Thursday, March 26, 2015

Have you heard...

We have been wandering and hunting out new music sources for you.  We found one young man who really sets a mood with his playlists.  He spends a lot of time preparing for the events he hosts, you will know that as soon as you start to listen.  His name is DJ Chris (shipley74).  He does Blues,Rock,Pop and Classic Rock

Mon.          8am - 10amslt  Blackhearts
                 6pm - 8pmslt Blackheart's Blues Cafe
Tues-        12pm - 2pm - (9am - 11am slt)
Weds         2pm - 4pmslt  Blackhearts                 
Thurs -      1pm -3pmest - (10am - 12pm slt)
                 6pm - 8pmslt Blackheart's Blues Cafe                       
Fri   -         12pm - 3pm est - (9am - 12pm slt)
 Blackhearts Blues Cafe.                 
Chris is not currently looking for more perm. gigs, but he is open to doing private parties, and events if he has availabilities.    


The Blackheart Blues Cafe, is a nice inviting club, You will land in a small courtyard with interesting little shops, you need only walk down the lane towards the club, you can't miss it.

Blackhearts Blues Cafe™ This is where the Blues is at Blues club  club dance meet people  blues DJ live music hangout formal dancing juke joint classic blues chat southern rock mall shopping
It is the kind of club that welcomes you and brings you back because of its friendly staff and good music... check it out.
This next DJ, DJ Zen (zen.gartner) we found at the old Firehouse 59 owned
and  operated by the one and only Sax performer with the mostest, Trowzer Boa.  Trow we all know not only for his performances in SL but for his ongoing support of small clubs and entertainers. His hard work and dedication to promoting and helping others is well known and certainly appreciated by those he has taken notice of. Firehouse 59 Jazz, Blues and Gallery,

DJZen's  group  Zense 

DJ Schedule
Tue -12-2pm  Exodus- Rock + Indie + Alt
Wed - 1-3pm Firehouse 59 (alt weeks) Blues and Jazz. 
Thurs 12-2pm  The Chilly bear -Funk Dance and Soul
Fri -12-2pm  Exodus- Rock + Indie + Alt
 Sun 2-4pm   Tobys Juke Joint
Toby's Juke Joint Blues Club - the original Blues Juke,  The return of the Blues... non-stop Blues Music from one of the oldest Blues clubs in SL. As well as great Blues, a great place to dance, chat and meet friends, so come on over to Tobys. Check our store too for houses and landscaping items. 

Toby's gotta have one of our favourite doormen - always ready with a smile.
DJ Noel (Noel Monday) was the DJ on tap the day we dropped in.  A long time member she knows how to knock out the tunes. You'll find her at Toby's a couple of times a week, check with her for times.

DJ Sugree - this is a DJ with a play list that drips of honey and sultry jazz, she is one of a kind, the more you experience her shows, the more you will learn about the diversity in various music genres.

visit her profile picks for the list of all her play dates. sugareerose

Meet Sketch ( sketch.landar), he is not really a bunny, but he recently was out exploring and found Cab's Tiny shop in Raglan. A creative photographer and graphic artist, he didn't waste anytime discovering the world of Tiny.  Sketch is a working artist in SL, he does profile pictures, and more.
Sketch's Flicker Page

This is a club we all know and a sampling of his work. You won't be disappointed .---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Junkyard Blues, Junkyard Blues  Blues Blues Blues!  Blues is our business.  Enjoy your blues at Junkyard Blues, Second Life's oldest blues club.   *GRID-WIDE AVI CHOICE AWARD 2012 and 2013 - "Best Blues Club."  Trailer Park, Drive-in Movie, Boat and shack rentals.
Streaming from Niagara Falls, Maximillion Kleene brings a vast repertoire of popular music to Second Life. After studying piano at the Royal Conservatory, Max first picked up an acoustic guitar at age 15. By 19, he was seriously pursuing music as a means of self expression. Max says at “the very center of my musical soul is AC/DC” but from there it radiates out to embrace an eclectic mixture of sounds. On any given day, one might hear an acoustic version of Sir Mix-A-Lot, Johnny Cash. Pearl Jam, The Pogues, Frank and Nancy Sinatra, and Jason Mraz. Whether singing alone or dual streaming with friends and fellow musicians, Max’s dynamic musical range and smooth groove provide listeners with an hour of energetic interaction and memorable music.

