Sunday, November 29, 2015

end of Nov already - really?

While visiting the Great Canadian Grid the other day....As you know Jettis and China have an estate there... we had to wait for them, so we did what most virtual travellers do, we started to explore ...

It may have been Black Friday in the United States and  Canada,  however, we saw sales on the Canadian Grid that would give other  grid merchants a real run for their money.
------------------------ HERE IS A SAMPLING -----------------------------------

Lori and Me presents BLACK WEEKEND in Canadian World
Thu, Nov 26 2015 10:03:00 PM PST   TAXI

Lori is bringing to her stores..  2015 BLACK WEEKEND---
Skins  and Clothes   Heaven's Mall
all reduced  ...50% off  Friday 27th Saturday 28th and yes Sunday 29th
and and all  items 50% off.  you pay posted price..  Lori..."ME"

will  return to you  50%....No matter how long you been in world.  you  qualify  for  this once a year event at Lori and Me. As long as your history shows you bought  any of those days  for  returns...Best wishes  this holiday season
Mystery Creations ~ Brand new Group Gift ~   TAXI
Fri, Nov 27 2015 4:13:09 AM PST

Mystery Creations ~ Brand new Group Gift ~
You can find it near the Winter Cabin in the Winter & Xmas Section!

Fri, Nov 27 2015 9:15:48 AM PST     TAXI

Are you looking for  new skin?
Diamond Style is the place where you can find YOUR PERFECT LOOK !!!
Come to our store and try our demo.

Your LIMO is attached.
---------------------------------- Do you remember Cristal Triellis? Great artist----------------

What is the first thing you look for when you enter a new  virtual  world.
A decent AO for walking and standing. taxi to M&M Animations   the shop is in another mall created by Alaria Ferraris and Jimbo Qinan, see previous blog.for more of what these two are doing on the GCG

This is a new rocking club, Jen Smith owner of Po Monkey, has got this rocking diner happening.. there is a roller rink and shops... btw. China has a CHINA-T-SHOP there...  Taxi to shop, club is just out front to the right.
We are  told by the ever current Nox, that Jen is going to be opening another new club, Cajun Country  - stay tuned.

Shelby Moonlights Adult Club the Lodge is having a Bare as you Dare Party on Monday, November 30th.   4-6 PM
Celtic Maiden Warrior is going to debut on GCG Marina Bay, December 3rd.
Tone Urize (Tony Uribe) Tony has been playing guitar for 50 years. An accomplished musician and entertainer, he plays at Po Monkey every Friday, from 5- 6 pm.

Big Daddy has his own stream


Did you know that the GCG has the most events going on then other grids, they ranked number one in a survey that was done..

Have a look..

To all interested travelers, be aware that come January 1st. the rates for a sim on the GCG will be going up..  If you purchase before January 2, 2016, you will be grandfathered.  Your rate will not change.

**note this also includes if you want to upgrade the number of prims you currently have on your land.  All too often we realize that we have reached our limit and want/need more prims.  the time to do the upgrade is NOW before the price increase.

Everyday, we see more and more designers and builders landing, checking us out, and deciding to stay.

There is something going on almost all the time, we have an Events Co-ordinator who posts everyday, a schedule of what is happening on the grid. Nox is always (when he is on) available to be of assistance.

A lot going on InWorldz too..   Sunday mornings you can find us rocking the morning with DJ Fantasia Rhodes.  

Where.. Rocking the Blues of course..

DJ. Kira, DJ Phoenix, are also usually around... both of course have sets on Friday and Saturday

You all know DJ Kira, being the owner of this  well known club, she works a lot of shifts.  If you can find her behind the mic.. you are in for a treat.. she can be very naughty with her songs... (might need to encourage her =^_^=)
Couldn't find our clothier of the year, Hawk Eyre, to find out what he is up to... he is likely off putting together more winter surprises for you... Check his shop Hawks Design

Men this is the season where you will want something fancy for those special evenings where you want to look your best.... Hawk is the man to see for all of your needs.. We promote his formal wear, but he has a bit of everything.  Check him out.

