nightfire back in 2008, taxi for this start of this hunt will follow. Look for this signage in stores that participate.
Sequoia has worked hard over the year to build the credibility of the hunt, and to keep and maintain the best in merchants and designers.  This means that you are assured of a well run hunt with good prizes.

There is always a lot to do in SL, enjoy yourselves whatever your plans are, if you are not already a Premium member, now you may want to consider it.Good luck in the hunt, I am pathetic at them..but with this hunt its worth the effort, so i try. =^_^-


Dench Designs LOW PRIM Furniture and Christmas Store   ** this shop is participating in the POE Hunt, you will see the sign on landing, and the arrow

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Season's Greetings

T'is the season to be jolly, etc. in Second Life, there is an abundance of places to go to get into the spirit of the holidays.  We search out the live entertainment, some of it is super fantastic, and other's you need to appreciate that their hearts are in it and move on to something else that appeals to you.
Wherever you are, however you spend this time of year, may you be blessed with happiness and goodwill.

photo was taken at Frank's Elite Jazz Club 
hair - Exile (bad reputation)
gown - PurpleMoon
avatar,skin,eyes & makeup - Amacci

Friday, December 6, 2013

Franks Elite Jazz Club

The Eagles in concert - very well attended.  If you have never attended a musical event in Second Life, then you don't know what you are missing.  I didn't know what to expect and was delighted to find that I was entertained.
The music was good, the event was well attended and I was able to sit and take it all in without lag or fuss.

OK, I admit I expected to miss the electric energy that happens at a real live concert.  I've attended DJ's events before, but this was my first time to attend a show billed as a concert. Don Henley, Johnny Cale, Zeus Michalski, and Timothy B. Schmit all performed beautifully. Their animations were not wooden or robotic.  It was very well done.

For Fashionistas out there, the women were all dressed in high style,  The men of course were in various kinds of formal wear.  Not only did I get to hear good sounds, I was able to enjoy a musical fashion show =^_^=.  I'm not a dyed in the wool Eagles fan, but it was music I knew.  A most memorable night.

I believe they will be having a free week-end coming up, you can check with the management, if they  do, I encourage you to make the time to check this club out. 
Here is the limo http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Franks%20Place%207/108/228/30

The DJ for tonights show is Johnathan Hiess.  Someone had to put together the lighting and the music (sets) Kudos for a very entertaining evening.  This is the information that the club has in its profile.
Frank's Elite Jazz Club, our member's exclusive destination, is an entire resort sim designed as an expansion to the Franks Jazz Club experience and provides a resort feel with the style and class you've come to expect from the Frank's Family.  
The cost to join this group is a ONE TIME, small fee of L$500 and entitles you access to the entire Frank's Elite Jazz sim.

Do I feel the $ was well spent  I do.  I can drop in any time and be entertained with good music and be in a welcoming and safe environment.
Check it out.  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Virtual Art & Lifestyle

 Here we are on the road again, this time instead of a daily blog, we will be posting on a can do basis. Q, AloToi and Xsa are all on one assignment or another, life is busy, but always, we are drawn back to the virtual world for R&R,  The beauty, creativity and artistic community is just too irresistible 
To help us will be Lady Jan, she will do most of the roving and exploring for us.  Although having said this, I feel AloToi's  heavy breathing on my neck, I know she misses all the designers that she's worked with over the last couple of years doing Long Dash Studio. Q wants to write her mini moments again, so who knows, what you will get here is a mix of fashion,entertainment news, visual art and musings.

Remember to follow us so it is easier for you to keep up to date with what is happening.  AloToi (on the left), asks the Designers who worked with LDS to send samples and information to Lady Jan, that will expedite things.  As usual you hear of a new build, or find one that you feel is a "winner" let us know.

Our Flickr - Avatar Art is doing very well, we thank each and everyone of you who have been posting your creativity there. So is AAA so post there too if your pictures apply

Wind in the Willows, Haven Shire

Sweecah (sweecahcahche.ah) is at it again, the little builder and terraformer has given us Wind in the Willows  A delightful place to visit and explore. this is what she says about her build.
Land created from the story 'Wind in The Willows' by Kenneth Graham. 
Visit Toad Hall, Ratty's Riverside Home, Mr Badgers Tree stump Home in the 'Wild Wood', Pan Island, Stone Bridge, Moleys home in the Meadow. Relax and enjoy the riverside retreats.

While you are there looking around, Lulee Babenco has put together a Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs theme, I actually landed there first, and was lost in the winter wonderland for some time before I made my way over to Wind in the Willows.
Weilo Bailey, lives in the same area, I visited with his ducks, then without skates made my way across the frozen water and landed on my behind.
While exploring, walk carefully, there is a lot to see. You will find that your mind will taking all the wonders in, and poof, you might end up like me resting on your laurels.
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
Wielo Winter Wonderland

Your taxi links are above, go visit, take time to find all the little nooks and hidden charms of the neighbourhood.  If you go closer to the holidays, you may even hear the Tinies practicing their Xmas carols.  Enjoy!

Accessories for the holidays

Who doesn't dream of dressing up and going out for the holidays.  Even if it was out with the "girls" ... we love to dress up.  December is the month of office parties, company dinners, family get togethers, for me it didn't matter, what the occasion, come the end of November I was getting into the mood.
A dress that is flirty and fun, is a winner in any season, this little number we picked up at the Free Dove, believe it or not,   we did.  A friend is new to SL, so Lady Jan took her around to places that would help her build her wardrobe without draining the fun because of the need for lindens.
To accessorize there was a lot being offered at the Free Dove, but I wanted her to know a designer that is affordable and offers up a variety of designs.
So we took her to Beloved Jewelry  where she was able to get group gifts (after joining the group) and access to special offers.
Let us not forget shoes.  For shoes for all occasions we took her to Felicity shoes.  There is a fee to join Felicity's group, but believe me you get your money back in spades, she offers up a group shoe for every one of her designs.

The hairstyle you see +LALA Moon+ is from the Free Dove
The dress is also from Free Dove - (Elate!) Annalisa Midnight
Skin/makeup - Style by Kira in Flawless  keep in mind that Kira is always having a sale, or putting out a special for her group, she is always in the 
Designer Showcase in Flawless  - Designer Showcase puts out new items every month at once in a lifetime special prices.  looks like the group gift this month is jessica skin by Style by Kira.  Good reason to get on over and sign up.

I think you have a lot of places to explore .. oops, the shoot was done at
Taka no Sakura

Have fun, tell your friends, share the link, see you soon.