audio/video sample

WE found him at The Pier - Live Music Venue,  you can find out where he is playing by contacting his manager, Kat Vargas, contact Kat to book him too.
Spent a happy hour at THE CELLAR JAZZ CLUB, listening and being entertained by Veronica Weksler 

Veronica Weksler aka MsJAMZ(Paltalk) or  V, as she is known to her friends here on SL, sings Opera, Standards, Gospel, Blues, Jazz, R&B, some Rock & Ballads.  A a a Seasoned Performer in SL, she has been playing piano & singing since she was three years old.  Having been born into a musical and very talented family, it was only natural that she has the talent plus an excellent ear for music. Her Mom & Dad both sang  for Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Glen Miller,  Benny Goodman and  a few other Big Bands.
Born in Mt Vernon, NY, her family moved to Southern Florida, when she was only six weeks old and was raised in Miami.
It all started in SOUTH  DADE. Dade County also being known as the end of the Bible Belt she started singing Gospel... As she was growing up her love for Traditional  as  well as CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN ROCK songs grew over the  years. She, also a vocal coach,  has  also participated in Children and Adult Choirs with a very strong Music Ministry.
Since learning to play piano about the age of three, guitar at 12 and percussions, Veronica has been singing in bands and Church Choirs most  all of her life.
She is a Contemporary Christian Rock Singer in RL, Musician and song writer. She also has included a variety of  Originals & Covers into her show.
Don't miss the chance to  hear her singing LIVE. She has originals & covers you like!

She has a very Unique Voice, one that you will hear , never  forget and leave you wanting more... Even just to hear her say hello or call you friend.

Contact Manager Devilish Dan for bookings
NB** pictures of DJ's will be added when I get them.. =^_^=

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ladies this is for you, pass it on

Mansworld Mens Clothes Guys Fashion,

Are you tired of seeing a large % of males in SL all looking the same?  By golly cheeze etc. we were out the other night, and the standard dress seems to be black pants, open shirt, black vest, or leather jacket, sometimes black shades, black hair etc.  Does every male in SL feel he has to look like a biker or the movie version of a bad dude?

69 Park Ave GQ,

Women we know like their men to dress up, a man who knows how to dress and show of his "style" and confidence, is more likely to be a man who we will want to get to know better. As one gal said, "wouldn't you just want to undress that hunk"....

MIMI'S CHOICE, clothes, shapes,shoes,boots,hair,male, female,

Many of these places are hooked up with are partnered with a sister store that features some great ladies fashions.  Fashions that are not the usual knock offs seen in the ready made retail market. Yes you might have to pay a little more, but it is nice to stand out when you walk into a room, or club, and not look like someone else.

We all want to be recognized for the special individual we are. in the real world, do we want to dress all the time in the same outfit, day in and day out, week after week.  Why then do we think its OK to do so in SL.

It seems that many men don't like to shop, there are a lot of women who also feel the same, have a friend help you.  There is nothing more boring then walking into a room and finding out that out 10 men, 7 of them wear the same avatar, & skin the only difference IF there is one, is the hair, and maybe the way the clothes are worn.  The likely bought right off the rack or on market place.  We'll bet dollars to donuts that the same look a like men, are all check out the ladies, to see who stands out.

These are other places where you will find men's clothes

Doc's Men's Wear,

Fratte Rosa Beach - Home and Business Center

Mens Formal Wear - Mens Suits,

Large selection of men's hair  Alli&Ali Designs Classic - Hair, Scripts, Gimp tutorials,  usually always something on sale, or free.

Men's skins, shapes and clothes. REDGRAVE HD ! Skins & Fashion ! Mainstore ,

Men Skin from SAMURAI HQ, Chinwah Island  High quality men skins and shapes made with exquisite details

This shopping mall has not only skins, shapes, but reasonably prices Male AOs.
TUTY'S MOCAP ANIMATIONS, SKIN & SHAPE, HAIR,  the designers here, provide for both male and female players.


