Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Designer Circle round 78

Looking for an outfit that will take you anyplace, look no further. RD Style has this little number (Kathleen) in the Designer Circle, round 78.  The outfit comes with shoes, that are not being worn in this presentation.    Shoes worn in this shoot, are the HollyHood, Mesh shoes Corsic, in black. Our model is wearing the latest skin being presented in this round from .::WoW Skins::..  Anika, Bronze Nat. CL. 
You will see a good picture of the HollyHood shoes in the previous blog, scroll down.  Jewelry, earrings are from Eluzion, necklace is KittyCat necklace Je suis.   Hair is A&A  Brian, model shape is February from Pulse

Jamaica The Piano Bar & Beach, THESSALONIKI  Jamaica was made in a spirit of friendship and freedom, opening arms to all nations.You  can come and enjoy our beach, hang out with friends, or bring that special one, or maybe find this one here. Be welcome, enjoy and have fun respecting those around 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Prohibition Club

Imagine 1920-1933 PROHIBITION time in the USA,  illegal alhohol production and consumption in Speakeasies and Taxi Dance Halls, Al Capone. Dancing (couple/pole/lap) and ROOMS Ideal for live music & DJs Blues Jazz Rock Soul, Dutch Sex Intan Shine NUDE Beach  The Prohibition Club 18+ > Adult,

Blogging for Designer Circle, has us visiting and experiencing many interesting places.  After all if you are going to buy and have a wardrobe of beautiful designer clothes, you need places to go and show them off. The selection offered by the Designer Circle is always varied and of quality that you an be sure of. That said, when buying a mesh outfit, always try the demo.
Our model today is Romy a lovely skin from 7 Deadly s(K)ins, her go anywhere silk and chiffon dress is from B!ASTA Fashion, you will have a choice of colours to pick from we are wearing the green. Shoes- these are modern and retro at the same time, are from Hollyhood.
Hair is from Miss C, however, it is not a style in this round of the Designer Circle, they however are offering you a selection of hairstyles in this round.
Poses - for the posers out there, Icon of  Style is offering  2 different packs for your posing pleasure.
You will always find the LM - taxi for  Designer Circle ::. - THE DISCOUNT STORE,  in the side bar of our blog, but to make it easy for you.. click link.

Today's model-   Tawny came to us from Amacci - 
earrings -  [ glow ] studio - Please me

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tango's Club

The newest, hottest, bad-ass place to be club in SL.  You haven't been entertained till you drop on down to Tango's for some old fashioned fun with great music and friendly people. there is a continuous feed of great dancing music, so even if there is not a live happening at the time, you will have music to dance to.  Great atmosphere when you want to spend time with the special someone, or just "cut a rug" on your own. The best part for us was that we could dress up, look good, but not have to wear a formal gown. Tango's is a class act club, not only because of the build, but because it brings in DJ's and Live acts, that are # 1 in their field.
The dance floor is a good size, the colours are vibrant and  happy, It really has a lot going for it, not  to mention, the host and hostess Tango and Peg who have been together for a long time, their easy going manner, and pleasant banter makes for a really nice evening. There is a sploder there that seems to be a fun pastime for far we have resisted =^_^=. although the high spirited response from the winners makes it sound like a lot of fun.
Tango's Club," The Adventure continues...  Peg and I have stepped out into the big world of SL and decided to create a small club and make it a place to relax and enjoy a variety of music styles; it's also our new home.    

/*Windlight Sky:"Midnight" Water:"Default"*/ "

If you like the music you hear there is an app for that! Talk to Tango  about it,he will fill you in. There is a Radio Tango Stream.We've given you the limo come on down.  Joining their group will give you advanced information on the talent and times to be there for when you want to join in on the fun.
The Handrick-Short Mission Statement:
Tango and I work together as a team  making SL a more cohesive, enjoyable, experience for us all.  
model today -  Christie - Anna Shapes > Designer Circle   taxi - sidebar
outfit - Royal satin -  Graffitwear by Chalice Piers > Designer Circle
jewelry -Jadar choker and earrings, Blue Pearl in gold > Phoebe >Designer Circle
shoes- Felicity Shoes - Whitney Shoes - taxi in side bar
skin/makeup,  Amacci - Emma (Terra) > taxi side bar
hair - Amacci -  flowers have a colour hud -style Ilsa
eyes - Amacci -Zenith available in regular and mesh. worn Large. coffee-mesh

We look forward to getting down with you all at the club... Cya soon!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

More Flawless Cart Sale

Saturday perfect time to get some shopping in to see what we can find.  Here is a tip for all you bargain shoppers.. Kira tells me that if you hunt for small globes around vendor carts, you will find free prizes. =^_^=  With the quality and variety of vendors, there is something here for everyone.  Come on down.

