Sunday, January 3, 2016

Brand new year 2016 -Great Canadian Grid

Happy New year everyone!

You are not seeing things.  Potlatch Foggarty opened in GCG at Hot Rods Diner n Mall,  Saturday January 2.2016 at 6 pm. grid time  Potlatch is very well known in SL, he has been a known and respected entertainer there since 2008. Now, you'll find him on the GCG. He  has a new group called Potlatch People.. you can join his group and know what and where he will be.  He will be at Jen's Hot Rod Diner on Saturdays.

Potlatch is here in GCG to build Personal, Artistic, Business and Network relationships, he believes strongly that the future lies in OS Grids.  He and his partner provide streams in SL and now bring their service to GCG.
There were some great venues and parties on the GCG in December, here are some of the pictures from the events..  There are more on Flickr. visit the following link

Some of us.. just kicked back and enjoyed a quiet time, watching our friends, 
Jettis put together a swing for China to sit under the fragrant cherry blossoms..
where she could enjoy the sea air and the sound of the water cascading from a nearby water fall.

This is the start of a brand new year, and we (Great Canadian Grid) are still growing, it is a constant growth, and one that keeps the owner and his crew working at keeping we (residents) happy in our homesteads.

To this we would like to issue a gentle reminder, that many of us migrated here due to the discontent encountered living on a big over populated virtual world where "community" was not the norm.  We came and we stayed in GCG because of what we found here.

If you have been reading then notices sent out by Roddie Macchi (owner) we seem to be multiplying quickly.  With this comes certain reminders that rules are made for a reason.

The question in any growing society is how do we maintain our lifestyles, our community with the infiltration of all these unknowns, and with that influx comes the need to make room for them and what can come with "some" of the new members.

This morning there was a message about "griefing"   honestly it was a bit of a shock... Roddie explained what it is, and steps you can take to ensure it doesn't happen to you.  Please read the notices that are sent out by Roddie, there is a reason for these notices, should you not understand, or want more information, GCG has staff members who would be more then happy to help you.

Who is a staff member.. just take yourself off to the welcome area, there is a wall with staff members, their pictures and their names.

GCG is not SL and we want to keep it that way.
For us to achieve this, we all must work together, and keep the lines of communication open.  Many steps are different here, how tier is paid, how roll backs should be done, how high we can go in the sky and much more... we can not tell newcomers often enough... GCG is the greatest place, those who live here, love it.. but if you are coming to GCG, know..... we do things differently, our currency is different, how we market our products.. our preference to share when we can .i.e. put out free merchandise...  Please read the bulletins, note cards, and join our GCG groups.

DJ Nox Darkness Looks after notices and events on GCG.  Friend him, keep in touch, read his notices to find out what is happening on the grid.  Events are plenty and well advertised on the GCG, you have places to go, entertainment and music of all genres.

GCG celebrated two years, and we intend to celebrate many more.  We (residents)give/ show appreciation, and thanks, not only to the owner, Roddie, but to each other, as often as we can.  Having been in several virtual worlds, this is where we live and our home.  


Jettis Sphere    China Dream

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