Christmas & Winter Decor Store - Wind River & Wolf-Tek

The latest from Teal Freenote, owner of Wind River, shows us what she has out at her Christmas & Winter Decor Shop.
Teal is always offering us something new for whatever season we are shopping for.  if you have not checked out her many departments, shops and offerings, then... now is the time...
She has silver bells, mantle greenery with silver ornaments, trees, cherubs, holiday deer.... what are you waiting for.

You all know and remember the name DJ Tony Foxx  (Tony'6 years exp.  50's to Rock & Roll, Classic Rock, R&B Old School, Pop, Soul, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Romantic Jazz & R&B, Boogie Swing.  We saw he was playing at the East Coast 80's club.
When we went to take pictures.. guess who that figure is up front there, can you guess..  If you also frequent  RTB (rocking the blues) or also do SL, you might recognize the outfit. clue. he is another DJ.

Owner of East Coast 80's is the Canadian entrepreneur, Sonny Darkrose.  Sonny also has rentals.. look him up.

Did you all get this notice... (DJ Ashley)

or this one..

BLUES, BLUES, BLUES, AND NOTHING BUT THE BLUES with DJ Griffin down here on the Bayou at Backwoods Blues! Come get your fix on and dance some holes in the dance floor.  Shake your pixels and get yourself ready for the weekend ahead! We're rocking it until 10pm so there's still time to get down here and enjoy the tunes!  Bring your posse, your friends,  your family, y

BACKWOODS is baccccck!  (owner Curt Halberd)
Backwoods blues, Black Bayou (adult)
Has Returned, If you are looking for a great place to dance and hear music of all kinds, your in the right place here at Backwoods.

Another DJ to watch for at Backwoods, is DJ Jazzie with her hostess Harmony


Faewood Ballroom. Romantic music stream plays between events. Explore Faewood's Seelie Forest. Faewood is a fairy themed fantasy sim. Boat through the Dragon's Lair, read the story poem. Have fun.

Now how inviting is that!  Bard's Faewood Isle and Ballroom & Chez Fayre, Mo Neamh Bheag   What brought us to this magical land, the following advert.

After visiting the River Lands the other day, our interest in visiting different sims with themes has continued.
We also found some lovely Fantasy Kins/shapes at this location, along with Tattoo Eye Art & Shadow


Did you receive your Hallucination" L'Oeuvre au Noir" from Stathis Piek?  He sent it out just recently.  If you are not on his mailing list, then we suggest you get your buns over to his shop and sign up.  He is a master mind of "twisted" all in a fun way...     

"Come, burn the midnight oil and constantly learn, constantly remember... Obscurum per obscurius Ignotum per ignotious

Get all the latest info on STATHIS products and news.  Join the official STATHIS: Group"   trust us when we say, you will never know what he will deliver or come up with next.

Don't expect an easy ride, you'll have to use your mind, believe us, he'll make it worth your while.

PS he has a Crazy Sale going on with animations for the holidays.. We are not going to spoil the fun, look him up. Stathis Piek

*T'is all a  Chequer-board of Nights and Days;
             Where destiny with men for pieces plays
        Hither and thither moves, and checks, and slays,

                And one by one back in the cabinet lays.*

taken from his profile.... 

Spirit Nation, we landed in an area we  had not been before, and heard chanting.  Very interesting..  Spirit Nation - Indian Nation, Eastern Woodlands 

 The Sundance is the Ceremony of the Great Plains Indians.   Some dance to pray for a relative or friend or simply to determine ones place in life.   Some tribes believe that unless the sundance is performed every year that tribe will lose touch with the creative powers of the universe.   some tribes have used self torture as part of the ceremony by attaching eagle clews to ropes and impaling the claws into the chest and then leaning back until the skin ripes the claws free.   this was a test of honor.  And also to honor the great Spirit.
Kind of like a test of manhood to gain respect from other tribe members.    Each tribe has its own version of the sun dance.

DJ Nick and his lovely co-host Mel
Invite you to come and dance with them
Mondays - 5pm - 7 pm 
the themes vary, and Dj Nick is ever ready with the music and songs from almost any theme you throw his way.

