Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yesterday and today

What can we say, if you missed him last night, you missed a great show! You'll have to catch him at Poonanny's or Sweet Magnolia's or one of his other venues.  This DJ draws a crowd, you know he is good by the audience that is littered with other DJ's, club owners and music buffs from all over SL.

The evening progressed with a fun time enjoying the burlesque at Tango's Club, in the Cabaret room.  We don't know if this will become a regular or special event, next time, you will have lots of notice so you don't miss out, it was a lot of fun as you can see.  At Tango's it is not just about dancing, it is about a good time with friends,  Come and be part of the good times.
DJ Yume was the hostess with the "mostess"  wow... pictures of the event will be posted on flickr, follow the link in the side bar to Flickr.

How is this for summer, spring,winter and fall.... it comes in both silver and gold, you decide which you like best,  then head over to Beloved jewelry and find out where you lay hands on it.  This could very well be the special this week-end.      link in sidebar

If you are in the group for where Trow is playing you would have gotten a notice this morning that he had a show at 9 SL time.  Trow is invited to play in many areas of SL, some he is featured on a regular basis, others he is a headliner for special events, i.e. the SL celebrations of their 11th anniversary.

The url to his club Firehouse 59 Jazz & Gallery >> hop on over, join his group ,stay in the know.

Tonight at 6 PM SL time, DJ Sugaree will be on stage for a full set if Sultry Jazz and  "hold me close" tunes.  Yo have special favourite, IM her, if she has it she'll play it for you.
Check her out... DJ Sugaree is the belle in the blue dress. Oh la la la!

Our model today is wearing an outfti from round 82 of the Designer Circle.
Graffitiwear offering 3 choices, Alo is wearing the Garden Landscape outfit,

jewelry from Beloved Jewelry.
Hair - is a style very Michal Jackson fro A & A -style Kingstyle #2
Shoes - Felicity Shoes - Adelle 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday happenings

Where are we today?
Punto de encuentro, Avalon Shores
Lugar de reunion, para hablar, jugar a juegos de mesa, escuchar musica y todo lo que se nos ocurra, !bienvenido a nuestra familia!. 
EspaƱa, andalucia, amigos , juegos, charla, compaƱeros, parchis, cheesy, domino, 

This is a lovely location, with lots of leisure spaces and places to relax and share time with friends.  Spanish is the main language spoken, however, the ambiance is inviting to everyone.

If you are a surfer, I hear waves, but I don't think they are surfing waves for those of you who enjoy the activity of surfing, but I see plenty of places for get-togethers.
Surfing locations - (sampling there are many more)
Bundy Reef Surf Community,  Surf Beach for the enjoyment of the SL Surfing Community. Surfable waves to ride. Free surfboards to ride for free. Beautiful tropical beach to enjoy and hangout.
Seychelles Isles Surf Beach & Entertainment Pier,   Seychelles Isles
~Landscaping and Design by Ericaane Hastings~
Tropical bliss - island surf & beaches (clothing optional), Tropical island with beaches and best surf waves (Maoli Waves). Open to all. Surf, relax, romance, couples cuddle, tan, swim, nude beaches.
Join group to rezz your own surfboard.  
LGBT friendly sim. Equal respect to all people.

We visited all the locations, they are all operational, start planning that outing now, there is just so much fun out there to enjoy,

The fabulous outfit you see in the top picture is an outfit from Pink Cherry featured in round 82 of the Designer Circle  > link in side bar
Sunglasses and hat (Amarelo Manga) are also in this round at the Designer Circle.
Jewelry is our favourite jewelry designer, Beloved Jewelry   This particular set is the 50L special at the Flawless Picnic sale on now -see link in sidebar

Thanks to Star and Kirt Solo for their surfing pictures.  Yes DJ Kirt!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Burlesque Fun at Tango's Club

How often do you find yourself all dressed up with nowhere in particular to go. This is a club to take note of, Each night there is usually something different happening.