Kira (Style by Kira) is offering the Jaqui Skin with two cleavage options at her cart. OK I shouldn't but I will give you a tiny teenie hint.  The Style by Kira has 4 little globes hidden in plain sight.

Spring is here, we all want new jewelry, look at this, from GlamDammit Jewelry, how many of you collect lady bugs, or sunflowers, if you do, this is a must have.  It is a mesh design that can be altered and copied.

Here we got to catch up with a working Kira beside the Corrupted Cart, there are 5 items being offered at discounted price at this cart.  Lovely colours for the coming seasons.  Getting a good view of Kira's shoes here must ask where she got them.  *** 3 more globes at this cart.... sssshhh

Here is your link to the cart sale.. Flawless Hug the Earth Cart Sale and Hunt you have no excuse for missing this sale.

Our model today is wearing Beloved Jewelry,  Amacci hair and skin (Emma, ruby Terra),  shoes from Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, listed in yesterday's blog.
Baboom Crop pants and Shirt are on sale right now at the Designer Circle, they will be there for one more week, then they revert back to full price. Bangle bracelet is also at DC, from Baubles by Phe taxi in side bar.

Note the  cuff earrings, latest trend in all the fashion magazines, offered by our own Beloved jewelry.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Diva that is Amacci

Breathtaking, luscious, exotic, these are adjectives to describe the latest skin,makeup, hair and eyes from Amacci.  What a knockout. Hair can be worn with or without flowers.  Skin/makeup is Emma (olive), eyes are from Amacci new line called Zenith, available in regular and mesh. They are super fab! last but not least is the hair, called Isla. Amacci is one of our regularly featured designers, taxi is in sidebar.
Remember the dress we featured this morning, this is the same dress in a different colour. When we tell you that the Flawless Hug the Earth Cart Sale are the absolute best, we mean it.  Scroll down for more information on this dress.
The shoes, are from Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes, again these have a colour changing hud.  For these exact shoes, check the inside Lindy's shop right behind her cart.
Let's see who else did we see here this afternoon... Beloved Jewelry, you see a lot of her designs worn by our models.  this is their cart.
This is the Fulo booth... we have always known Fulo for their fabulous jewelry, now it seems they are offering clothes too.

What better way to start your week-end.... then with a shopping spree.

Cart Sale @ Flawless

Hug the Earth Cart Sale and Hunt  this is where you will want to be later today.  We are here early, very early to check things out for you.  Not everyone is set up yet. Cart sales on Flawless are always very well attended, not only by customers like yourselves but by the merchants and vendors who return event after event to be part of a long standing event that is productive. What this means for you dear reader, is quality items and a very good  price.
Here our model is wearing the dress being offered at the special discounted price of 50L (each vendor will have such an item, check for the special sign on their cart, from Rowena Springflower.  The Catarina dress is a rigged mesh that comes with 5 textures. 

How about a special deal on Belly piercing jewelry, we all know this designer and enjoy her designs.  Phoebe  the little blue and white sign is what you are looking for, it will indicate the special priced item(s) 
Pillow and Things, has a wonderful Garden Bench on special, only 7 prims,  wonderful for the backyard or maybe you are planning a summer deck? Check out the other items they have for sale, oh there is even a tree stump with a small bird house.

Ever wondered what you would look like with your hair long and flowing over your shoulders, now is the time to visit the Divalicious Design cart. There are not one, but four long hairdos being offered at the 50Lea. price.  You'll find the cart along the side of design house Yokana, if you've not seen this designers work, steo inside her shop. =^_^=
For comfort, easy wearing and good pricing our model usually wears a Lindy Modern & Retro shoe, as she did today.  Today she is wearing the Court Shoe, not only is it very versatile, it comes with a color change hud to match pretty well any outfit she wants to coordinate with. Unfortunately it is not one of the shoes on special, but Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes is offering you the trendy Vicki which is like a combination, shoe and ankle boot. The Vicki is the 50L special!!!!  if you like the look of the Court check it out, inside the store. You'll be right there !!

