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December news

ON THE CAR... DJ THOR HAMMER !  LOL.. we got many pictures of him moving his body on that awesome car..  (err sorry Thor, you awesome too)

Land of the Three Moons, Moonscape  take the taxi, DJ is there on Thursdays, but there is music 24/7  You want to see this DJ Thor prance and do his moves, come Thursdays between, 5 - 7 pm pacific time.

CLUB IS ON AND ADULT Sim. no dress code, the inn however is sophisticated and elegant.
We've made a discovery- on our travels we meet a lot of very interesting and creative people. In reading a profile, we found another Pandora.   This one is owned by HCB Bear.  He has 8 themed sims, one of them being Pandora.

Land of enchanment based on the movie Avatar.  There is the main sim, a skydome, and Cassiopiea(largest space station in IW) to see.  

From Pandora, we were easily able to fly over and discover his other themes. He is also the owbner of East Coast 80's (the nite club)  check out his picks for the land marks... You will want to explore, all his other parks as well.  He is open to answering any and all of our questions.  Even explain the making of Pandora...  Bear assembled a wonderful crew of creative artists and kudos to him for acknowledging their contributions.
Next - a hidden underwater paradise!  
Where is this paradise... check creator/builder Gaudin Himmel for the land marks to his different builds.  Included is a big ballroom, that plays romantic music 24/7.. formal attire is appreciated. the floor is like a mirror you will feel like you are gliding across an endless sea.

There is a labyrinth of pathways not only above ground, but under the sea for you to explore.

Gaudin hosting China through the underwater ruins and mermaid and mermen playgrounds.


Did you see the advert?

Do you know someone who needs a puppy, kitty, or polar bear this holiday season? At the Virtual Kennel Club (VKC?) we have artificially intelligent, trainable animals that can:

    ? Develop their own individual personality
    ? Learn custom commands and tricks
    ? Be petted by you and your visitors
    ? Fetch toys or other objects
    ? Greet your visitors

Come and meet them in our VKC Park at   limo to park


Each pet in the Park has a name which you can see above their head. In these instructions we'll say the pet's name is Fido, but use the pet's actual name when you give your commands.

Fido listens to any chat that begins with his name or part of his name.  Say 'Fido come' and he will come to you!  You can also just say 'fi come' and he will respond to that too.  For the remainder of the manual, I will use Fido's full name in commands, but remember you can shorten it in any command.

You tell Fido what to do by saying his name and the command you want him to do, like 'fido sit'.  Fido starts off knowing some commands, and you can teach him new ones.  Anyone can give Fido commands.

Having had one of their pets in SL we can tell you, they really are fun, entertaining, and good companions. Look at the face! It is adorable.

Welcome to the Loft Blues Club - owners Dick Pinelli and Rusty Larimore have got it all decked out for the holidays... taxi

The Welcome mat is out at Rocking the Blues... the doors are always open, come sit a spell, listen to the music, if you are there during show times, you'll find lots of company  to enjoy the holidays with.  taxi
China has been busy setting up her small kiosk at Spirit Nation, Native American -Eastern Woodlands  

There is a lot to see there, not only her shop but that of her pal Cherokee Bravin  (owner of Cherokee Sensations  & Bravin Homes)and the other talented designers who are marketing their items in the Welcome area.

This week while we were there, China took us on a tour of Spirit Nation, you have to watch for the wild animals that can attack in the forest areas, but aside from that.. if you are into wilderness.. you got it here.  The best person tho' to tour you around and explain what is happening is Squanto Thorne. Look him up.



HOLIDAY WISHES FROM ALL THE CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS BLOG... this is only a sampling - What a great year.. and a new one just around the corner.


Hey Boys!   Time for some GCG news....

With snow on the way, and in some provinces it is here already, many residents are looking for new homes, cabins, places to nest.  We noitced there are a lot of builders out there, looking to make you happy.