Sundays - they provide streamed music only -suggested setting is midnight

Monday -     DJ Sugaree  - 7-9pm   Sultry     * note SL time (Pacific)
Monday -     DJ Tango     - 9- 10 pm     

Tuesday -    DJ Salvius   - 7 - 9 pm
                 DJ Tango      Mix        9-10 pm

Wednesday - DJ Yume    -Burlesque    7-9 pm  - 
                   DJ Tango   - Mix          9-10 pm

Thursday -    DJ   Pilo       5- 7 pm    hits from the 80's
                   DJ  Tali         7- 9 pm

Friday -        DJ Salvius -  Oldies    9- 11 pm 

Saturday  -   Stream

After Hours - a music stream with music to dance by, or simply listen to. They provide plenty of dances for you to enjoy your time there.

Meet DJ  Yume, she is the hostess for Burlesque night, watch for her notices she is a terror at coming  up with great theme parties.  Join her group, you won't be sorry.

This is her note card to her group members, preparing us for her appearance tomorrow night at Tango's

Wilkommen, bienvenu, welcome to the Cabaret! It’s Burlesque Night at Tango’s, 7-9PM SLT WEDNESDAY! We’ve assembled an incredible line up of exotic beauties to dance for your pleasure from all corners of the world! Join our Master of Ceremonies, Monsieur Ruffian, Hostess Extraordinaire PeggySue, DJ Yume and our fantastic dancers for an evening of great music and FUN at Tango's! 

WE have no idea what the mischief making gal has up her sleeve, but we don't want to miss it.  Come join us for the fun.

Taxi to Tango's is above.

Coming up....

Wednesday - at the Cake Stage  7-9pm  SL

Wednesday - at Cake Stage  5 - 7 pm SL

TODAY - Tuesday @ 10 a.m. SL time

When was the last time you visited 1920 Berlin?

Round 82 @ Designer Circle is just getting going

Monday, June 23, 2014

The wicked, the one and only Trowzer Boa - Sax at its best

Second Life celebrates 11 years.  Events are going on every day.  But tomorrow, Tuesday, Trow is playing @ the Cake Stage.

Trow is mean, he is "bitch", he is hot, no one plays sax like he does ... he can play with you and drive you over the brink with his playing.  His repertoire
runs from old favourites, classics to original new tunes.
You know him from various venues in SL, if it is happening, he will be part of it.  Trow has been with us for many years.
Many of you have enjoyed listening to the venues he has at his club, Firehouse 59 Jazz Firehouse 59 Jazz, Blues and Gallery,

The Firehouse 59 is fun, casual and open to all.  Trow's favourite activity we are told is sliding down the fire  pole. Hey, to each his own, it is there for all to enjoy =^_^=.   

Trow is a strong supporter of the "Arts" in Second Life, he has been a constant in the entertainment world for a number of years,  Lets  show our support and drop over to the Cake Stage tomorrow, Tuesday  at 10am SL time (Pacific)

What is happening today, Monday 23rd.

We take you back to Flawless, the Picnic Table sale is still going on.  Not to miss is the 50L Orchid Jewelry Set from Beloved Jewelry. url >>>

If it is music you want, you can listen to Yume Yoshikawa's stream online Monday from 12 noon - 2 pm SL time.   If you wan to experience Yume and her dynamci personality in person, she is at The Crossroads,Blues today from 12 noon - 2pm. SLT

The Crossroads ~ Get Your Mojo Working & Your Motor Running,    < taxi

Deep blues for the virtual world at the Crossroads, the premier blues club in SL. Dance to DJs & live music on the front porch, visit the Blues Museum, ride your motorcycle.
bike bikes hipster hippie hippies boho bohemian rockabilly juke joint  gonzo 99%

Click on the board when you arrive and you will be given a map of the various locations at The Crossroads, to find Yume, you need only look to your left when you arrive and head for the dancing.
You will see all the dancers and hear the wonderful sounds, the closer you get.

