Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday's Info.

We have some information for you on what is happening around SL.  A long week-end, a lot is going on.


5:00 PM  DJ Maxx Hawksby - Blues to the Maxx

7:30 PM  - DJ Possum Bayou - Rockabilly

Runaround Sue's 50's 60's Sock Hop Rock n Roll,

6:00 pm  Susie Darling  all round rocking sounds to keep you on your feet

7:00 pm  DJ Sasha Watkins & Renee


4:00 PM - DJ Sky - The blues and nothing but the blues

5:00 PM - DJ Dick Pinelli  - more blues in the Pinelli fashion.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Who we've been entertained by recently... check them out..

Singer/musician Donn DeVore

Bookings for Donn are made through SedonaJane Silverpath
Susie Darling and the Darlings were at the Seaside Lounge, Island Dreams last night, you'll find them there every Friday, tonight you can catch her at Run Around Sue's.  One thing we learned about Mz Darling is that the talented lady also has  line of very sexy chic clothes that you can find on Marketplace.
Darling Designs.  She and the ladies in her and were wearing the cutest school girl outfits that were tres. sexy!!

Smokin' ACE's, Alafia Country Escape  Sail Down The River And Pull Up To The Best Country Club In SL...Alafia Country Club...Where You Will Always Find The Friendliest Folks, Best Live Music, Shopping, Home & Trailer Rentals, Sunday Church Service! Country Music 24/7 

Darksong Island, Bluemoon Island   obviously a place that knows how to entertain, the Saxiest performer, Trow Boa played there this afternoon, check his schedule for where he will be next.  or contact his manager, Lylah Lockjaw for booking information.

Trow owns and operates the Firehouse 59 where you will always find DJs and Entertainers who are not only good at what they do, they are welcoming and provide a wonderful experience for all who cross the threshold of the Firehouse
LM for Firehouse 59 is in side bar.
Johnny Paramour, you've seen the advertisements, is he worth going to see, we say yes.. He is popular, so plan to go early, you may encounter lag, dress accordingly.  Check with his manager, Jill Mackenzie to find out where he is playing.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Enjoy the long week-end everyone.. till next time..

we are chilling out and enjoying some time off...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

mid week - 8.27-14

Holidays in Second Life can be a lot of fun.  The number of events to take in, and the sights to see are numerous. One of the venues that we were able to explore, was a place called Island Dreams "SEASIDE LOUNGE" Home of SL's Best LIVE MUSIC,
Meet Susie Darling and the Little Darlings, this popular group was playing on the night that we dropped in.

Also featured that day were two other performers of note, Amforte Clarity, a singer who accompanies herself on guitar, followed by Singer Ke Aloha, Ke hails from the "islands" and he also accompanies himself with guitar.

We have provided you with the LM for the Seaside Lounge, and encourage you to visit them and check out their many venues.-------------------------------------

For bike enthusiasts we can't tell you where the particular bike Kirt and Star on using, since Kirt is an avid biker and collects bikes, planes and cars like Star collects shoes and hairstyles.. We do know he is a frequent visitor at 
Bull God Choppers ,  BGC ,.bikes ,rock,cars crawlers.drivingMOTOCROSS,MOTORCROSSM&M board,motorcycles,harley, Midnight mania ,motocross,motorcross,dirt bike.NO WEAPONS,  NO BITING NO HUDS NO SHOOTING  etc.

This is the car that is on the MM board, it is a value of just under 3000L, we want th is car, isn't it a beauty. How about popping over and hitting the board to get the numbers up.
Because we are on holidays the rest of the world moves along, Designer Circle is already in round 86 and it will soon be time to move this round out and the new one will available for you.  Before they shut down to do the change, get on down to the DC and check out what is there.  You know you can't resist a good deal. Designer Circle ::. - THE DISCOUNT STORE

You will find sandals for Slink, office wear,casual clothing, accessories,a new shape, skin, everything you can think of will be there for you to view and decide on. This particular ring being offered by Baubles, I wold like in RL never mind in SL.

Update - DJ Sugaree.. has been moving around these past weeks, if you are in her group you will have gotten notices, if you are not yet in her group, and you like her style and venues, then what are you waiting for.  Get on her group list.

You will find her this evening at Firehouse 69  -LM in sidebar
Wednesday - 6  - 8 pm SL time
If Thursday rolls around, and you find yourself at a loss for what to do, then you have not met the bad boy DJ, Rg Papp, so we nudge you to get over to the Crossroads Blues  -LM in sidebar  9 a.m. - 11 a.m. Thursdays

This DJ covers a lot of ground, and plays in a variety of clubs, join his group, stay in tune with his events.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Till next time.. have to run.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Steampunk Sunday

When we first met Star and Kirt we were not really prepared for the number of interests these two have.  Kirt decided to show Star a Steampunk place he knew. We were graciously allowed to follow along.  We will provide you with some very interesting places to visit.

