Thursday, April 30, 2015

Entertainment news 5.2015

PHIL SETNER @ WINDOWS ON THE WORLD : 4PM Phil's range of music is diverse but he prefers to sing the ballads of a love song and share the wave of emotions that he experiences while on stage with others. He sings a mix of Soft Classical Country, Fifties love songs and modern love songs He is both talented and entertaining and that is a wonder combination. Come on over and see NYC from the top of the world Trade Center. Formal attire appreciated, Limo

This is what his publicist had posted on FB. (Kristy Danick)  I've been seeing her posts for some time and never got around to going, even though he was on my "To See" list.  Last night Jeffah was playing at Windows on the World, and I thought, hey, its been awhile, so I popped over.  I was early, Katia sends out notices ahead of time, so we can get our acts together and attend .  Well Katia, thank you... I got to her Phil Setner's last couple of songs.  What a voice. What a set of pipes (to quote Jeffah). 

To book Phil, go through Kristy, to hear and attend one of his shows, check out his schedule, there is a link on his profile.


Canadian maestro of song Jeffah is an entertainer that one can never get enough of. His repertoire is just so extensive that you just never tire of of his presentations.  He loves to work with his audience, so it can be a real hoot, the requests can be just too many for one set.  So what happens, people keep coming back for more and more.
Jeffah and his partner (also a singer) Katia, are also very committed to helping other artist who want to sing or perform in Second Life.

Get in their group to find out where and when you can hear Jeffah or Katia** perform  If your groups are full, join their subscriber.

**Katia has been performing all over the Internet for 10 years. You will hear modern/classic rock, show tunes, ballads, pop music, requests and more. Katia speaks 5 languages and during her show she enjoys singing songs in Italian, Portuguese, Spanish as well as English. You will have a blast at her show, and leave wanting more!


DJ Yumi's schedule for the month of May.  Things can change, we do our best, so that you don't miss out on any of the parties, themed events, get on our group list/subscriber..

May 15, 2015 Friday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Latin Sizzle

May 18, 2015 Monday 12PM - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues

May 20, 2015 Wednesday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Uptown Brass

May 22, 2015 Friday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Bolero Baile

May 25, 2015 Monday 12PM - 2PM SLT: The Crossroads - Electric Blues

May 27, 2015 Wednesday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Girl Groups & Singers

May 29, 2015 Friday 7PM - 9PM SLT:  Tango's - Latin Sizzle

taxi in sidebar

Now here is one interesting entertainer.  Not only can he sing and entertain you in SL, he has a "boss" life in RL.  Check out Blues Heron.  This was another performer we had on our "hit list" and only got to recently.  We will now keep up with  what he is up to on a regular basis, what a delightful entertainer and person.
Alaskan singer/songwriter, Blues Heron has been performing in RL for many years. His name is Blues but he perform in a variety of  styles, playing a mix of originals and covers by a wide range of artists.

Video of his show on Live n Kickin


Resident DJ with the mostest at Pacifique, DJ Nick, plays every Tuesday from 5 pm - 7 pm SL time.
Versatile, funny and well informed, this DJ is like a chameleon ask him for a theme and he'll pull it together for you.

Pacifique is a feel good club.  People know each other,  everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. become a regular, there is always something going on. taxi in side bar.
The Mercury Room -  Mercury Room-  vintage jazz,  ballroom & burlesque in lazy hollywood deco splendour!  

"The Mercury Room is a magnificent ballroom and lounge, recreating the elegant anarchy of the Great Age of Jazz and American Song, with all the style, open-ness and danger of Hollywood in the early and mid 20th century. We love all kinds of music, and all kinds of people, our djs are looking for the heart and soul of the Jazz Age- all the fire and energy and sex in the music that lives on today."   The Mercury Room Limo
Our timing is not good when trying to meet with the creator and the publicist for these clubs.

The Cleopatra Club - main landing  this is a family friendly build which everyone is invited to visit and use.  
You can take a magic carpet to the other levels, (2 and 3)

Downunder Rainforest, Dinner Ballroom of the Titanic  This is the location of a ship where there is ballroom for live shows.  the build is interesting from inside the ship, by looking out the windows, you appear to be in motion.

Amazica Land,, another show club,  These clubs are all family show places, and all are welcome.  

This group also has a Downunder Shopping Center , Apukohai it also has a forest and a working hover craft ride.  All of these builds are by AazingGrace Galicia, please contact AmazingGrace herself, or Shyone00 for more information.  All entertainment is G rated,

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yumi was at Tango's, where were you?