Tonight @ Tango's the beautiful DJ Sugaree, you read about her yesterday, get a sneak peak of her play list, of her wonderful warm personality, she is on at  7 and goes thru till 9PM  SL Time (Pacific)

If you still have not had enough shopping then the sale at  The Wash - 10 main stores for your shopping pleasure,  is still going on.  This is sale where everything is 10 Linden believe me when I say, there will be something there for you , you need only look.

And lets not forget, Designer  Circle has started their 82 round.  Our model today is wearing the Blah BLAH blah dress that is featured in this sale.  It has a sexy cut out back, and just the barest of cover in front.You looked dressed, but a side view is Oh so Sexy!
Shoes are Felicity  Shoes. Adelle
Jewelry is Beloved Jewelry - from the Flawless Picnic Table Sale
Sunglasses - Amerlo mango  part of their items offered at Designer Circle round 82
Hair is Janna from Tameless - cherrywood

We bring you the information when it is happening.  Bookmark us and come back often,

Find exotic places and where you can enjoy an air balloon ride, watch for news in our blogs that will give you more and more to enjoy out of Second Life.

Pacifique, SunSet dAlliez

Welcome to Pacifique!  boat canoe dancing date event explore forest friendly fun group hangout hot air balloon jazz love newbie pirate romance singles sweethearts 7 seas fishing gardens games.  Owner:  Eclair Martinek

You missed the fun Saturday at Pacifique when Barney dropped in to DJ Kirt's set.  DJ Kirt plays 5 -7 PM on Saturdays... Non Stop toe tapping out of your seat dancing tunes.  Come one come all.. enjoy the fun.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

What's happening Sunday?

Designer Circle round 82 has opened its doors... a lot happening there. With summer here, we are not wanting the same make ups, or hairdos that we wear all year round.  we saw when we went through DC 82 that there is a new (to us) Designer  there. taxi in the side bar to the right.

If you are familiar with this line, feedback would be nice.  There were a few new names to us..

What we have noticed is that more and more shoe designers are designing for the Slink foot. Nothing wrong with that, but we  know of a lot of gals who are not going Slink.  we will watch for the designers who are still creating for the regular avatar foot and keep you informed. (Designer  Circle #82)

For sure Felicity Shoes is still putting out the stilettos that we can't get enough of.  This is the shoe that is on special this week-end, The Adelle.
This is where you can go to know  where her sales are.

You'll note that we are also listening to our readers and giving you the up close and personal adverts that show exactly what you will be looking for. the Felicity Shoe limo is in the side bar to the right.

Wow just talking with DJ Sugaree, remember her, check back a couple of blogs, she will be playing this Wednesday at the Second Life birthday bash

Our own gospel and blues DJ, SKY will be on stage from 5 - 7 pm bringing you the best blues in SL. DJ Sky is a non stopping music machine of down home Southern Blues.

DJ Sky will be followed by the beautiful DJ Sugaree playing her romantic mix of Jazz and sultry songs that will have you melting on the spot.

OK dear reader, you have plenty of time to plan ahead, these are two boss DJ's who need you to be there to support and encourage their performances.
You can't go wrong, they are two different talents, you won't be disappointed in what they put out.

Save this page, tell your friends, forward the blog, get as many people out as you can.. Help us celebrate 11 years of Second Life.

Outfit being worn by the model is from Designer  Circle #82 -::JK ::
Skin and makeup from Poudre -=Julia
Hair - Truth - Julia streaked
Model is Sarah from Tuty's
Eyes - Sage green Redgrave

Enjoy everyone.. pass this page around.. support our DJs.....  
Visit our designers and shop shop shop..

Gospel Blues on Sunday


SWEET MAGNOLIA'S - Outdoor Venue for the Arts,

The stage is waiting, the DJ arrives at 11 a.m. SL time, (Pacific)  DJ SkyRider's set lasts an hour, and it is ass kicking, up off your seat super fantastic.