Yes there are items there for men, LOL even saw a bunny jock strap complete with ears.. No I'm not showing you, go see for yourelves. Hahaha just looking at some of the other male thongs they are called the designer has put out.. what a sense of humour.  Love it.  Melt in your mouth indeed (chocolate!!)

Come down and check it out.. remember this cart sale is about Quality not Quantity.  Kira and her crew have worked hard to pull this together for YOU.
Here is the LM  again, just to make it easy for you. Flawless Hug the Earth Cart Sale & Hunt

Wow even A&A is here with a display of available styles. Some of my favourite too.  AND, the jewelry our model is wearing is from Beloved jewelry I first found out about Beloved Jewelry from a cart sale here, we must go in search of what else is here.. last but not least, hair is Amacci  Maia -blueberry, and the fab body is from Anna shapes, currently on sale at the Designer Circle, see side bar for limo.  Make up/skin from Tuty's

 Cya.  till next time..keep shopping!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Forest's Dirty Secret,

The Forest's Dirty Secret,  Une forêt abritant une amitié hors norme, Nyx et Leesha vous souhaitent la bienvenue.

France, français, francophone, foret, nature, détente, rencontre, romantique, amour, sexe, roleplay, bloodlines, furry; gay, lesbienne

A delightful forest where you are welcome to come and enjoy the friendliness and camaraderie of the ambiance created by  Nyx and Leesha.  We took a lot of pictures, you might want to visit our flickr page, - link in side see all the pixs.  Please Adult animations provided.  This is an adult sim.
Sunglasses by - Haysuriza , Michael, they come in different colours, this pair is Tortoise shell, our favourite. HAYSURIZA Sannomiya Key Shop  these were a gift and I LUV THEM!
Shoes are from Felicity Shoes, see previous blog, and hair is from Amacci..
The fun romper set is from this round of the Designer Circle, Designer, Amarelo Mango's Alice. -taxi in side bar. Model shape and skin information is in previous blog, and also from Designer Circle.

Two destinations not to miss.  The Designer Circle and a visit and tour of The Forest's Dirty Secret.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

more DC 77

We took our photo shoot to the Discovery {Theme Park}, Pangea  A Theme Park that takes you on a trip back to yesterday's Tomorrow. Featuring rides and shows from Disney Theme Park past.  Sponsored by Pangea Estates

Jules Verne H.G. Wells Da Vinci Epcot Space Mountain Downtown D 80's  free
Steampunk Dieselpunk
In  our last posting, we didn't get to show you up close and personal the lovely skin that .::WowSkins::. is offering you this round (Riwen,tan).  Shape is still the lovely Christie from Anna Shapes.  Slink hands (Prosper) are adorned by (ZOZ) dark spring Silver, colour is easily adapted to the outfit you are wearing with the use of a user friendly hud.
The fashion chic sweater dress is from Pink Cherry, (turtleneck dress,Allegra)
 these items are all part of the Designer Circle round 77, happening now.  Your taxi to the DC 77 is in side bar.
The latest in hairstyles has spring and summer in mind, we see a return to the shorter hairstyles.  Check out Amacci for what's new and trending.  Style used here is Linda - black coal.  l
Our model is wearing the latest release from Felicity Shoes.  Yvonne Stilettos, grab a limo and head over to see all 16 shades being offered.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

new round @ Designer Circle #77

You ready... Designer Circle # 77  presents. (ZOZ) Dark spring gold slink fingernail polish c/w hud
Top and Capri's re from ::JK:: Marci
Shape is Christie from Anna Shapes
Necklace is Princess from ~FM~
Bracelet - Baubles by Phe - White Tiger's Claw
Feather Earrings - Baubles by Phe
Skin - .:: WoW Skins::. Riwen Tan cl
your taxi is in sidebar for Designer Circle >>

Shoes - Lindy Modern and Retro - Chloe - pumpkin
Hair - Vanity Hair - Pixivor - black