Creator Steven Barcelos has come to GCG bringing with him a few of his favourite luxury homes, log homes, treehouses as well as custom homes and Tiki style houses.

He is in a festive mood and has lashed pricing.. there is something for almost any budget.  come have a look.  here is your link please be in GCG when you try this.

Medieval Villagers of Manitou - a notice has been sent out., Looking for a new home?  but don't want to commit to owning a region.

We have 6 houses in a low lag medieval themed village (spread over 5 regions) complete with a mall and many public spaces. And we still have 4 sky-islands left. The homes are 750 prims, the islands 1,000 prims at a cost of MC$0/month. IM Winter Silversmith
Madison Gardner has a new home out.. 

the newest house just put out from     Out Of Time Architecture.
The Arizona Home.
Modern style 
1 bedroom 
hot tub
floating fireplace

Come and walk through  your next dream home.

If you go to her picks you can visit and walk around her builds.
Let's see.. oh .. here is one of Chris's (Chris Namaste) offerings . for men! 

hello great gridders :) 
New hair (mesh) for men in morocan market & mainstore :) yay !

many colors available & free demo's, (if u wish another color, just let me know in note). Mesh open shirt in mainstore for him in many colors (high quality)  and ... many new arrivals :)  In each store u find group gifts & other freebie's 

Ok everyone we getting this out early enough to give  you time to mark your calendars and clear your agendas to come and party.

And on the 17th. you have DJ Nox DJing at a very interesting sounding party.


It is the holidays..  Who is the DJ that is rocking out all over the grid.  With two of his own clubs in InWorldz, he is spending a lot of time here on GCG..  Do you know the clubs he plays here?  One of them???


Check out what is happening in this rocking club, It is one of Jen's clubs... You know you'll have fun... She won't let you do otherwise... 


Merci is fav. for shoes, check it out.

Where there is always some thing to see enjoy and experience.  Naked or Nearly club... Monday's from 4pm - 6 pm.  is owned by Shelby Moonlight and the  house DJ is the one and only DJ Nox.

China's relocating her Adult Art Gallery, It should be set up again by the new year. Watch for further news.


The Great Canadian Grid is a wonderful place to call home, so much is happening, and happened.  We are all looking forward to the new year.

From our fearless grid owner (Roddie Macchi)  and all of us on the grid, we wish you all a very happy and enjoyable holiday season.

Please  -   Join us for the Christmas Spectacular  check out all the fab DJ's we will have doing the entertaining.  What is a party without you. =^_^=

Saturday, December 5, 2015

December postscript

There are so many, many deserving creators and builders, we wish we could put them all out there for you to read about AND visit.. that is impossible, but thanks to the CGC Flyer, the creators/builders themselves post their sales, promotions as soon as they are ready for you.

WE have taken some of the more recent ones, that we hope will help you enjoy the holidays just that little bit more.
Subject: Contests and Freebies

Winter Silversmith has created a new group for merchants, creators and consumers.

Contests and Freebies

got something free to give away? advertise it in here, only once per
week per items please (so if you have two stores giving away a free
item, then that's two ads this week). The notice must be about the
FREE giveaway item and not so much your store. The idea is to bring
people to your store for the free item and hopefully they will shop
there too :)     Contests and Freebies    Join today! :)

Xmas tree and Ornaments!

SB&C is pleased to announce the arrival of our Xmas Tree! This ultra
realistic beauty is a mesh tree with mesh ornaments and several
different types of lights and includes felt skirt to help keep those
prezzies safe!! It comes in 3 sizes and is more colorful than Ben Hur!
Also available now are the ornaments that decorate the SB&C Xmas tree
for your own tree! Trees and ornaments ARE copyable, so enjoy and
Happy Holidays from SB&C!             TR Lifter


