Monday, October 27, 2014


New hair release - every year, we are never disappointed by the creative offering from Vanity Hair.

If you are new to this designer, this is the taxi to the main shop. VANITY HAIR- Main Store - HAIROLOGIE  THE FIRST HAIR STORE TO FOCUS ON RUNWAY & PRINT MODELS, HAUTE COUTURE OR JUST NON CONVENTIONAL AVATARS!!! woman, girl, hair,updo, Mesh, free, short, long, curly, afro, runway, Gizza , Men, vanity, gor, roleplay,gorean, fantasy, retro,
NEW ROUND #91   DESIGNER CIRCLE.. Started Sunday at 2 pm.  Be one of the first to show up in the newest and latest this unique  Designer Discount shop has to offer.

Authentic Designs  and  Icewerk designs

Goddess Arahnia Axelrad graciously allowed me to capture her for print. Customers come to Designer Circle ready to shop, there is something for everyone...
Wednesday - October 29 th. 7 - 9 pm. you don't want to miss the Halloween bash with DJ Yume, she will be joined by DJ Tango for a rollicking party to celebrate the spirit of Halloween.


Halloween in the Park with DJ Sugaree > Friday - 8  - 10 pm  SL 

Fridays at Pacifique - DJ Peachie is back...  you can't miss out on the fun at Pacifique,  October 31.  8- 10 pm.

Two for the price of one, Saturday, Nov. 1. @ Poonanny's    4 pm - 6pm SL DJ SKY and DJ Dick Pinelli.  Celebrate with them, you won't know what you will learn, its amazing what you hear when you pay attention... Course they are both crazy and their "ladies" are just as looney.  Blues you'll never forget.

DJ Kirt and Star will be flying in for the celebrations... see if you can catch up with them... we hear they were testing the capacity of their lounge last week, what are they up to??

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fright night in Little Italy and more

DJ ReSharpen and BabySweets Serenity are going to have stiff necks when they wake up
We arrived at the Haunted House ** Halloween @ Little Italy 2014 **, tonight to check it out. and found them napping.  

Saturday, October 25th. 7 pm - 10 pm SLT.  there will be a 25,000L costume contest.  Sounds like fun, the builders here have put in a lot of effort to make this a very special happening.

It is important that you read the rules for the contest.  #1 is that all entrants must be a member of the group, Little Italy Events.  you will see  a group join sign outside the house,  The rules are well defined, get on over, join the goup and follow the rules, you'll have a great time.

We had a great time exploring the house... there is a lot to see.
Want more info, contact Savannah Coronet or Jac Jacques

DJ Tango is playing Tuesday 7- 9 pm at Tango's and you'll catch his act again on Saturdays when he partners up with DJ Sugaree  for a night of fun and frolick..
Tango's has becomew known for its theme events, and readers, they are a lot of fun.  DJ Yume is there on Wednesday nites, and you know she is cracked from the get go... there is always something cooking in her gray matter, she has a halloween party planned you won't want to miss.


Is back at Pacifique.... Friday nights 8 pm -10 pm SLT  we had a raunchy nite Friday past, expect more of the same in the coming weeks.
Crossroads Blues (M)
Mon 10 - 12pm, Tues 1pm - 3pm
Wed 3pm - 5pm + covers

Shades of Grey BDSM (A)
50 Shades of Grey Themed club
Fridays 6pm to 8pm

Somehow I don't think that Star should be in the kitchen on her own, where is Kirt?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Virtual Art & Lifestyle: hoooooooo you going to be this halloween?

Virtual Art & Lifestyle: hoooooooo you going to be this halloween?: Found a place for you to explore... its ghoulish, gothic and it has shopping ! RMK Gothic,    The RMK Gothic SIM based on  the 19th century...

hoooooooo you going to be this halloween?

Found a place for you to explore... its ghoulish, gothic and it has shopping !
RMK Gothic,  The RMK Gothic SIM based on  the 19th century Britain.
We have a Main town, a forest zone, a dark zone. 
A shopping mall is located in each zone. 

The mask Star is wearing is from the Premium Group Gift.  Have you checked out what is being offered Premium members this month.
Second Life page
There is a lot going on in October, we gave you some places to visit last blog, and there are plenty more.  Here we have Star and DJ Kirt at Tango's for a theme party that DJ Yume was hosting.  We met up with DJ Yume this morning, she is busy cooking up more parties for you all.  Don't miss any of the fun, join her group.


Tango's Club,  -October 29th.

On October 22... DJ Yume will be doing  Phantom of the Opera Night  unable at this time to post the poster for this event, but now you know, mark it on your calendars

While you are at it.. take note that on Monday's you will find DJ Yume at a new but not new club...  THE SWAMP JAZZ CLUB

formal romantic elegant private live music concert DJ show dance balconies ballroom lounge couple single romance love sweetheart date event jazz blues fusion contemporary latin swing rat pack standards intimate private wedding anniversary party sockhop

Short of getting out the spotlights and blinding everyone, this is the best we could do for the hot wheels at Bull God Choppers

There are new costumes out for you to see and possibly add to your collection of theme clothes.  Visit COSTUME CREATIONS. HALLOWEEN & COSTUMES FOR ALL OCCASIONS, While you are there slap the MM board please.

LOL caught the owner of the shop standing near one of the boards, couldn't resist.  
RACERS ISLAND RACEWAYS - 18 RACING TRACKS,  Ok readers, I know life isn't all about shopping (cough, faint, errr) this is a place to really get your thrills into gear.