Her schedule to be added shortly for month of December.


Live entertainment at its best.  Jeffah (jeffah24)  this is a performer you do not want to miss. 


Rock, Pop, Jazz/Swing, Broadway, Disney...
Check out my live show in high-demand all over SL.

Join my group "Jeffah's Jivers" for show updates.

Demos on SoundCloud:

Calendar showing his current show dates:  
(Calendar also available in WEB tab of his profile.)
What does a woman want for the holidays?

MMMM 2nd or maybe 1st choice

DJ SKY, yes ladies he is back

You will find him on Monday night at  WHARF RAT BLUES-  5pm
On Sunday from  6 - 8 pm, you will find another DJ, new to us, but from what we heard last night, he has a good library of blues.
Meet Flip (flipncrazy)

back on the GCG (Great Canadian Grid...

Last time we saw China she was standing outside waiting for Roddie to come and extend  their  estate.. She and Jettis are already planning for their summer adventures. %# the clue,  she is waiting by the wharf Jettis built, they must want that dock for something...

reminder, if you are going to extend your land, the time on the GCG is now.. January 2nd, the rates go up.

stay tuned

** if you have an event for Dec. let us know.  remember some clubs will be open with live DJs, others not.  If you are not sure, ask them.

Friday, November 20, 2015

T'is the season -1.

Good day to you dear readers..
Something a little different.. we are going to take you first to GCG, The Great Canadian Grid.
Today we are visiting the River Lands..  Medieval Fantasy Roleplay community.
Over the years of virtual living, not once but more times than we really can count, have we encountered or come across role players, from various communities in the virtual worlds.
This particular theme seems to reoccur on many of the grids in one form or another.  Our contact in GCG is Jaekob Faolan. 

Jaekob is always available when online to help you out and to provide you with assistance in getting you started.  The community even offers tutorials on role play.  As well as having OOC evenings so you can come and enjoy time with them, meet people, and see the various communities within the River lands.
OOC = out of character         IC = in character.
Visitors to the sims are asked to dress appropriately for their visit.  Free outfits are provided at landing 

In the short time that we were there, we were very interested in knowing more about the areas that we visited.

The only way of getting to know more about the period, and the way people lived their day to day, is to research, explore and come participate.

landing @ River lands

At one time the CHINA-T-SHOP was alone on this side of the plaza.  That is not the story now.  In just a month or more, Alaria Feraris and Jimbo Qinan have managed to populate the mall with some very talented designers and artists.
You will now find... Hair Stuff Designs (London Core)
                            Lawn and Garden Stuff Designs  (London Core)
                            Woman Stuff Designs (London Core)
                            Shoe & boot Stuff Designs (London Core)
                            Men Stuff Designs (London Core)
                            Westwood Custom Bikes (Richard Westwood)
                            Zun Zun Cuba (Zun Zun)
                            Kristins Clothier, Kristin Nightfire of Oceanside Estates
                            Off Your Rocker (SeanPatrick Carroll)
                            Welcome to Dreams  (Londan Dreams)
This is just giving you a sampling of the shops that are around the music venue that is there at *ROUND UP COUNTRY*, Clearwater Creek

What is nice is that there is ongoing music to dance to.. along with a big screen.. fun to be able to enjoy yourself.. while working on inventory etc... 
Guess who else is here, your favourite and mine, Cherokee Sensations..

She is currently at Muddy Water Mall, Muddy Shores  another mall owned by Alaria and Jimbo. stop the press.. she is now at Clearwater!!!!

Hop on the bus and come on down! Join her group here on GCG, she is putting out Xmas goodies. You know Cherokee, she just doesn't stop.

Howdeeee.... The Great Canadian Grid celebrated its 2nd anniversary - the partying went on over an extended period of time..  Nox managed to get a picture  with people around the big banner... good on you Nox.

Congratulations - Roddie ( Roddie Macchi) our founder/owner and janitor all in one.. this guy never sleeps...  I keep looking for where his batteries are kept.

Partying at Po Monkey.. (jen smith's place) )    pic by Nox.