Both at the T-shop and the Art Gallery, you will find new items for your holiday shopping.Whether you want a new festive top for your favourite jeans, or you feel like resting your eyes for a while on delicious eye candy have a look.. see what you can find.  NB* China is setting up her shop on L'ile de Chine, she hopes to have it done soon... but her other shops are still happening, check her picks.
No - its not for your doorbell. This is for the guys!! Private Santa decor - you can hang your santa hat on it, or you can string it with lights. OR you can string it AND hang your santa hat on it. (hat has a jingle bell at the tip - wish I could animate that). Wear it to the up-coming holiday parties and/or wear it for your loved one(s). All "parts" are included! DEMO in store (middle section of the store - 1st floor).
Have fun!
River Lonetree

DJ Tommy Seetan - thank you for posting this.. I'm reposting here, so that everyone can see it.

Published on 1 Dec 2015
The most beautiful train in the world is the CP Christmas/Holiday Train. Shown here in daylight, dusk & total darkness, & along a river at night showing beautiful reflections in the water with all its lights. It is a beautiful sight to see & so proud its Canadian. (17th year). Always flying Canadian & U.S. flags. Live Xmas music at every stop, & food donations are always welcome.

Hey Boyz only in Canada, eh!
DJ Tony Foxx

DJ Tony can be found on both grids, GCG and Inworldz, he owns two clubs in IWz, but he is so busy, DJing at 3 clubs in GCG, fund raisers and other gigs, that the man is always on the go.  A New Yorker with 6 years experience, he can play .. let's see.. we do a copy paste...    50's to now Rock & Roll, Classic Rock, R&B Old School, Pop, Soul, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Romantic Jazz & R&B, Boogie Swing.  He'll do weddings too. If interested contact the man.

He's in SL on Tuesday, GCG  Hot Rods for Jen, Elegance Ball Room and the Beat Box... to keep up with where he is times etc.   Join his group or contact him.  You won't be disappointed..
Dec. 16 - he is doing a benefit for IWEG from 6 - 8    =^_^=

We suggest that readers subscribe to groups that interest them, this way you never get to miss what is happening and when. (we at VL (Virtual Lifestyles) do our best to bring you as much news as possible, at the moment, staffing is such that we cannot go daily =^_^=....

December 5, 2015, 5:10 am
The full cast of Sendalonde Players will be performing this great comedy play AT 2PM ON 12TH DECEMBER, and you will love seeing how the villagers trick King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Sendalonde Players' Producer, Ladyheart Janick, will be reading this popular story from the Original Cartoon Movie Script written by Dr. Seuss AT 2PM ON 19TH DECEMBER.
Also displaying the award-winning illustrations of Chuck Jones.    for more info.   contact Ladyheart Janick

Trivia buffs

Group notice: 2AM TRIVIA PART
Come and see how many General Knowledge trivia questions you can answer at our trivia party on Saturday. Twenty questions on various subjects with 20 Iz for every first correct answer. Even if you are not first, you could still win as all correct answers at totted up at the end with 500 Iz to the overall winner and 250 Iz to second place. DJ Steel will be spinning the discs for us to dance to and playing your requests. Come and join the fun, chat and laughter at 2:00 am in the Square. See you there.

due to time differences, please contact Pipedreams Catteneo to find out when this will take place again.

Castles - 

 Two Castles for the Price of One
We are running a Two for One offer at our Inworldz Castle store this December. Buy any Castle Q Castle during December Inworldz and receive another free Castle Q to the same value of your purchase. Just login to our website to claim your free Castle after you make your purchase at our Notos Store Inworldz.
for more information - zipporah fanbridge


2-3 new item weekly
100% mesh, 100% high quality
Low price and prim count

-Building components
To many to be listed

Our store have a little bit of all for all, but out main focus to help builders with high quality stock 
Some on the items can be downloaded ad DAE and OBJ files with the permission to be used in other grids:

With questions, message Armix Portal


Both at the T-shop and the Art Gallery, you will find new items for your holiday shopping.Whether you want a new festive top for your favourite jeans, or you feel like resting your eyes for a while on delicious eye candy have a look.. see what you can find.

owner -China Dream  (profile picks)

a memory - It was Xmas time back in 2007 and Q was still learning my way around in SL (Second Life)  I remember wanting a log cabin on a mountain top.. Lots of snow, sunsets and maybe a view of the ocean.  With the help of my Tiny friend Awen we found the land easily enough, she being a veteran, next to my few months.  After searching high and low I realized to find "what I wanted" could take a very long time.  It was the holidays, Q wanted to get settled and decorate.