Dare to be original in your looks, style and the visual statement you make. there are so many wonderful, talented and creative people in SL, Whether you are the entertainer, or the one being entertained, if you want people to know how interesting you are, stop being a carbon copy.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Wedding Season is coming

Wedding season is upon us.  Whether you are the one getting married, or attending, there is a lot to think about.  The bride will have her engagement ring, but maybe she hasn't picked it out yet.  
The virtual worlds open up a world where dreams can come true, and for a little while you are a princess.  You meet your prince and you are swept off your pretty little feet. You dance, laugh and seem to be without a care.  You shop for shoes, and outfits to charm and delight your wonderful new "beau"
Not only the women get caught up in the fantasy, men do too.  They find someone who is not wanting them to be anything other than they are (at that moment in time.)  If only real life were like that, but never mind, in this story, we are falling in love .  The romantic in all of us, gets to come out and explore the world it is in.

 Dreams are lived, special moments are had that were never experienced in the real world, you find that love can be like living on a cloud.  You can buy land, build a home together, there are no bills to pay, no grass to be cut, and no plumbing that needs fixing.  There is just two hearts beating as one.

There are wonderful designers in Second Life, Luminesse is another designer who offers delightful pieces at reasonable prices.

 What better way to say I love you, then by sharing a part of you that may have been cooped up for a very long time.  You find your pixel self dancing in your partners arms, held close, with sweet words whispered in your ear.  You feel her need just for you, no questions, no demands, just wanting you.  How easy it is to believe it will last forever.

When friends and acquaintances  you know take their vows, or start a relationship where there is a commitment with all your friends to share with you, the time is even busier.  You need to find that perfect dress, the one that will have you being the bride you have always seen in  wedding magazines or in movies.   There are a number of great dress designers in SL who will offer amazing outfits, you will be the diva on the red carpet... your " Oscar" the man of your dreams.

If you are too busy to plan your own wedding, there are wedding planners who will help you. They will help you to not only plan the wedding, some will assist you in getting the church, and the club or special gardens for the receptions anything and everything to do with a wedding.
This is heady stuff, that simple dance in a stranger's arms, has grown into a full blown story book romance.  Or has something else happened  And you have yet to find out.  The difference from RL and SL in this one regard, is that while you are drinking in the moment of being in his/her arms, and cherishing everything about the moment, he or she, can be having a really tantalizing conversation with another avatar

In RL if you have someone in your arms, at that moment, their minds could be elsewhere, but there is no input from another energy, the two energies that are locked in that embrace are yours and the person you are with. 
Still I know many partnered friends in SL and they are true to each other.  They have the confidence in themselves, and the knowledge that behind every avatar in SL there is another human being, a person with a heart and feelings, and they act accordingly.  When a heart or dream is broken, it is real pain, sadness and a feeling a betrayal that takes place.  It is not a fantasy, it is very very real. 

There are no dress up events in SL where shoes don't play an important role, like jewelry, we (women) love our shoes.    You will find the taxis to Felicity Shoes, and to Beloved Jewelry in our side bar--------------------------------->

Now .. entertainment for your wedding events, this is your special once in a lifetime moment, why not consider Live entertainment, not just any kind of live entertainment, search out what will suit your needs and go for it.  There is someone to help you do that too.  Her name is Veronica Weksler  a knowledgeable, dedicated professional who will give it to you straight.  You know her information is current, and she will not steer you wrong.  She auditions and knows all the performers, artist in her group.

For a good DJ you need only review past blogs for names of some of the best dependable DJ's in the biz.  Each DJ is his/her own personality, find the one that will meet with the need you will have to make your day special.
I would like to thank all my many contacts/friends who have helped me gather my information and understanding of what happens in SL.  You know who you are, I appreciate your honesty, your open rapport, the loyalty you have shown to your friends, and the generous spirit you have shown in offering friendship to me in my search for "life's lessons".

Love is something that never goes away, when you offer friendship and love follows, it will always live in your heart.  We are all connected, all brother and sisters, SL offers the romantic love to flourish, cherish it, even when it is just a memory.  Every day is a new beginning.