Last night was a blast, where were you?  Yumi hosted her Route 66 night, the place was jumping.

Please if you recognize one of your friends, pass the blog along, they were caught by the paparazzi dancing the night away to DJ Yumi's rocking selection of travelling tunes.  You know that Dj Yumi will always give you a good time, follow her by joining her group so you don't miss out on any of the fun events.

DJ Tango was there with his lovely wife & partner (PeggySue) in the club dancing and helping host the night's event.  They are the designers and creators of the stage sets you get to enjoy when you come to themed events at the club------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What has our lovely DJ Sugaree been up to?  Still at Tango's on Mondays, but do you know what she is doing the rest of the week?  
This busy lady has added a few new  venues to her schedule, and one of our favourites is American Graffiti on Sunday nights.

Dj Sugaree has become a bopper!  She has personalized her own style of bringing back the tunes of yesterday in a Rock and Roll venue that is sure to please retro/vintage lovers.  Actually Dj Sugaree is a crowd pleaser, have a request, doubt you can stump her. This is another dj to follow, join her groups and stay up to date on what she is doing.
Zombie block party in Grunge City

We told you about it in yesterday's blog, however we didn't tell you about some of the dangers.

There are zombies everywhere, and ...well...  if you get caught where you shouldn't be... you can be arrested, the jail is horrible, dirty, unkept, ugh.

Your car if you are not careful could suddenly combust, there is green bildge spewing out that is rank and putrid.  LOL that said, we won't show you all the places you can discover when you explore.  Explore you must, what a build. All thanks to the creative talents of Eclair (eclair.martinek)  owner and artist designer of Pacifique

This Relay for Life event is being put on by Alexis (alexis.fairlady)  you can contact her for more information on how you can participate, or bring your own kiosk.  See previous blog for more information.

For readers asking, "where is Dick Pinelli ?"  we found him for you.  You however will have to do a bit of travel to get to him, but it will be worth the visit.  He has two clubs in InworldZ  - the Loft Blues Club - where he not only DJ's but hosts other entertainers and Dj's in the club, it is a going concern, always busy, last week Ganjo Monkeev was there, most of you music lovers know who Ganjo is.

The other club that Dick and Rusty (his partner/wife) have in InworldZ is Trail End Saloon, a hang out for country music lovers.

and YES to all you fashionista's who are fans of Rusty's Rags, she has a shop there right next to the Blues club, crammed full of her "Rusty Rags" fashions.
1-Rusty's Rags - Main Store @ Elektra  we will be honest here, we are providing a link like we do for SL places, but have no idea how they will work with your viewer.  Even IF they will work.  

To visit InworldZ we did use Firestorm, but to get around and actually for performance we had to change over to the InworldZ viewer itself.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The walking dead - Zombie block party

You are invited to a Zombie block party... come to the Zombie Zone, Friday, April 24th.  Dare walk through the deserted streets where only the dead come out to play.  Dress like you belong unless you want to fall prey to some awful ending.
The streets are quiet now, but come Friday when the Zombies start to fill the street, you won't want to miss their chilling party. The BYOK event.

The dance/party begins at 5 pm - 10 pm SL time.

DJ Nick will start the party off from 5 pm - 7 pm.  take a good look at what he looks like, I can almost guarantee that he will not look like this on Friday.  We hear he has been roaming old grave yards in the dead of night looking for the right thing to wear.

DJ Peachie will end the evening from  8 PM  - 10 PM SL time.  Peachie is dynamite out of control.  There is no slowing down on her shift. Stay lubricated, that is the only way you will survive.

Between 7pm - 8 pm there will be lots to do, Zombie fights, cool places to explore, All proceeds go to Relay for Life.

Remember - bring your own kiosk - this is a BYOK  for more information on this must attend party, contact Alexix, (alexis.fairlady)

This is a very worthwhile cause, please  help us make this fund drive a success. re post this blog, send it to all your friends.

See you on Friday... leave your dressings on, bring your favourite vampire,come meet the count... blood bank will be open... lots of parking spaces for your coffins
Stay tuned.

We have just been told about a set fabulous builds, that includes, a 3 tier
Cleopatra club,  Dinner Ballroom of the Titanic,
Amazica Land Fun Park, and Downunder Shopping Center and RWXCreation Market.  We will explore and bring you pictures and LMs next issue.

All the builds are on sims that are G rated.
Builder/creator - AmazingGrace Galicia

Amazica Land,   here is a limo if you want to take a sneak peak around before we give you the full story.

Catch the bus with us Friday for Pacifique