It can be a tedious task finding just the right "home for the holidays".. Ta Dah... fast forward to 2015 and look what is available to you..
SedaSignature Homes!
Group notice: Cabins - Homes- Mansions @ Seda Signatures Homes
-It's the time for Shopping -  Looking for a new house.. .. but you don't want a diversity of landmarks to visit ? Here you have them all on 1 platform Winter Cabins,  Victorian Houses, Modern Houses, Beach Houses, Beautiful Mansion  Just 1 tp away from your new home. ~~ Unique Quality built copy/mod homes that are reasonably priced and easy to rez.

Meet Curt Halberd - owner of Domus Builders.

Mesh and prim builds, full sim build outs, custom textures.

In addition to the mesh structures and accessories shown at my store, He also does complete sim build outs, custom structures (mesh or prim) and custom textures. 

Nice selection, we have our eye on one in particular, goes in open waters and crosses sims...  Look around, but before you decide, check out Bayou Boats.
Every body gets our attention at one time or another...

 this doll is Mystique Soulstar.... she works hard at bringing everyone a smile... you can often find her on stage at Rocking the Blues - the club where the Blues Tribe resides! 

The dance floor is usually rocking on week-ends.. You meet the most interesting people at RTB....Drop in, chances are you'll soon be calling it "home"
Till next time

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Get your HO HO HO now!

The month of December is always full of parties, get togethers, and special events in most public places. Getting ready for the holidays, many readers start looking for a fresh new look, something that says "look at me!"  Here are some ideas...

owner - Melonie Romano
SKATING, COUPLES, AOs, HUDs, and Furniture..... that said she also does model poses, AND will do custom work at  reasonable price.

find the poster in her shop .. click it for more info

Borden Boats are house boats.  Did you know that?  How often have you dreamed of living on a house boat, or a yacht.  How cool of a Xmas gift would a house boat be.... Lizzy Borden is the gal you want to speak to.

Lush sent out a reminder recently to those in her group, Shllelz Designs main shop is now at Anonymous.  take note***
* she is doing a 12th day of Christmas gift give away.
On the 12th day before Christmas will be a free gift under the Christmas tree for all vips in her group  every day is a different gift hope you enjoy!!!**
She has a new skin out for December (Keely) she's put in skyboxes full of adult animations, separate sauna with hot tub.. va va boom.... LM's are the entrance to her main store.  Look her up Lush Meme.

Thank you for choosing Tootzie Footzie by Aliza!  Welcome to the trend-setting world of designer shoes for bKool and iFeet and Similar and other compatible mesh bare feet!

At this time all Tootzie Footzie shoes are designed for the HIGH mesh bare foot version, however we will be offering more shoes for Mid and Flat feet in the future.   **** currently 50% SALE on...

All shoes are meant to fit over the "MESH" bare feet and other mesh feet that may become compatible in future. We will do our best to keep up with all new feet that come out and add to the list for you to choose from.

Please understand no alphas are included in this product as they can NOT be worn without the feet first applied.  taxi - Toozie Footzie Mainstore

=>  Lipsticks
=>  Full Makeup
=>  Realistic Eyes
=>  Eyes Shadow
=>  Eye Lashes 
=>  Eyeliners
=>  Blushs
=>  Freckles
=>  Male & Female Skins
=>  Face and Body Hair to men
=> Men & Women Glasses

Pamella Easton is the Designer,Owner
Clubs to visit.. remember, if you will be around Dec.24,25, ask @ the club what their schedules will be.  Most have great in house music, but,  if you will be wanting to find friends to share time with... ask, plan ahead.