Grim Bros. urban accessories victorian gowns skins post-apoc,
accessoires viktorianisch grunge silly stuff  robot avatar evil clow cyberpunk steampunk post-apoc urban neko victorian roleplay clothing character skins accessories attachments spines monitors hats backpacks shoes high heels boots belts 

Alo told us about this place, this is her go to place for Steampunk, Victorian etc. When we arrived, we found the sign you see above, the place is still packed with items to chose from.  Alo and Q are veterans in SL, and they hold by this place, check it out.

Miri's Club at The Station,
Good Tunes, Good Friends, Good Times!
The Station is a true sl original Steampunk Floating Club

Come join us and join the Steampunk Revolution

Essensual Sculptures & BC Mesh and Sculpts,  ** adult**

Builders Supplies, Erotic Statues  Mesh and Sculpts, Full Perm Kits
This is a sampling of the artist's work, We can assure you if you like something different for your club, landscaping, themed sim, you  don't want to miss out on visiting this artist's gallery and seeing her work.  It is outstanding!  We remind you though this is an **adult**  gallery.  Some of the statues are animated!  Personally, me,myself and I, I was enthralled. Bethi Catteneo is a virtual artist with a lot of talent.
Next stop - 8:a.m. SL DJ  Messalina--  every Sunday in the Park @ Cay's!

might have been a blonde moment, but on landing I was in a different area and had to find my way to the stage.  Got lost and discovered this really is a park, wow, nice landscaping.

We learn every day, the venue for this morning is in the park!  DJ Messalina explained the landing changes for the venue happening. This is a lovely setting and  Dj Messalina is playing some great tunes.

Here is the LM.. join us CAY'S AT WOODLAND LAKE - BLUES, CLASSIC ROCK, SOUL AND MORE!  You have time... she is on till 10 a.m SL. blues and gospel everyone!!!!  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Fun

This has been a week of fun and celebrations - For those who are into the days of Woodstock, we have Woodstock69 going on, if you've missed it, it began Tuesday the 12th, ,and ends today the 14th, You still have time to get over and enjoy the ongoing entertainment.  it begins at 1 SL time and goes on into the night.
The many times we dropped over there were just too many people for us to give you a good picture of what to expect.  If you need help while there, or have questions please contact Sam420  or Spica Schwamm
Want to dress up and cuddle with your partner on a fabulous dance floor in a trendy new club, then New York New York~Second Life Premier Dance Club might just be where you want to go.  couple single dancing nyc romance meeting live entertainment dating singles couples dining  piano  bar fountain park shops formal dress jazz club dance ballroom gowns love tuxedo designer jewelry date event music men ladies women sinatra manhattan

There is a limo at the door, red carpet to walk, and inside if you go on Tuesdays 8 pm SL - 10 pm SL    DJ Sugaree  our own sultry sexy  maestro of the romantic ambiance will be on stage weaving her magic
Last night, Dj Yume had another of her Trailer Trash parties, this time it was hosted at Tango's with Tango and Peggy there to help host the wanna be low brows that arrived.
For more pictures of the fun that was had by all that attended, please visit the Flickr site-  link in sidebar.  Yes the redneck mama with the cigarette is our very own Asian hot-rod bimbo -= affectionately called "lead foot"   err.. said in a whisper.. "lead Foot"
Even DJ Kirt showed up, coveralls and all.  There was a lot of people there having fun, where were you?  
DJ Yume has a lot more parties planned, in a couple of weeks there will be a beach party to end the summer with.  Get it down on your calendars and come on down.  You haven't partied till you party with DJ Yume.
Bull God Choppers   BGC ,.bikes ,rock crawlers.drivingMOTOCROSS,MOTORCROSSM&M board,motorcycles,harley, Midnight mania ,motocross,motorcross,dirt bike.NO WEAPONS,  NO BITING NO HUDS NO SHOOTING  NO SEX!!NO ACESSIVE PARTICLES,ASSHOLES EJECTED FAST
We had scheduled to get  to this venue to see Wayne Davis, he was appearing there on the 11th. - we didn't get there, but will try to reach him to see if he is there again soon.  Meanwhile Bull God Choppers does have ongoing entertainment, get on their mailing list to get notices of their live performances.
For MM board maniacs, they have some super fun items on their board.
Now at Designer Circle - current round  you may only have a few days left at the discount price, otherwise check out Graffitiwear, main store.  LOL I'd forgotten what a fun shop this is. I went to get the LM for you, and spent more time there browsing then intended, have a look.  Original hand-drawn fashion at affordable prices for women and men. Unique, stylish. Slink, Phyique, WowMeh, rigged mesh, Lolas Applier, phat azz, ghetto booty, brazilia, lace, bikini, pants, jeans, dresses, skirt, top, sweater, nightie, jammies.