The GCG is about community and friendships.. If you don't know someone when you get to Canada, it won't be long before you do.  There is a lot that is different, being that GCG is an open sim.  BUT... there is nothing like the fellowship you will find, and the support from not just Roddie, but the GCG committed staff and GCG members themselves.

We are talking today abour role play.. There are communities InWorldz too. The one we spoke about recently is Squanto Thorne's Spirit Nation sim. Squanto has been busy making the area more user friendly.  Not only is there the role play area, but there are areas where you can find a place and live .. in the outdoors, in his settlers area, gypsy camp or in a Native TeePee or wigwam

Squanto takes a lot of pride in trying to create the same native environment that his people's (the Wampanoag) lived back when life was lived at a different pace, and where the sound of drums, and singing is what entertained .. and where  community was sitting by a fire, or gathering as a group and telling stories.

Did you know that there is a difference between Plains Indians, and other tribes, that they each have their own customs, and history.  Over twenty Native American tribes .. some of the most colourful and best known in North America once lived int he wide open country of the Great Plains.  The Wampanoag Tribe, were not one of these tribes.    

Who were these people, how did they live from day to day, the beauty of being in the virtual world is you can learn about their past, by visiting and participating in the community of Spirit Nation, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes and wilderness that Squanto has created.

Learn to hunt, practice your hunting skills. Have you ever wanted freedom from the western civilized need for being dressed from head to toe... what other incentive, then to live free... and in harmony with nature.

" Squanto Thorne: Like many other sims here at IWorldz Spirit Nation is going through some growing pains.   The Native way of life has not caught on yet"  We know there is an interest, but we don't always have the time, or are shy to just arrive, and not know what to do. or expect.     The landing area is very friendly and there are several merchants there who ply their trade ..=^_^= lots to see, and some very nice items you can bring back for souvenirs.  

Guess who has a shop set up there, yup, our one and only Cherokee Bravin, of Cherokee Sensations.  The soft leather Native Indian boots you've always wanted, she has them in several different styles.

Come visit... we know you will want to stay awhile and explore.. and you are very welcome to do just that.


see video...

This is another fantastic build in InworldZ.. it is the incrediable world of Pandora, for all who loved Avatar, this is a place of magic and fantasy to give you hours of delight as you explore. The build was and is by Willow Rose, we hope this link will work for you.  She is the main character you will see in the video.

iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

if all else fails, try cut and paste, for sure you want to see this.


JUMP AND JIVE  on Thursday from 4 - 6pm.  a swinging set hosted by Suzie Cummings...

There is always something going on at Mirror, get on their group list so you don't miss out and some very different entertainment

Rest in Peace dear Hunter..  Hunter Montgomery was a much loved entertainer in all virtual worlds where he  played, a live talented musician, he will be missed.  Hunter has left for the big stage in the sky.  Many clubs in both Inworlds and GCG are holding special events in his memory.
Every club has their regulars, Rocking the Blues is home to the group, Rockin' the blues, group tag is Blues Rockers...  Kira Wyldfire, lovingly calls the group the Blues Tribe... It is a dedicated group that fills the club from Thursday - through to Sunday.
The club is where you will often find a dizzy talented kitty called Lexxy Moore.
Lexxy has a techno shop of her own, and is involved in many different activities, but at RTB when she is there, she puts on a mean particle show. (pixel  fireworks, stunning colourful visuals) (a word, stay away from her kitty litter)


Attended the story hour on Thursday, @ Seanchai Library  InworldZ... what a great way to spend some time listening to a talented "artist" entertain with a reading of a story line that keeps you listening for what will happen next. We enjoyed it.. we closed our eyes and enjoyed the visit into the fictional world.

Contact Shandon Loring for more information.....

note.. being read to .. is definitely something we could get used to.=^_^= this is really really a great way to spend some quiet time, and be entertained at the same time.  Wish we had discovered it sooner, it was unfortunate previous commitments meant we didn't get to stay till the end of the reading. Shandon is good..It didn't take long for him to draw us into the story line, and the characters he plays.
If you have suggestions or places you want to know about.. don't be shy, let us know.

Jettis surprised China this week....sure put a smile on her face..