 Dick Pinelli and Rusty Larimore

Ladyheart Janick

Kitten Mirror

Kira Wyldfire

Curt Halberd


A map showing where all the Indian (Native American) tribes were prior to the arrival of Europeans.  If you find yourself with time on your hands during the festive season, Squanto's Spirit Nation is the place to visit, it is full of interesting places to explore.  If you have questions, drop him a note card, he'll get back to you.

Squanto Thorne


The biggest hunt on the grid at this time of the year is the Peace On Earth HUNT
This year I see the acronym POE8. meaning it is in its 8th year.

We start our shopping at  Beloved Jewelry : Wedding Rings, Jewelry Sets, Necklaces,   this will be designer Kimbra McMillan's 6th year doing this event.

This is a trademark, designer you can always trust, for great product and customer service.

Readers, after the bling, you know we are going to mention shoes/footwear..

Shoes, Stilettos, High Heels, Platform Shoes, Felicity Designer Shoes, Strappy Sandals, Shoes With Mesh Feet, Studded Shoes, Chunky Heels, Ladies Footwear, Womens Shoes, Wedges, Boots, Ballet Tutus Costume, Furniture, Garden,

This shop is wall to wall shoes, with a big sale room, and lot of group gifts for you to sample the many different styles.  This is one group that is worth joining.

Gentelmen, Lindy (delinda abbot)has not forgotten you... there are men's shoes on sale as well as women's.  

We went to Jeffah's gig at *~The Lochaber Mall~*, Deadly Sins  Mondays @1pm - 2 pm SL time.. we had forgotten his shows are usually standing room only, and in SL that means a crowd.  l a big crowd.  For the readers who have not heard Jeffah, =
Jeffah does a mean David Bowie,  he is in a band full time (FiddleStix) in RL and travels and works FT at his profession - singer.  He is a Canadian.

His shows are always well attended.. check him out.  His partner Katia (Katiaportugal) is also a singer/performer, she sings in a couple of languages, believe us, her shows are also very well attended.  If you want something special to attend...  check their schedules..

Calendar showing his current show dates:  
(Calendar also available in WEB tab of his profile.) (Jeffah24)

DJ Yume is at Tango's Wednesday evenings and Friday evenings. 7pm - 9 pm  when you join her group or the TANGO club group you will always know ahead of time what the theme will be.

DJ Tango... he is really working hard these days to give his fans a whole lot to celebrate abut.  He and PeggySue are a couple of the best hosts around..They never let their audience down.

Cherokee Sensations / Native American  taxi down to see what Cherokee is up to, she has been working hard to make sure you have lots of choices for the holiday get togethers.
Cherokee offers up a bit of everything, and remember she is on all three grids. This link is to her SL main shop.  



NB** a Roddie reminder.. new shop owners. remember there is a designated place in the welcome area, for landmarks.  This is a way to ensure newcomers to the grid, know about you, and how to find you.  See his n/c sent Dec.1.15

Live entertainment - at the GCG Adult Fun- Club House - a lot happens here, you may want to subscribe or get on Nox Darkstorm's maiing list.  He is the Events Co-ordinator for GCG.

Darrow Kanto -country singer/performer  yes'm   someone who is actually singing the oldies we can all sing along to.  When not singing he can be found DJing. or working on his many properties.
Monday's 11 a.m. till noon. is when he sings @ the Club House
Wednesday -  he spins tunes from 10 a.m. till noon
He and his wife Kenzia own several sims on the GCG, one is called Twilight Zone
check his profile for landmarks...  Looks like they will be putting in a Freebie Flea Market.. now tell me, many of us won't be checking that out. =^_^=

