Friday, October 16, 2015

mid October News

News bulletin just received from Lush Meme,  she now has a shop on the open grid of Lost Paradise  shop in lost paradise is SERENADE SHOPS, Serenade (753, 655, 22) - Moderate @

Remember Lush has several locations IWz  check her picks for the locations..There are more skins, shapes, and clothes..  


NEWS - from Inworldz, there have been changes on this sim as well.  You will remember we blogged it earlier in the year.  They are now offering places to rent.. so you can now live  and play ....... Contact Willow Rose for the details. Come on now, who woudln't want to live in paradise.
Willow is still working on her creation.. 
This is my favourite.. she took China up there just before she left.  It was a place that I found calming.. China was lost in the kaleidoscope of colours on the lower level. See what you think...

INWORLDZ-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------With Xmas not all that far.. we know it will be soon happening, because in the States, they will celebrate their Thanksgiving in November.  Why wait to treat yourself or a loved on to a boat... Get it now and it will be paid for my the time Dec. 25 rolls around.  In the virtual worlds we can boat all year round. =^_^=   (contact Lizzy Borden)


 We took you on a tour of Spirit Nation last post, but.. we had so many asking us questions, we are posting the location again.  There is a lot to see, don't try to do it during your coffee break.  You owe it to yourself to make time to actually tour the place.  Do you need a place to stay?  Does a friend.  Suggest they check out Spirit Nation.  There are several different types of lodgings.

"Eastern Woodlands in the Spirit Of Native Americans.  Wigwam and Cabins Available.   Huntable Animals and Combat System.  Male and Female Role Players Welcomed.   Created for all to enjoy."

We saw two warriors from Spirit Nation the other night dancing it up @ the Trails end Saloon.. you gotta see these guys dancing, bare chests and all... eye candy for sure....  the warriors are starting to show up in the most interesting places.. =^-^= you don't want to miss em..
BTW the dress for women is optional when it comes to wearing a top.. The sim has a well documented role play card.  Talk to Squanto Thorne

The village you see in Spirit Nation, is based on real life of the Wampanoag tribe.  How they lived, hunted, talk to Squanto, you will find it very interesting.




Confession time....  the country tunes that Dick (Dick Pinelli) plays on Wednesday, are really country rock, he plays old and new... giving us a great night out.. we love it.
 ***** CHINA'S shop logo..   she is in both InworldZ and Great Canadian Grid.  see below for more info.
InworldZ - she has two shops, see her profile for the locations. China Dream. Both of the shops InworldZ  feature her unique sense of style, she uses her own textures.. collection is eclectic.  In her shops she also displays and has for sale some of her favourite quotes and "art" collection.

Great Canadian Grid (  ) locations will be found in her profile.  There is not a CHINA-T-SHOP on her island, but you will find one in a mature, adult sim.  There are no clothes in this shop, just her collection of erotic art pieces.  Her other shop, has her line of clothes and some of the "art" cards she enjoys .....

Yes her island is open to the public... it is for meditation, enjoying nature, and a stroll or quiet times with a loved one or friend, we believe she does put out a few freebies, but the shops themselves are not on the island..  LM to the island will also be found in her picks.
 Jettis and China won't tell us exactly where they live.. we do know they have been seen on both grids..
They have become very quiet about what they are up to... hmmm wonder why? We did ask China if she was going to venture into men's clothes, but she gave us an empthatic no...  She hinted that the "Yang" in the shop would be Jettis's energy.  Interesting, with the holidays coming... we'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October Updates - Second Life and InworldZ

IMPORTANT -  Yume has made a big change.. read her schedule for the month of October...
Yume's October Spin Schedule 2015* (sharing her words with you)

Fri. Oct. 2nd, 7-9PM SLT - Tango's: Latin Sizzle

Mon. Oct. 5th, 12-2PM SLT - Crossroads: Blues [LAST GIG!]  NB** finished

Tue. Oct. 6th, 10-12AM SLT - Fogbound: Blues  ** new location

Wed. Oct. 7th, 7-9PM SLT - Tango's: Age of Aquarius/Sounds of the 60s

Fri. Oct. 9th, 7-9PM SLT - Tango's: Latin Sizzle

Tue. Oct. 13th, 10-12AM SLT - Fogbound: Blues

Wed. Oct. 14th, 7-9PM SLT - Tango's: Hanover's Party Hearty Night

Fri. Oct. 16th, 7-9PM SLT - Tango's: Latin Sizzle

Sat. Oct. 17th, 12-2PM SLT - Mareea & Chigadee's Gallery/Fashion Show


Tue. Oct 20th, 10-12AM SLT - Fogbound: Blues

Wed. Oct. 21st, 7-9PM SLT - Tango's: Disco Dynamite

Fri. Oct. 23rd, 7-9PM SLT - Tango's: Latin Sizzle

Tue. Oct. 27th, 10-12AM SLT - Fogbound: Blues

Wed. Oct. 28th, 7-9PM SLT - Tango's: Latin Sizzle

Fri. Oct. 30th, 7-9PM SLT - Tango's Halloween Party/Mr. Dark's Pandemonium Carnival 

Sat. Oct. 31st,  7pm - 9PM SLT - Blackhawk:  Halloween Party 

*NOTE: Depending on when they return from their trip, we will plan a Wedding Reception/Party for Monsieur b0b and Lea for one of the Wednesday "free-for-all" nights. No worries, we can move one of the themed Wednesday nights to another Wednesday, if not in October, then in November.