                                            Namaste   -    Oyashikiri

Friday, March 13, 2015

More for March

 DJ Webs has a Facebook page, you are encouraged to check it out, you'll find these wonderful posters there that spell out his play dates.  The graphics are done by his talented partner, Morgane Macarthur.  the FB page is called 50 Shades of Blue

 He says somewhere We all know music is sex and sex is music. 50 Shades of the Blues is all about smoking hot Blues and smoking hot People. You think you got what it takes? and every blues lover is welcome to join!!. It's all about the music!! "


DJ Yume's April 2015 Spin Schedule

4/1 Wednesday: Tango's - Color My World 7-9PM SLT

4/3 Friday: Tango's - Latin Sizzle 7-9PM SLT

4/6 Monday: The Crossroads - Electric Blues Noon to 2PM SLT

4/8 Wednesday: Tango's - Cabaret/Burlesque 7-9PM SLT

4/10 Friday: Tango's - Latin Sizzle 7-9PM SLT

4/13 Monday: The Crossroads - Electric Blues Noon to 2PM SLT

4/15 Wednesday: Tango's - Route 66  7-9PM SLT

4/17 Friday: Tango's - Latin Sizzle 7-9PM SLT

4/20 Monday: The Crossroads - Electric Blues Noon to 2PM SLT

4/22 Wednesday: Tango's - The Magic of Disney 7-9PM SLT

4/24 Friday: Tango's - Latin Sizzle 7-9PM SLT

4/27 Monday: The Crossroads - Electric Blues Noon to 2PM SLT

4/29 Wednesday: Tango's - Simply Stardust  7-9PM SLT

􀀁Looking for something different..

Retro hangout, live music, live djs, stores for rent, beach, windsurfers, boardwalk, park

Come and relax and enjoy your time with us
If your interested in a Job get a hold of Bron or Dantes Sicling.
Live entertainment -

THE BLUES STATION is a tribute to The Blues & Eric Clapton's  Blues Club in Columbus, Ohio. This Club is Strictly a Blues Club & Live VENUE!


Bono Fouroux

Guitar player, composer from Amsterdam - Holland. Playing from my youth till now guitars in different originals bands. Also did just a few cover bands next to a theater band.

Favorite guitars are Gibson and Fender,  but I also built my own or i customize them. Always trying to make different characters of sounds. I mostly play solid body guitars. No acoustics.

Listen to his music at:

and in this fun video:

He is available .. contact him for information.
Stay tuned, more to come

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Effinjay and more

Caught their show March 5.15 and was blown away by the light hearted fun, and the great musical delight they provided fans.  Jeremy Works (Frogg) has an amazingly soothing voice, I don't think it would have mattered what he was singing, I simply mellowed out and flowed with his dreamy voice.
They provided me with a bio, that I am simply going to cut and paste for you.
You have Bass guitarist Erik Anthony to thank for this find, he invited me to join him and I did.  Thank YOU Erik!

Effinjay Biography

Growing up just down the street from each other in Eugene, Oregon, a small northwestern town known for its arts subculture, Jeremy Works (Frogg) and Marc lePine (Jaycatt) only started playing music together after joining Second Life. Before that, Frogg was hosting an open mic for the local music community, and Jaycatt was working for a local utility company. Jaycatt discovered SecondLife in June of 2005, and shortly afterwards Frogg joined him there and started playing shows.  Jaycatt began providing piano music breaks during Frogg's shows,  but eventually these breaks grew into longer sets, and that's when they began to collaborate.

Their popular Friday night performances have been running regularly since July 2005 around Second Life, occasionally still taking place at their home base, Amphibicatt Gardens.  They have a loyal listener base, and entertain and delight the live music lovers of Second Life, playing on average 5 live shows a week.  Frogg and Jaycatt’s notoriety in SL has not escaped the attention of the music industry and to date they have been interviewed by, amongst others, Rolling Stone Magazine, and MTV.

Their repertoire consists of mostly original material, but also a few selected covers. Frogg studied vocal music from middle school through college, while Jay studied piano for 14 years, and together as singer/songwriters they have produced a comprehensive range of heartfelt and memorable melodies and poetically lyrical songs. Musical influences range from Simon and Garfunkle, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, and Mannheim Steamroller.

Effinjay's music can be heard at the following sites:

You can find a calendar of all their up and coming live shows here:

 One of the most dominating forces in the 60s Northwest music scene, The Wailers are an American rock band from Tacoma, Washington. Formed around 1958, they are often considered the first garage rock group. They perform a hybrid of saxophone-driven R&B and good old Chuck Berry rock and roll.