While talking about adult clubs.. remember the opening of the Shelby's club at her Lodge, you know it will be an 'IN" place, Nox (Nox Darkness) will be managing the place for Shelby.... watch out.... they have plans!! Naked or Nearly will be a weekly event. you'll find the LM in Shelby Moonlight's picks


Shop Enchanted @ Nameless Isle   Join the Enchanted group, send in a picture of yourself wearing your favorite Enchanted items and you could win a shopping spree on us! Deadline Dec 19th! (the little white dress is a sneak peek at their new line)
Looking for an advent calendar, ChicaDelic Creations   check it out, they are still in the process of getting set up, bu tthe calender is out.. and ready.. taxi to Roanoke Island and the calendar   taxi service has been iffy, if you have a problem copy past the url or check Mackenzie Bink's profile.. or contact Nox


Outfits  with Top & Pants, separates, so  you can mix and  match! ...Dresses, & Mesh  @ Ferraris Fashions. Serenade  Mall..  NEW STOCK Lots of awesome fashions, Girls  summer  dresses, Halloween Gowns, - owner - Alaria Ferraris
The Fashion Elves have been  busy and delivered a new item to the store.

6 new slouch neck jumper for the ladies, each with a different Christmas icon. Angel,Sleigh,Candycanes,Present,Snowman and Rudolph of course.
Hurry while they are at the introductory price of 199 -Beldara ashdene

Builders Resource ~ Raising the Standard
Mesh for creators, textures
Foundation Doors & Textures, Foundation Buildings
quality at low prices
Custom buildings & sky platforms available  

Gaia Foundation brings you beautiful residential quarter sims for rent at great prices! All are connected to Bridgemere and offer navigation opportunities, nearby scenics and more great adventures!   Labyrinth Stormborn or Remona Stormborn   check profile picks for links  

HD Skins is at a new location, please see Hillie's advert in The GReat Canadian Flyer, or check her profile picks.. Hillie Dryssen
Thank you for visit. New Location ..You will find Mesh-Avatare, Mesh Heads , Clothing, Mesh Items, Buildings, Skins coming soon.  
Have you questions, or problems, you can me ask.
Have a nice time
Hillie Dyrssen  Thank you for visit. New Location ..You will find Mesh-Avatare, Mesh Heads , Clothing, Mesh Items, Buildings, Skins coming soon.
Have you questions, or problems, you can me ask.   Have a nice time
Hillie Dyrssen   :
Ok guys, one more..

Welcome to Fun Freebies Flea Market what isnt for sale for 0 MC right click and take copy Free Photography Studio v1.3 and more everything here is free not for sale for own use. Free Dance hud & More Texture Organizer
owner, Darrow Kanto   taxi
We visited Scrimshaw Builders, Stuart Island   owner Tenbearz Running.. please visit, see what all this builder has for you... homes, buildings, boats, you don't see it... ask..   residential and commercial.

-- new----new----new----

OMG- Jettis, man have you no control.. we gave China some time off and where does she go... right off the grid to Kitely.

We hope you cut back her allowance...LOL  or you'll need to build another room.
in that new house of yours

Can you reel her back in before she starts to shop? LOL Jettis we'll send you a padlock for Xmas...  ooop she has gone to explore... we lost connection with her.  More on Kitely at a later date..


** Note - we are working on why links to places in GCG are hit and miss.. that is why we have given you the names of the owners, they will have the LM in their profiles....

** China disappeared while visiting Tenbearz Running, that is how she got to Kitely.
China visited the 3D Adult Virtual World of Utherworldz which is set to open this coming Friday, December 4th. at 3PM, (?) grid originates out of France.

China with a very tall  (how China managed this we don't know,  Lucien towers over her)... owner Lucien Atlas... There is a big building that houses their reception and information center.

The theme of the grid is Adult - when asked for an example,  she was told, Red light, as in Red light district, say in Holland or Thailand.
There you go readers, another place to explore.

Till next time, stay warm
have fun, an enjoy the holidays