Love it when two people meet and it becomes a lasting friendship!

 from Squanto Thorne!

October 6, 2015, 8:45 pm
Group notice: Spirit Nation Is Growing
For those of you who do not already know, Spirit Nation now consists of 4 sims. One of which is a Wild West Town. We offer rent free cabins at a ranch near the town. And rent free lodges at all of the Native Villages.

We now have four vendors that have Native Style Clothes for sale at our welcome center. Tommy Hilf has a great selection of western style clothes for sale here as well.

It is our hope that we will soon have western style weapons for role play here also. Drop by when you have a chance.

Join the group, this is how you find out about what is happening, Squanto is very committed to making you not only feel welcome, he wants all of us to enjoy the Wild West Experience.

Squanto sitting in one of the gypsy trailers,(ladies this picture is for you)  there is a gypsy camp there, and a lot to see.  If you want to hike and look around, you can, just be aware that there are animals that attack in the woods, and very easy to get lost.  If you are there with a friend, there are secret rendez-vos places, with very intimate animations.  Join up and enjoy a really awesome theme build and great people.
Squanto is the owner and very willing to share his love of the land and what he is trying to do InworldZ.

Role Players and action players, there is a battle field, and a fort ready for the technical or is it tactical schemes to take place.

Here is your stage coach to a must have adventure...Spirit Nation - Native American , Eastern Woodlands    group join is where you land.

Taxi to Xanadu and the Free Script Library

This is a place that as a designer/builder, I utilize, it says Free, and what is available there is Free... however, there is also a donation box there, and if you have any spare change please, drop a thank you in there.  Every little bit counts, the folks that keep up the library and make it available to us.. deserve a kudo once in awhile.  They even provide a suggestion box. =^_^=


Both China and Jettis  were unavailable at the time of publishing this post, but we did find this picture on China's desk... looks like Jettis took her ballroom dancing. mmm how long have these two been exploring?  did they go back in time?  Must ask China what on earth she is wearing...................................

Thursday, October 1, 2015

InWorldZ news.. October.2015

The smart thing to do would have been to ask for a tour.  Let me see if we can find anyone.  We are on Native American land, our contact is Squanto Thorne. We arrived in an open area, that looked very interesting, with stalls around for purchase of items to fit into the land of the Wampanoag People.

China > Squanto? is there role play and combat here, and what does that involve? ] Squanto Thorne: As the sims grow we hope to develope role play combat.
[16:50] Squanto Thorne: I started a group called the Western Alliance which consisted of 20 Wild West and Native American sims. I left because of all the Drama. the sims were during the 1800's in the wild west. ther e were many battles between the whites and the Natives....hence the combat role play. As you might imagine with 20 sims involved there was great interest in this type of role play but when you have that many people and personalities involved drama follows. My goal is to create a drama free role play sim in the spirit of the old west for everyone to enjoy.

There are a lot of horses to see .. and I believe ride.  Obviously Squanto has invested a lot of time and creative talent into pulling this sim together. I know there are a lot of people reading this who enjoy  role play.  Check out the opportunity here to learn about the American west as it used to be. And just maybe, tackle the learning of the Native teachings and ways.

Spirit Nation - Native American , Eastern Woodlands  (this is your taxi)

16:56] Squanto Thorne: these sims are fairly new but so far it has been a challenge to get folks involved. I had invited people from my groups in second life to visit my sim in hopes that they might give it a try here. The problem has been providing them with the weapons of the old west and Native clothes as well as western clothes but I now have a few good vendors that have provided Native clothes and a few western style clothe. I also spoke with a creator that is working on western style weapons so it is my hope that very soon we will have here all that is required for wild west role play.

16:57] Squanto Thorne: We offer free lodging here for both the Natives and the whites . Rent free cabin and lodges.
Alternate Metaverse Sky Mall, The Rift,

Alternate Metaverse Animations Store- Club Equipment Store, Mesh Avatars Store, Builders Supplies Store,  Furniture Store, Alternate Metaverse Photography Studio, The Cat's Meow Main Store- clothes, shoes, eyes, accessories

Found some freebies, you'll have to visit the mall to find them.. 
With the holidays not all that far away, this includes the famous witching day, come end of October....many of us who are keen photo posing nuts, love to take pictures and create our own cards and sets.
RAZMATAZ art,poses and animations     when you land there is a notice board you can click to join her group and another one to get all the store landmarks.
Melonie has done work for China, and we love her! (Melonia Romano)


 The clothing store for one stop shopping.

Stepping out in Style, Be seen at the Hi Hat Club

China's skin and makeup provided by Shllelz Designs.

This well known and loved DJ can be found at Rocking the Blues, and when not there, at The Loft.
Both of these clubs are blues clubs.. blues and more blues. between them they can keep you going from Monday through Sunday.

the secret is out.. Jettis and China.. like their Rocking Country....  you can often find China at Dick Pinelli's set at the 

and, note.. another DJ that can rock your country soul is DJ Harley

what are the dynmaic duo up to now?

WE hear China has opened up CHINA-T-SHOP at the Matahari Mall, check her picks or Jettis's... remember if you have a place you want them to visit, or check out... Give one of them a shout.

Till next time.. happy shopping.

PS we did ask her what she was doing... her reply.. was X rated. her hobby is  counting the hair on his chest... we think she swallowed her chopsticks