These two, Butterfly Rose and SkyRider Sicling are always working and planning to bring you the best entertainment in Blues,  You will remember DJ Sky from his performances at Poonanny's - You'll find him there on Saturday's at 4pm. Watch this blog for a full report on this DJ, he is stunning and a real find.

Plenty of time to come down and join in on the action .... Grab the taxi and meet us on the dance floor.

We're waiting for you at Sweet Magnolia's... grab the limo.. see above!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

FIFA -Freebies - Picnic Sale

We found ourselves a FIFA World Cup (2014) realistic Brazuca ball (mesh) by reading and following the Satus -Teleport Hub - in Second Life.  Satus not only brings you news of what is free he reports on group gifts as well. In his post he provides you the link to get to the destination you are wanting.  He does his best to give you the latest and the most up to date reporting, however, we all know how fast things can change in SL.  Satus is very customer service oriented, please don't hesitate to contact him with problems or issues that you discover during your hunt for the good deals.

See the ball I love it. I'm so engrossed in the games!  NS was a new store to me, it may be to you too, so take time to look around.  In following Satus's tips, you will find that you will discover a lot of new places to shop.  He is relentless in his pursuit of a "bargain"

NS:: , Majestic Island   (check out the other specials while you are there!)

There were so many goodies being offered on his page, that I had to pull myself away, skins, summer eyes, cool summer makeup, a halter dress in a pinks to die for.. Oh and did I mention shoes!!!

It wouldn't be the start of summer without a sale at Flawless. Yes yesterday was the start of the Picnic Sale.  You just know you want something naughty and nice for the summer fun that is ahead.
The Flawless Picnic Sale and HUNT

You will find many of your favourite designers, and you know that always, they offer you something from their regular stock, not a throw away as the exclusive 50L special.

Unfortunately we ran out of time, the sale is a good one, and we wish we could have shown you more, but we have given you the taxi, hop on it and come shop.  We are not leaving before seeing what Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes has on her table.  Omg  Beloved Jewelry has her table up too. Look what she is offering for 50L... gotta gotta  have it! yabba yabba dooooo!

We have to go for now.. see you next time... =^_^=

 HUNT fanatics, a couple of these pictures give a clue

Teleport Hub -,

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dancing the night away ..and

Dancing in Second Life is a big part of the social whirl.  Here the couple is dancing at Firehouse 59 - this is a small independent club where you can come dressed as you want. This is great because that means whatever you are doing, you can take a break and hop on over to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment.  The pictures you see on the walls are for sale, great conversation pieces for your home, and all originals done by Trow (featured entertainer and owner)  Firehouse 59 Jazz, Blues and Gallery

In the summer there are always beach parties, or venues that give you  the beach feeling. In fact in SL you get summer weather and beaches all year round.  Tango's is a club that has a beach and often will have special events on the beach.  Tango's Club,

Helicopter( 4 seater) is from Spijkers Aviation and Marine
HLT Airfield, Home of Spijkers & Wingtips & Puff Magic Dragon

These three men are members of the Virtual Coast Guards of SL, Khukuri Masala, with the cigarette in f ront, and Vince Uzuna to the right, and Jonsky Foxtrot distant left.  For more information on the Virtual Coast Guards, you can contact Khukuri or Chief Allan Ohare,

Virtual Coast Guard is an independent Sea-Air-Rescue providing career and training for members and quality rescue services for customers/guests.

For those of you asking where the boat in an earlier blog is from, it comes from BERDAV@marine
BERDAVmarine Headquarters -,

It was impossible to hone in on one boat to show you, it is like a candy store for craftsmanship for water pleasure crafts and working boats.  You want it, it has to be there.  They have a customer service department if you have any questions.  Vendors are provided right next to the object of your choice.

There is a lot to do in SL, get out there and explore, have a good time!

Thanks to DJ Kirt and Star for the invite to the party...
Star is wearing a dress from JAVA Fashion Designs
clogs are from  KOKO  for more information contact akira cyberstar