The Fabulous Wailers in SL is a tribute band sponsored by Kent Morrill owner and leader of the RL group and therefore complies 100% with the Second Life Terms of Service and Digital Millennium Copyright Act 

For more information about the SL Wailers with links to the RL Wailers please visit 

Please come and visit the home of The Fabulous wailers in SL
Noether (80,12,23)

The Fabulous Wailers in SL on YouTube by Molly Hasings

We also have the "Wailers Tribute Band" fan group which you are welcome to join get event notices

To book the Wailers for your event, IM
 Kristobell Jiminiy or Ruth Easterman.
-Downunder Rainforest,  every second Sunday

A singer with an extensive song list. She is also at Downunder every second Sunday, plus 1st Friday of each month.  Contact her for her availabilities (Harmonia Trefoil)
DJ Bard Wasp

Tuesday - -The  Wharf 8 to 10
Wednesday  - -Psychedelic Wednesday! 7 to 9 
On hold for now.
Thursday - -  The Junkyard 8 to 11 SL 
Friday - Off
Saturday - - The Junkyard 9 till I fall over. 
Sunday - -  The Junkyard 9 to 11 SL 

asked what he likes to play- [19:32] Bard Wasp: oh a bit of everything...   I start most sets out with Jump and maybe a swing tune ... then move into contemporary stuff.. boogies.. shuffles, rumbas.. then slow blues.    I pioneered  the long slow blues sets here.  ..note he was just voted 2nd best DJ in SL, we all know that there is really no 1st and 2nd. only one could be first, so that he made it on the list, says a lot. 

This evening, Sunday he will be doing acoustic stuff, cool and moody... maybe too late now for you to catch this gig, but the man is set up to please you. Check him out and join his group if you want more.


Junkyard Blues,

8 pm - 10-pm
Friday @ Pacifique  

Yume's March 2015 Spin Schedule
3/2 The Crossroads Noon - 2PM SLT
3/4 Tango's Disco Dynamite 7-9PM SLT
3/6 Tango's Latin Sizzle 7-9PM SLT
3/9 The Crossroads Noon - 2PM SLT
3/11 Tango's Soul Train 7-9PM SLT
3/13 Tango's Latin Sizzle 7-9PM SLT
3/16 The Crossroads Noon - 2PM SLT
3/18 Tango's American Bandstand 7-9PM SLT
3/20 Tango's Latin Sizzle 7-9PM SLT
3/23 The Crossroads Noon - 2PM SLT
3/25 Tango's Zoot Suit Riot 7-9PM SLT

3/27 Tango's Latin Sizzle 7-9PM SLT

Till next time, keep truckin' shaking and moving =^_^=

Monday, March 2, 2015

What's happening

The never to be missed sale is on now and will run till March 16th.  If you have not been to this sale before, we suggest you not miss it.  Star was out at the crack of dawn today.   Many of her favourites are there, she always buys a pair of shoes from Lindy's Retro and Modern Shoes, at 10L they are a steal.  

With the warmer weather just around the corner, we are all looking for a new look for the March break parties, St. Patrick's day, and just plain everyday, celebrating.

Sexy designs from the DressMe Design Shop.

Bling, from the Jewelry and Accessories shop - The Kandi Store

Anachron when a designer supplies a demo for you to try, you know they want only the best for you.  Try the Demo before you buy, make sure outfits fit to your satisfaction.

We could show you endless options, The Wash is known for its sales, and for the designers they draw to it.  The kiosks are different this time, the carts are gone, instead there is a display such as the ones shown here all along the roadways, on both sides.
The Wash - at an intersection - have fun
TONIGHT - @ Tango's Club

you are in for a treat, she is going to be doing a Hot Cuban Jazz theme,  from 7- 9 pm  slt  limo is in side bar

TODAY 12 noon - 2 PM slt. @ The CrossRoads

Join Yume's Yummies to stay abreast of Yume's SL gigs! Paste this url in your browser: 

for her back-up stream: 

This is the work of an SL photographer Darkyn Dover, aka David Kyn  we get his posts on Facebook, he does some amazing work.
DJ Kirt will be the .::Ropes Bdsm Club::  for his Wednesday night show, that will be from 6pm - 8 pm SLT - Formal to semi formal attire is required.
DJ Nick  will be at Pacifique on Tuesday at his usual time. 5 pm- 7 pm slt. This is a DJ that entertains and visits with you each Tuesday night.  His musical selections are from one end of the spectrum to another.  Always it is a good time.  His wife Mel is there to help keep the party going.  Between the two of them, you are guaranteed a good time.  If you are new to SL and you want to be sure that the environment and ambiance is safe and fun.. Then Pacifique is the place to go, and DJ Nick is the host you want.