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December news

ON THE CAR... DJ THOR HAMMER !  LOL.. we got many pictures of him moving his body on that awesome car..  (err sorry Thor, you awesome too)

Land of the Three Moons, Moonscape  take the taxi, DJ is there on Thursdays, but there is music 24/7  You want to see this DJ Thor prance and do his moves, come Thursdays between, 5 - 7 pm pacific time.

CLUB IS ON AND ADULT Sim. no dress code, the inn however is sophisticated and elegant.
We've made a discovery- on our travels we meet a lot of very interesting and creative people. In reading a profile, we found another Pandora.   This one is owned by HCB Bear.  He has 8 themed sims, one of them being Pandora.

Land of enchanment based on the movie Avatar.  There is the main sim, a skydome, and Cassiopiea(largest space station in IW) to see.  

From Pandora, we were easily able to fly over and discover his other themes. He is also the owbner of East Coast 80's (the nite club)  check out his picks for the land marks... You will want to explore, all his other parks as well.  He is open to answering any and all of our questions.  Even explain the making of Pandora...  Bear assembled a wonderful crew of creative artists and kudos to him for acknowledging their contributions.
Next - a hidden underwater paradise!  
Where is this paradise... check creator/builder Gaudin Himmel for the land marks to his different builds.  Included is a big ballroom, that plays romantic music 24/7.. formal attire is appreciated. the floor is like a mirror you will feel like you are gliding across an endless sea.

There is a labyrinth of pathways not only above ground, but under the sea for you to explore.

Gaudin hosting China through the underwater ruins and mermaid and mermen playgrounds.


Did you see the advert?

Do you know someone who needs a puppy, kitty, or polar bear this holiday season? At the Virtual Kennel Club (VKC?) we have artificially intelligent, trainable animals that can:

    ? Develop their own individual personality
    ? Learn custom commands and tricks
    ? Be petted by you and your visitors
    ? Fetch toys or other objects
    ? Greet your visitors

Come and meet them in our VKC Park at   limo to park


Each pet in the Park has a name which you can see above their head. In these instructions we'll say the pet's name is Fido, but use the pet's actual name when you give your commands.

Fido listens to any chat that begins with his name or part of his name.  Say 'Fido come' and he will come to you!  You can also just say 'fi come' and he will respond to that too.  For the remainder of the manual, I will use Fido's full name in commands, but remember you can shorten it in any command.

You tell Fido what to do by saying his name and the command you want him to do, like 'fido sit'.  Fido starts off knowing some commands, and you can teach him new ones.  Anyone can give Fido commands.

Having had one of their pets in SL we can tell you, they really are fun, entertaining, and good companions. Look at the face! It is adorable.

Welcome to the Loft Blues Club - owners Dick Pinelli and Rusty Larimore have got it all decked out for the holidays... taxi

The Welcome mat is out at Rocking the Blues... the doors are always open, come sit a spell, listen to the music, if you are there during show times, you'll find lots of company  to enjoy the holidays with.  taxi
China has been busy setting up her small kiosk at Spirit Nation, Native American -Eastern Woodlands  

There is a lot to see there, not only her shop but that of her pal Cherokee Bravin  (owner of Cherokee Sensations  & Bravin Homes)and the other talented designers who are marketing their items in the Welcome area.

This week while we were there, China took us on a tour of Spirit Nation, you have to watch for the wild animals that can attack in the forest areas, but aside from that.. if you are into wilderness.. you got it here.  The best person tho' to tour you around and explain what is happening is Squanto Thorne. Look him up.



HOLIDAY WISHES FROM ALL THE CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS BLOG... this is only a sampling - What a great year.. and a new one just around the corner.


Hey Boys!   Time for some GCG news....

With snow on the way, and in some provinces it is here already, many residents are looking for new homes, cabins, places to nest.  We noitced there are a lot of builders out there, looking to make you happy.

Creator Steven Barcelos has come to GCG bringing with him a few of his favourite luxury homes, log homes, treehouses as well as custom homes and Tiki style houses.

He is in a festive mood and has lashed pricing.. there is something for almost any budget.  come have a look.  here is your link please be in GCG when you try this.

Medieval Villagers of Manitou - a notice has been sent out., Looking for a new home?  but don't want to commit to owning a region.

We have 6 houses in a low lag medieval themed village (spread over 5 regions) complete with a mall and many public spaces. And we still have 4 sky-islands left. The homes are 750 prims, the islands 1,000 prims at a cost of MC$0/month. IM Winter Silversmith
Madison Gardner has a new home out.. 

the newest house just put out from     Out Of Time Architecture.
The Arizona Home.
Modern style 
1 bedroom 
hot tub
floating fireplace

Come and walk through  your next dream home.

If you go to her picks you can visit and walk around her builds.
Let's see.. oh .. here is one of Chris's (Chris Namaste) offerings . for men! 

hello great gridders :) 
New hair (mesh) for men in morocan market & mainstore :) yay !

many colors available & free demo's, (if u wish another color, just let me know in note). Mesh open shirt in mainstore for him in many colors (high quality)  and ... many new arrivals :)  In each store u find group gifts & other freebie's 

Ok everyone we getting this out early enough to give  you time to mark your calendars and clear your agendas to come and party.

And on the 17th. you have DJ Nox DJing at a very interesting sounding party.


It is the holidays..  Who is the DJ that is rocking out all over the grid.  With two of his own clubs in InWorldz, he is spending a lot of time here on GCG..  Do you know the clubs he plays here?  One of them???


Check out what is happening in this rocking club, It is one of Jen's clubs... You know you'll have fun... She won't let you do otherwise... 


Merci is fav. for shoes, check it out.

Where there is always some thing to see enjoy and experience.  Naked or Nearly club... Monday's from 4pm - 6 pm.  is owned by Shelby Moonlight and the  house DJ is the one and only DJ Nox.

China's relocating her Adult Art Gallery, It should be set up again by the new year. Watch for further news.


The Great Canadian Grid is a wonderful place to call home, so much is happening, and happened.  We are all looking forward to the new year.

From our fearless grid owner (Roddie Macchi)  and all of us on the grid, we wish you all a very happy and enjoyable holiday season.

Please  -   Join us for the Christmas Spectacular  check out all the fab DJ's we will have doing the entertaining.  What is a party without you. =^_^=

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