Now for all you DJ Sky - Nothing but the Blues, followers, he'll be at Poonanny's on Saturday at 4 through 5, followed by DJ Dick Pinelli   5 - 6

Then Sunday, Southern Gospel at Sweet Magnolia's 11 am - noon

Monday - 5 - 7 pm   and  Tuesday 4 - 6 pm Wharf Rat Blues

TODAY -  Bad Boy  DJ Rg Papp    9 a.m. - 11 a.m. The Crossroads Blues

TONIGHT - DJ Sugaree - Emi's Golden Harp -  6 - 8 pm

TOMORROW - Friday -   DJ. Yume - Sweet Magnolia's    7pm 9 pm


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Woodstock69 this August 2014

Woodstock69,  Hope you will join us, the event runs for 3 days, it is full of fun, entertainment, performers,places to camp,large dance area,if you missed the real thing, and you've missed this event in SL in previous years, You have no excuse this time, we are giving you plenty of notice.

model - Anna Shape - Lily -@ Designer Circle round 85
         - skin/makeup - Amacci   - Emma, olive - peach
         - hair - Truth, Malibu 2 - lovejugs 2
         - shoes- Felicity Shoes - Bethany - amber leather
         - sunglasses Amarelo Mango - style yellow
         - outfit Nya's capri-  Pontus, top,under sea -passion *@Nya's

XTC radio did an interview on the upcoming event, look them up,check out what they are doing.

DJ Yume has a lot of fun events planned for you during August and into September,  We gave you August a couple of blogs back, for her dates at Tango's Club,  Remeber she has a live stream where you an listen to her online 

She is at Tango's on Wednesday evenings from 7 pm - 9 pm SLT
Start your week with DJ  Yume, at The Crossroads  noon - 2 pm 
Friday nites she is at Sweet Magnolia's - 7 pm - 9 pm SLT

NEWS FLASH from Tango's - Peg tells us that on Agusut 9th.  6 - 7 pm SLT. They will host a special Tango dance night.  It will be hosed by DJ Jen Noel, you may remember her from the night we all belly danced, she is a fun DJ who will keep you dancing - you will tango the night away. It is a themed event, get those dance shoes out and your sexiest tango outfits.

Check the board at Tango's for all of the events that they have there during the week.  Everything is on the board to your left when you land.

Speaking of hot and steamy, brings our DJ Sugaree to mind, she is not taking time away from you this summer.  Not that we know of anyway, you will find her at her usual haunts, playing those love songs, and sensual jazz melodies that will keep you glued to your partner.  Don't worry if you are on your own, the venues have dances for you too.
Monday's @ Tango's   7 - 9 pm
Wednesday's  @ Firehouse 59    6  - 8 pm 
Thursday's @ EMI's Golden Harp      6 - 8 pm SLT
for other  dates, check her picks, better still join her group.

Southern Blues and Gospel at its best, then you want to find out where the blues master DJ SKY is playing,  Sunday he does Southern Gospel at Sweet Magnolia's from 11a.m. till noon SLT

Saturday's @ Poonanny's Juke Joint - DJ Sky takes the stage from 4 - 5 pm SLT and DJ Dick Pinelli takes over from 5 - 6 PM 

Yeah we know, some of you just want to get down and dirty, Ok we have a bad bad boy for you in DJ Rg Papp

We are PG rated, so check his profile for all the places he plays, we can tell you that he jams The Crossroads - Mondays - 10 - noon,  Tuesdays 1 - 3 and Thursdays 9- 11 + covers 

Next we visit Pacifique, now this is a fun place to get to know, there are several DJ's who play this venue, and they are all fun, fun, fun.  You just never know what the theme will be,or who you will bump into.  Another club like the ones we tend to follow, are customer oriented, they like a social atmosphere that is friendly and habit forming. Quality versus Quantity.  To know more or to join this group contact eclair.martinek ( Eclair)
on Fridays @ Pacifique - has her own brand  of down home rocking

DJ Nick is on Tuesdays, and well, you can see, one never knows what he'll throw at us, whatever it is, you'll enjoy yourself.
Space simply does not allow for us to give you all the events that are coming up, but you can keep up with the performers you like by joining their groups. Or subscribing to their boards.
Amarelo Manga Summer bikini ad - Designer Circle
Amacci - Rayna Pearl skin for that dreamy look
 Anais is aset with very smooth animations for your model ao, so you can look elegant but not like an statue. This set is a secuence of 5 animations in order (15sec each, Copy & Modify) And comes with hud, so you can add your walks, sits, turns, etc.... Marketplace:

Designer Circle round 85

 Jewelry for all occassions

Designer Circle - round 85
Taking some time off, see you soon - Enjoy yourselves!