On landing you will find a TP board to your right, there is also a window that will drop down giving you the url to their webpage.
18 tracks for racing mesh stock cars, drift, gokart, demolition derby. A track for any kind of car. Races each week. Free test cars and a mall with loads of suits and helmets for racers. Cash prizes at each event. Street & nascar, suit helmet race
Then for the experience of being shot at, you can visit NUCLEAR RACING - The Ultimate Demolition Derby Game  Come to try out the craziest demolition derby game, it's free to join and start to play ! 
Tags *race,cars,demolition,derby,nuke,bomb,guns,race track,free cars,drift,speed way,highway,tracks,GP,trucks,weapons,war,game,stock car*

The atmosphere  here is completely different, rather mysterious and fun, might be a fun place to explore with a party of friends.

Whatever you decide to do over the next few weeks, have fun, dress up, play out your fantasies and dreams, why not.  Its October!... the one month of the year, where not an eyebrow lifts when you let your fangs show or dust off your broom for a midnight flight.

Star's outfit - Patchwork - by FA Creations  -  hair - A&A XuXu hair

Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Madness

October is here, suddenly we have hunts everywhere, sales, and costume or theme parties. Lots of shopping to really get into.  Fall fairs, cart sales, where to start.

:: Designer Circle ::. - THE DISCOUNT STORE ,  The new showcase will be starting up today at 2 pm SL time  October 12. -Round 90
.::WoW Skins::.  marita  skin                     (NaYu) 
E-Clipse                                                       B!ASTA
Graffitiwear                                                Essenz
Baby Doll                                                     IOS
Jam                                                              7 Deadly s{K}ins
Body by Coco                                               Eyelure
1 Hundred                                                    Authentic
Pink Cherry                                                 Mu-Shi-Doll
and so many many more top designers, you have to visit the shop for yourselves.  Trying to hand pick one or two of the items would short change you and the venue itself.
We have always maintained that Designer Circle is one of the few venues that has been consistent in giving you the best in designer specials.  Their items are always new and fresh, the stay organized to bring you the best for your lindens.
IOS  Icons of Style - showing off a pair of shoes or footwear of any kind is not always easy, often the outfit takes away from what the model is wearing. IOS has given you a choice of two different packs, at the price you can afford both.

Shoes that come with these outfits, see the SLINK logo upper left corner, this means, if you don't have a SLINK foot, the shoes will not work for you.
JK Style is part of round 90 at Designer Circle.
Costumes for young and adult, this is a fun place to shop, we managed to loose ourselve in the store for several hours. The selection is good and so are the prices.
FASHION SHOPPING - Halloween costumes!
Shop online->

Live music,dj's,dancing,couples hangout,romantic date, mens clothes,Jeans,Latex,Leather,Lingerie,Shoes,Boots,Sexy Clothing,Womens Fashion,Shoes,Boots,jewelry,hair,mall,jazz,rock,UK

The Boho Culture Fair 2014-Exclusive- Free Gifts- Sales- Gachas,
Most 100 Great Store, Sponsored By: Zoey's Closet , Anymore, Sassy!, Essenz, Envyme, FreshFace, Blow-Up, DEW,Noname, Latreia, Glitzz, ArisAris, LoveMe Skin, MoOH, WoW Skin, ViSion- S&F, Legal Insanity, Boho, Bohemian, Urban, Flower, Chic, Fair, Fashion

Star said she would just check out a few of the shops, WoW was on her list of must see... she was gone for hours.  A definite must see.
Read the signs you see along the way - join the groups, enjoy the group gifts and the prizes.


Across from where this shot was taken, are two free skins, that are worth checkin into, AND there is a MM board, for group members, rumor has it that this shop spoils their group members.  hint.. hint.
Costumes Uniforms and fashion for all. Cartoon, pirate fantasy, retro, disco, valentine holidays, Halloween, Christmas, horror, superhero, historical, oriental, romantic, sexy, medical, nurse, doctor, vampire, gothic goth, lingerie animations mens women
Grendel's Children, Dragons, Monsters, and more!

An all time favourite for any time of year, this is a place to visit, to explore and to basically discover out of this world creativity.  
Avatars, Dragon, Gryphon, Werewolf, Animal, Demon, Dinosaur, pets, home & garden, tinies, skins, tutorials, books and more! Creatures abound! Dozens of Freebies!  Visit the lands below... Low prices, high quality! For Grendel !

Toady Nakamura is a Prince, err toad, maybe frog, whatever, he is kind and humble and  simply a darling..  ..  Here are some links for you to read up on.
↪ Grendels's Store Catalog*~*
Website*~* • See * picks*  for locations, products & help!!
↪ SL10B Builder - Ad A'stra per Aspera !!
See what we do... *~* The Wizard & The Ozimal*~*
↪  Useful scripts !!

↪  Classes Tuesdays: 9am Raglan Shire, 1pm Happy Hippos

Don't be discouraged when you see the size of the place, Toady provides you with a note card, a map of the place and lots of info, and guidance.

Honestly it will take you a long time to see the whole place, and experience it, it changes from day to day....
Since we are taking you to far away places, and introducing you to new worlds,
this is a community that is a world that Alice would have loved discovering when she fell down the rabbit hole.Raglan Shire - Friendship & creativity, powered by waffles!

Be warned if you visit Raglan expecting the ordinary or normal, you will be sorely disappointed. Creativity and Crazy Dipszydoodles are what drives the place, however, everyone is friendly ..  =^_^= Don't miss their activities this month, they will be hauntingly fun.